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Chapter 150
"What do you mean you would not allow them to get married? Is there something wrong with your brain? Did the accident caused your brain to stop functioning right or what?" Grandpa Go couldn't believe the word he had heard come out of Albert Tan mouth .

"Grandma Tan, you better talk sense to your son or else . . . " Grandpa Go looking at Albert Tan with killing intent .

"Albert, what do you mean by that? You need to have a valid reason to disagree, or else Ann might rebel, and you know what I mean . " Grandma Tan is trying to reason with Albert .

"Is not that I'm against of them getting married, I'm saying that the wedding needs to take place after I recuperate so I can give her away . " Albert sheepishly told the elders .

"You scoundrel! Why didn't you say so from the beginning, you almost gave me a heart attack, I was about to pounce on you if you didn't have a disability and all . " Grandpa Go is now in a good mood after hearing his reason .

"Alright! Here's the plan . We will announce the engagement on my birthday . The wedding will take place a month later; we can't wait too long . " 'She might not fit into the wedding gown' Granda Go thinking to himself and chuckling secretly .

"Don't you think that's a little too fast?" Albert interject . "How about in six months or a year . "

"Too fast! I think that's too long, six months or a year? You got to be kidding me . But who am I to decide . I'm just the messenger . Hahaha! " Grandpa Go playing with them .

"Why don't we discuss all this at the dinner . I know that Mrs . Tan is currently out on tour, but we cannot wait for her to come back . The dinner is this weekend at my home is that alright with both of you?"

Grandma Tan who's been quiet the whole time only nods her head and smiles to Albert coaxing him to agree .

"Alright! We agree I should be out of the hospital by the end of the week .

Once all was agreed, Grandfather Go happily bid them goodbye . He going straight to Mega Intl . Group, so he can brag to Jeff his accomplishment .


Ann has no idea what the elder's had planned and what Jeff's been doing all this time . She's happily staring at the ring on her finger . "Lea, come here! Don't you think it's beautiful?" Her hand stretched out wiggling her finger in front of Lea .

"Whatever! I already saw it before; it's nothing new . He could at least give you a bigger stone than that . " Lea was pouting her lips while looking at the ring .

"Girl, if the stone gets any bigger than this one, I won't be able to lift my finger ok!" Ann jokingly replied to Lea .

"What do you mean? That's a mear . . . let me see . . . if I'm not mistaken total is about five-carat max . As much money he has, he could have double it up . " Lea told Ann with a sarcastic voice .

"Double it up? You mean make it ten-carat, are you nuts? If Jeff had done that, then I won't be able to wear it outside . I'll be afraid I'll get kidnap just because of the ring . Hahaha!"

"Just a thought, but then your right . Even I'll be afraid to be around you wearing that size of the rock . I might get kidnap along with you . Hahaha!" Both started laughing so hard that Mrs . Lim had to come and see what's going on .

Mrs . Lim poke her head inside the CEO office to see what's the two were laughing at, Ann saw her and motion for her to come in .

"Mrs . Lim, do you think this is too big or just the right size?" She stretches her hand towards Mrs . Lim and wiggles it just like she did with Lea .

Mrs . Lim was speechless when she saw how big the diamond .
"I don't know what to say, If I'm the one to wear that, maybe it's too big . But for your finger, it's the right size . " She smiles sheepishly .

"Good job! Mrs . Lim, you know how to answer politically . Hahaha!" Lea teased her .

"But . . . but, that's the truth, I'm not saying it to butter up to the big boss . " She stammered while she's responding to Lea's bunter .

"Don't pay no mind what Lea just said; She's just playing with you . " Ann was trying to console Mrs . Lim who suddenly has a sad look on her face .

Ann decided to change the subject . "By the way Mrs . Lim, CEO Tan should be coming back soon . He's recuperating well, and after another week or so, he should be as good as new . "

"I hope that I did not make you work harder than he normally does . " She jokingly said it to lighten the atmosphere .

"It had been my pleasure to work with you all this time . It's too bad that it's a brief time . I know you can do more for the good of Tan Corp . I hope you would stay even after he comes back . " Mrs . Lim seriously told Ann .

Ann went around from her desk, went towards Mrs . Lim and gave her a big hug . "Thank you!" Is all she said, but it's enough for Mrs . Lim to get emotional and shed a few tears .

Lea was about to say something to tease Mrs . Lim, but Ann glared at her . She decided to shut her mouth before she gets into trouble .

While Ann and Mrs . Lim were getting emotional, someone came knocking on the door .

"Hello! Everyone . " Director George Lau looking so dashingly handsome .

Ann let go of Mrs . Lim as soon as she saw Director Lau . Due to her excitement on seeing him after disappearing that day, she runs to George and gives him a friendly hug .

Lea was looking straight past George and Ann toward the open door .

"Ann . . . Ann . . . ANN!" Look who's here . " Lea announces worriedly .