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Chapter 157
"Jeff put me down, are you crazy? What's into you? HONEY! Put me down, please!"

Jeff finally realized that Ann had been hitting his chest and asking him to put down . "I'm sorry! Sweetheart, but we need to go to the hospital, this is an emergency . "

"Honey! Put me down first and let's talk rationally, we don't need to go to the hospital . alright!"

Jeff finally listen to her request . "Ok! Now your down, will you, please explain why we don't have to go to the emergency room? Because I know why we needed to go to the emergency room . "

"Alright, come down first . The red spot is not blood honey! I accidentally sat on Lea's red nail polish at work . She was so bored at the office that she was painting her nail, then she spilled some on the sofa and did not realize it until it was too late for me . Understand?" Ann was holding her husband face and pinching his face playfully .

"Are you sure? Let me see; I need to see for sure . Turn around, after I verify it with my own two eyes then I will believe you . " Jeff is still agitated and anxious . He turned Ann around to inspect her butt, once verified that it is, in fact, a nail polished, he finally breathes .

Ann is now upset at Jeff; he didn't believe the word she said . He had to verify it first before he would come down . "Are you satisfied now?" Anger is showing in her beautiful face .

Jeff sheepishly smiles at her before answering almost a whisper . "Sorry! I was just worried alright . " back hugging her in return . "Forgive me, please!" Jeff is looking with a puppy eye .

"Whatever!" Ann stormed off from his back hug and went upstairs without looking back .

"Oh no! I'm in the doghouse now," Jeff mumble on the way up to their room .

Mr . Butler and Mr . Chef were watching the whole scene unfolded before their eyes . They are now shaking their head and chuckling . "Chef, I think we need to help young master right now . What do you say about making them your special dessert? Hahaha!"


Hospital VIP Room:

Sophia came in like a raging bull; she's still mad about what happened at the airport . "I hope I never come across that woman again If I do it will be more than just a handful of hair . I will shave her head bald if ever I set my eyes on her . "

"Darling! What's wrong? What's with the face?" Albert was asking his wife with concern in his eyes .

"You wouldn't believe if I tell you . I was sitting quietly at the VIP lounge waiting for the Fans to subside a little . Suddenly, I heard this bitch badmouthing me . Me! who she never even knew, calling me all kinds of names . " She told Albert still full of anger .

"Then what happened"

"Her son was telling her to stop, in case one of my fans overheard her and hurt her . Do you know what she said? Ah!!! It's infuriating me to no end . " Sophia sat down next to her husband by the bed .

"She said! No one would dare lay a hand on her, not even me! So I showed her who she's messing with; I grab a handful of her hair before I walked out fo the room . Hahaha!" She's now laughing thinking of how the woman looks after she finishes .

"Forget about it alright! What are the chances that you will encounter her again? Let it go . " Albert hugs his wife and trying to soothe her anger .

"I guess your right, what are the chances I will run to her again . But if I ever do, it cannot be any sooner . " Sophia finally felt better after she aired it out .

"Come here! kiss me and I might tell you good news in return . " Albert playfully told his wife .

"Ummm! I missed you so much, and I couldn't wait to finish so I could come back right away . " Sophia excitedly detailed everything that happened on her tour . By the time she finished, Albert almost forgot to tell her about the family meet up .

"By the way, we will be having dinner with the Go family after I discharge over the weekend . so don't make any engagement alright?"

"Meet up for what?"

"It's to discuss Ann and Jeff's wedding . " Albert tries to sound excited, but it shows on his face that his not happy about letting go of his new found daughter .

"Why so early? Couldn't it wait until you fully recover and take over Tan Corp? Ann still has a lot on her plate right now . " Sophia is not too happy about it either .

"Well, let's attend and find out what going on . We can always decline, but we needed to speak with Ann about it first . What do you think?"

"What else I could say . Of course, I'll make sure my calendar is clear on the day of the In-law meet up . " Sophia sadly embraces her husband wanting to be consoled .

"Darling! I just stopped by to see your handsome face, but I'm exhausted from the long flight . Do you mind if I go home first?"

"No! You go ahead, I understand . " Albert can see it on Sophia's face that she's exhausted and needs her beauty rest .

Sophia got up from the bedside, kissed Albert soundly then left to go home .


The most anticipated dinner night finally arrives — the news about Ann and Jeff being engaged already published to a different News site in the Country .

For Jeff and Ethan sake, Grandpa Go agreed to let Olivia attend the meetup .

Sophia spent her whole day at a spa . She invited Ann to go with her, but decline with the excuse of being extremely busy with Tan Corporation .


The anticipated dinner finally comes . Sophia was enjoying herself conversing with Ann and Jeff when suddenly Ethan and Olivia arrives .

Sophia and Olivia recognize each other . "YOU!" - "BITCH"