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Chapter 154
'I know what you're trying to do mother; it will not work . You want to put doubt on older brother, but I can see it for myself that his deeply in love with her . ' Ethan continued contemplating .

For four long years, Ethan tried his best to forget Ann and get on with his life . However, no matter how many girls he had dated in the past, none ever lasted longer than a week .

To sum it up, Ethan never got over his feeling for Ann . Especially now that she's right in front of him, it just proved how much he still cares for her . He finally found her again, only to find out that she's about to become his sister-in-law . God can be cruel sometimes!

'My mind tells me to get my revenge for the heartache I received four years ago . However, deep in my heart, I cannot find a sign of courage to hurt the first woman I ever loved . ' Ethan thought before replying to his mother .

"Mom, what makes you think that I would know her just because she's from Las Vegas?" Ethan did his best to answer politically looking straight at Ann instead of his mother .

Olivia Wright wasn't happy that Ethan did not go along with her scheme, she looks at him with scorn . She was sure what she saw in his eyes was recognition toward Ann, but maybe she was wrong .

"Forget it! I was asking if you know her since she's from Vegas and you're about the same age . If you don't know her, then you don't!" Olivia's face is now red from anger .

Ann didn't know whether she should be happy or be scared . For whatever reason, Ann felt relief . She feels it's not the time to discuss their past; she will tell Jeff all about it when is just the two of them .

Ann looks at Jeff giving him a sign to properly introduce her to his mother . However, Jeff's still upset to his mother . He has no intention of introducing Ann at all . " It's getting late, and you guys just arrived . Why don't you both head to grandpa's home where you will be staying? He's waiting for you right now . " Jeff told them straight face .

"What do you mean were staying with your grandpa, I don't have any plan on staying in the same room with that old goat . " Olivia refuses to follow Jeff's order .

"Well, I'm sorry, to burst your bubbles mother, grandpas mansion or one of the villas, but you're not staying here with us . " Jeff's adamant for them to leave the sooner, the better, especially his brother who kept on sneaking a glance at his wife .

"With us! Do you mean you two are now cohabitating? Hahaha!" Olivia turns and looks at Ann direction . "I'll give it to you; you work pretty past . My son was engaged to your half-sister for four years until recently . You are already playing house in a short period coming to Asia .

Ann did not contradict nor agreed . She stayed rooted with a blank look on her face . Is not good to start a war with her mother-in-law . No matter what, she's Jeff's mother, and she has to accept that .
She's starting to have a headache If Oliva weren't her mother-in-law, Ann would off given it to her straight up .

Jeff saw the way his wife keep on rubbing the back of her neck . He can no longer hold it in, he went towards his wife and started massaging her while whispering to her ears . "Sweetheart, don't pay no mind to her . If you want to go up and rest, go ahead . Let me take care of them first; then I will go up to give you a message alright! . "

Ethan is secretly dying inside from what his eyes are seeing . He cannot stay another second in the same vicinity as them . He needed to get out of there as fast as he can . "Mother, I'm exhausted from the long flight . Can you continue this again another time? Please! " He pleaded to his mother the best he can .

"Fine! I'm not staying another minute in any place that I'm not wanted . " She fitfully thinks Jeff will change his mind . She was wrong; Jeff didn't even hear what she said . His whole attention was with his wife who's now becoming paler and paler by the minute .

Ann, on the other hand, heard every word Olivia said, and she felt terrible for the way Jeff's is treating her mother-in-law . "Mrs . Wright, you are more than welcome to stay here if you want . " She then turned and looked at Ethan; "You too! Ethan if you're tired, I'm sure the guest room is readily available . . " She gave her sweetest smile that she can .

Jeff: "HELL NO!"

Ethan: "^-^ . "