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Chapter 152

"That son of &^%$# hangs up on me, Ethan, you call your brother and tell him to send a car or else . . . "

Ethan was busy looking at the crowd with banner's while shouting a name . He wasn't paying attention to his mother .

"Ethan! I said call your brother, or we will be on the next flight back home . You hear me . " His mother threatens .

Ethan went to hug his mother, before making the call to Jeff .

"Hello! is this CEO Go, I was asked by our mother to request a car to pick us up, or we will be on the next flight out," Ethan told Jeff straight up .

Jeff just listened to Ethan's voice for a while before replying . "Car is on the way . It should be there soon . " He waited for a reply, but he didn't get any . Ethan already hangs up the phone .

Grandfather Go was watching Jeff's reaction; he didn't say a word even after Jeff hangs up the phone .

"She's here with Ethan . What should we do now?" Jeff asks his grandfather looking lost entirely .

"Bitch me! You made your bed; now you need to sleep on it . " That's all the answer he received from his grandfather .


Meanwhile, at the airport, Sophia arrives as well . The people that were waving banners and shouting outside are all Sophia's fans waiting for her arrival .

"Sophia, we love you!"

"Sophia, you're my idol!"

"Sophia, you're the Diva!"

Jeff's mother getting irritated from people yelling and screaming Sophia's name .

"What's so good about this 'Sophia,' she's only a celebrity . It's one of the reasons why I left this Country, they idolize people like this 'Sophia,' whoever she is . " Jeff's mother is acting high and mighty .

"Had you ever saw people where we came from going crazy when they look at Celebrity, No! right?" She told Ethan sarcastically .

"Mother! Watch what you say alright! Think if one of her fans hears you and hurt you in return . " Ethan wanted to scare his mother so she'll shut up .

"What! Hurt me? They can only try . Even that Sophia, whoever she is can't touch a single thread of my hair . "

Jeff mother proudly spoke loudly, not knowing that the person she's been degrading all this time is seating quietly, listening to every word she just spoken .

Ethan saw Sophia got up from her chair; he didn't know who she was . Therefore, he has no idea when Sophia suddenly grabs his mother's hair .

"What did you say? No one can touch a thread of your hair, then what's this!" Sophia pulled a chunk of her hair then turned around and walks out the VIP room towards her screaming fans .

Ethan and his mother were dumbfounded and speechless for a moment .

When his mother regains her sense, she runs after Sophia but unable to get close . Bodyguards were protecting Sophia from fans .

"You bitch! I will get even with you! You don't know who you messed with; I will make your life a living hell . Mark, my word bitch!" Jeff's mother was screaming on the top of her lung . But no one can hear her from all the fans shouting for Sophia .

Sophia walks towards the screaming fans with a strand of hair in her hand from the head of Jeff's mother .

Before Sophia boarded the van that was waiting for her . She looks at the direction of the VIP lounge to ensure that Jeff's mother was looking before she let the hair fly with the wind .

Jeff's mother was enraged she's out for blood . The target is Sophia, his mother-in-law .


Meanwhile, on the way home, Ann visited Albert in the hospital . Grandma Tan had gone back for the day . Father and daughter were able to have bonding time by themselves .

Ann did not inform Albert about the baby; she wanted to wait until the family dinner to give the news to everyone at one time; Not knowing that there's a war brewing between the family .

Albert's was so excited about the marriage . He still has no idea that Jeff and Ann were already married . Sophia and Grandma Tan had decided to wait and let Jeff and Ann do the honor .


The Butler's face showing concern when he greeted her . "Good evening young missus . "

"Good evening!" Ann greeted back with a smile .

As she was walking towards Jeff's study, she heard a woman talking .

"There's no way in hell that I will accept her as my daughter-in-law . She's a bastard no matter how you look at it . I don't care that her father is CEO Tan, she's still illegitimate when she was born . " Jeff's mother was adamant about Ann's parentage .

Jeff looks at his mother with intent to kill . " You can go back where you came from; I didn't need you then, I surely don't need you now!"

Ann was thinking of just going up to the room without letting them know she arrives when she hears someone from behind speak . "Are you going in or going out?" It was Ethan coming from the kitchen .

Ann turned around to see who spoken and was rooted where she was standing when she saw who the person in front of her . Ethan Wright, the boy that she had a crush when she was in high school .


Ethan Wright, Captain and a Quarterback of the football team during Ann's high school years . He's the heart-throb of their school — every girl's fantasy boyfriend . Ann and Lea were not exceptions .

There was a rumor that he might be gay, Ethan never dated anyone during their high school years .

However, they were proven wrong when Ethan asked Ann to be his date for the Prom night .

Ann had agreed to be his date . Unfortunately, her grandmother Wen was hospitalized, and she was unable to attend . Ann was consumed with all kind of difficulties that she forgot about the boy who was disappointed when she did not show up on the Prom night and was heartbroken .