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Chapter 155
"Hell no! I already said they would not stay with us, and that's final . " He did not hesitate in using force with his word to get across to Ethan .

"Thank you, sister-in-law, but it's better if we stay with grandfathers or into another villa . " Ethan declines politely to Ann, emphasizing the word sister-in-law .

"Ethan Wright! What di you just called her? Sister-in-law without batting an eye, are you crossing me? Didn't you hear what I told your brother? I'm not accepting her . Therefore, she's not your sister-in-law . Understood?"

"Mother! Come on, enough already alright! You're not helping the situation here . Let get out of here and let the couple have peace, please!" Ethan pleaded to Olivia who's not accepting the fact that Ann's is Jeff's future wife .

While all this was happening, Ann started to feel nauseous and dizzy . She grabs hold onto Jeff for support when everything just went dark, then she collapsed . Jeff catches Ann before she collapsed and fell on the ground .

Jeff realizes ahead of time that there's something amiss with his wife . Her complexion started to turn pale; she kept on rubbing the back of her neck . Ann gave out all indication that she's not feeling well .

"Sweetheart! Ann . . . " He was stroking her face while trying to make her come to her sense . When that didn't work, Jeff hurriedly lifts ann and carried her to the nearby couch and laid her down .

Ethan's first reaction was to catch Ann when he realizes that she's about to collapse . However, Jeff is much quicker than him . Which is a good thing, if not Ethan will never hear the end of it from his mother or his brother?

A concern is showing on Ethan's face as he asks Jeff . "Shouldn't you call the family doctor? Is she alright? Aren't you concerned at all why she passed out like that?" He bombarded Jeff with questions like an AK-47 machine gun .

"She's fine, Ann's a little anemic, it happens' once in a while," Jeff replied to Ethan's question .

"How can you say that! She's still hasn't come to her sense . " Ethan's has a terror look on his face .

"Hahaha! Now I got it, why you needed to get married, this is unbelievable, . . . unbelievable . Tsk . . . tsk . . . tsk . . . I'm right aren't I?" Olivia's eyes are burning with malice .

"Mother! Give it a break already . Can't you see that she's not well? You're attacking a person while passed out, that's great . Your really something . " Ethan was glaring at Olivia now .

"If you say that she's alright, then we will leave now to give you peace . Kindly, bid our goodbye to sister-in-law!" He said loud to Olivia's face, then grabs her to walk out of the study room .

"Stop pulling alright! I'm going . . . I'm going! " Olivia's yelling on the top of her lung, but Ethan wasn't paying no mind to her all .

Once Olivia and Ethan inside the car on the way to grandpa Go's home, Olivia told Ethan her suspicion . " The reason your older brother did not call for the family doctor, it's because she's pregnant . It's normal for a pregnant woman to pass out once in a while . "

"Whether she is or she isn't it's none of our business until they announce it to us . Mom, act like a mother alright! I'm tired of your whining like a child whenever you don't get your way . " Ethan shook his head and just stared out the window .


"What do you mean they are on the way here? Who said that woman could step foot in my home?" Jeff was informing grandpa Go over the phone .

"Well! You can always turn them away, up to you . I'm just giving you heads up, bye!" Jeff's chuckling after hanging up the phone . "Serve's you right!" he mumbles .

"Ron! Come here! Make sure that woman does not enter my house, you hear me! If she tries to call security and tell them to drag her out by . . . "

"Drag who out by . . . what?" Olivia was walking in like a queen followed by Ethan who's still concern about Ann .

"I'm talking about you! And drag you out by your hair . Hmph!" Grandpa Go giving her a killer look .

Ethan walks towards his grandfather and shyly hugs him . "Hello! Grandfather! I'm sorry, I was not able to visit you sooner . So that you know, there's not a day goes by that I did not think about you though!"

That's all grandpa Go needed to cool down . " You're here, and that's what matters! You're welcome to stay with me, but she cannot!" Pointing at Olivia with his pouted lips .

"But, grandpa we're only going to be here for a little while, couldn't you accommodate us, please!" Ethan tries his best to soothe his grandfather's anger towards his mother . " You know, mom cannot live without me . hehe!"

However, grandfather Go is adamant that Olivia is not welcome to his home . "If you want to stay, your welcome! Your mother needs to go . " He told Ethan straight up without batting an eye .

"Grandpa . . . Please! If you want me to spend time with you . let her stay as well, please!" Ethan keeps on trying .

"Ethan, you go and settle in . You!" Pointing at Olivia, "Come with me to my study, we need to talk . " Grandpa go did not wait for her reply, he went ahead towards his study .

Olivia didn't have a choice, she got up and followed the old man . Ethan was going to say something to his grandfather, but Olivia motion to him to stop and he did .

Once they were inside the study, grandfather Go did not beat around the bushes . "You! If you don't want me to air out your dirty laundry in front of Ethan, you better leave . The sooner, the better . "

" Father-in-law . . . " Olivia was saying .

"Stop! Do you think I didn't know that your Mafia-husband was the one who gave the order to kill my son . " I'm old, but not senile .