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Chapter 151
Jeff followed by Ronald behind, standing at the door looking at his wife embracing another man . The worst of it all, It's Director George Lau, the man who has a design on his wife .

"Excuse me! Do you mind letting go of my wife?" With a straight looking face . 'Before I break your arm' Jeff thought

"Oh! Honey! Don't be sour ok! I'm the one who hugs him; he didn't even hug me in return as you can see . " Ann sweetly explains to calm Jeff .

" I know! If he did hug you back, I would have broken his arms in return . " He said sternly .

George Lau was speechless, he stood there and watched how Ann's trying to soothe her jealous husband .

Ann look's at her husband with a pleading eye, telling him to cool down .

Jeff didn't want to upset his pregnant wife, he put a half smile on his face, then extended his hand "Director Lau! how are you?"

George took Jeff's hand and shook it . "I'm fine CEO Go . "

"It's good that you're here, I need your opinion on some matter . Do you have a minute?"

"Sure! If I can be of help, I' willing . ' George replied nervously .

Jeff calls Ronald to bring the documents he prepared .

Mrs . Lim and Lea decided to use an excuse to get out of the way . "What would you all like to drink? Coffee, Tea or me?" Lea jokingly asks while looking at Ronald .

Ronald blushes from what Lea said, but able to hide it from the other people around .

All four of them sat, and Ronald laid out the plan . They discuss how they will launch the news of their engagement without announcing the truth of their marriage and Ann's Identity as a celebrity .

The plan is to announce it through all major newspapers and tv stations in the country — the day of the announcement would be on Grandfather Go's birthday .

Once everything arranged, Jeff invited George to have lunch with them, in which he declined with the excuse of being tired from a long flight he just took .

The truth is, George didn't want to spend another minute seeing how in love the two . The pain he feels just thinking of Ann belonging to another man is too much for him to bare .

How many years did he watch her from the sideline, waiting for a chance to be someday good enough to express his feelings only to find out that he's too late?

The worst of it, he's now in charge of announcing to the whole world that the woman he's in love for many years belongs to one of the most powerful and wealthy men in Asia . How can he compete with that? George walked out of the CEO office head down with sadness in his eyes .


Lea was looking at George as he left the room feeling sorry for him at the same time . She didn't know that Ronald was looking at her at the same time while eating vinegar .

"Do you like him?" Ronald asks Lea who's still gazing towards the now empty walkway .

"Like who? George Lau? Are you kidding me! His, not my type if you must know . " Lea angrily retorted .

"Just checking . " Ronald's face brightens after hearing Lea's reply .

"If you give me a kiss, I'll tell you a secret, but you must promise me you'll never tell a soul or I'll have to kill you . " Lea pointed her lips ready for Ronald's kiss .

"Later! I'll give you more than a kiss, but you can tell me the secret now . " Ronald's very curious to know what's the secret .

"How about I tell you later too! Hahaha!" Lea walks away laughing .

Jeff and Ann were quietly looking over some documents when they heard Lea laughing . They both look at Ronald at the same time .

"What do you think sweetheart, do you think they did the deed already?" Jeff asks curiously .

"The way Lea is acting right now, I would say yes! Lea cooked the rice and Ronald had eating it, one hundred percent . " Ann replied while looking towards Lea who's still laughing at Ronald .

"That's good right?" Jeff is asking innocently .

Ann look's at her husband straight face, trying to figure out if he's playing innocent or for real .

Jeff's face shown how naive he is and Ann almost laughs at him . Instead, she grabs Jeff's face with two hands then kissed him deeply . "Oh! you're so cute and innocent . "

After the business at Tan Corp . is finish, Jeff and Ronald went back to Mega Intl . Group .

Grandfather Go was seating at Jeff's chair when he arrives . "What bring you here?" Jeff's ask .

"Just wanted to report to you . Why don't you want to know what we discuss? If you're not interested, then I can leave right now . " Grandpa Go, threaten Jeff .

"What kind of dumb question is that! Of course, I want to know . But first, I need to know if you told them about the baby?"

Grandpa Go was going to lie at first, but he couldn't do it . " No, I did not inform them about the baby . That should be discussed together with the whole family . " He proudly informs Jeff .

"But Mrs . Tan is currently on tour, shouldn't we wait until she comes back? Jeff's trying to be considerate of her Mother-in-law .

"The dinner will commence without her or that woman you call mother . If possible, I wish your younger brother Ethan could attend . But, that's my limit . " Grandpa Go sadly inform Jeff of his intent .

Suddenly, Jeff's phone started buzzing . It's his mother on the other line .

"Why aren't you picking up your phone? Is that woman right?" Grandpa Go asks politely .

Jeff answered the call . "Hello!"

"Ethan and I at the airport, send a driver to come to pick us up" Jeff's mother ordered him .

'Who the hell does she think she is?" Jeff thought .

"Take a taxi! You do know how right?" Then hangs up the phone .