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Chapter 158
If looks could kill, Sophia and Olivia both would have been dead . The war is about, to begin between the two mothers .

"You!" Sophia screamed, claw all ready to scratch .

"Bitch" Olivia screamed louder, sharp fangs showing ready to put its mark on Sophia . She charged towards Sophia and prepared to have a cat fight . However, Jeff was pretty quick in the uptake and intervene .

"Excuse me!" With a stern looking face, he spoke with a voice loud enough for all to hear . "Whatever personal issue you two might have, I will appreciate it if you stop right now!"

Albert was holding on to Sophia, trying to calm her down . While Ethan was doing the same thing with Olivia, face all red with embarrassment . "Mother, stop it, please!" He pleaded .

Grandfather Go finally steps in and put his foot on the ground . " If you two cannot be civilized enough to be in the same room, I have a solution to that . Both of you can leave now; we don't need your childish behavior ruining this celebration . "

Sophia and Olivia both speechless after hearing what the old man said . They were about to talk back to grandpa Go when suddenly the Butler came in to announce that dinner is ready .

Everyone! You all hear what Mr . Butler said, let's all enjoy this wonderful dinner my chef had prepared for us . I advise for the two of you to try to get along, at least until this meeting is over . " He was looking at Sophia and Olivia who's still glaring at each other .

Jeff was observing Ann for any sign of stress; he did not see any . That's a good sign; he doesn't' what his wife and child suffer any pressure if he can help it in any way .

Ann looked calm and collected watching the two mothers doing a glaring competition with each other . She thought they are hilarious, two full grown women acting like a child .

Everyone followed the Butler to the dining room . Grandfather Go sat at the head of the table while Grandma Tan sat at the other end facing him . Ethan sat on his left and Jeff on the right side . Next to Jeff is Ann, then Albert followed by Sophia .

Olivia was going to sit next to Ethan when Grandfather Go, inform her to seat closer to Grandmother Tan all the way at the other end .

Olivia didn't have any choice but to follow, or grandpa Go might tell her to leave instead if she argues about the seating arrangements .

Finally, all of them seated and grandfather Go motioned to the Butler to start serving the food .

The menu was all picked by grandfather Go; he made sure to have a variety of dishes to serve . Not knowing what everyone eats, he decided to have everything from fish to meat to veggies .

"What's this a Flea-Market dinner? What's with all this food?" Olivia commented, and it did not go well with grandpa Go at all .

"What about the setting? If you have a problem with the way it's set up, you don't have to eat with us . You can go and wait at the living room until we finish . " Grandfather Go was quick to reply .

"Mother, please!" Ethan beg his mother, feeling embarrassed by the moment .

"What? Did I say anything wrong? What's wrong with what I just said . I only . . . -"

"Olivia Wright, this is the last warning I'm giving you . Either you sat there quietly or leave . " Grandpa Go is now getting heated and not having any of Olivia's game .

"Hahaha! Serves you right, you think your that important . Now you know where you stand . " Sophia told Olivia to pissed her off .

"What about you? Your only a bystander in all this . Your relation is what? You're only a step-mother if that . Unlike me, I'm the mother . Ha! " Olivia retorted with a snarl .

"Me? A step-mother! Oh! I guess you didn't know that . . . -" Sophia was cut off with what she's about to say . Ann finally said a word after listening for so long .

"Excuse me! We have an announcement to make . " Ann looks at Jeff and waiting for his approval before she would continue .

Jeff smiles at her lovingly then nods . It was all Ann needed to continue .

"What we . . . Jeff and I wanted to announce to everyone is . . . -" Ann was interrupted by Olivia laughing out loud .

"Let me guess; you're going to announce that your pregnant, that's why you must get married soon . Am I right?"

"Mother! Will you, please! shut up!" Ethan stood up from his chair and yelled at Olivia .

"Pregnant? What you mean pregnant? " Albert looking aggrieve with what Olivia just said .

Sophia was also shocked but did not say anything . She didn't want to give Olivia the power to rejoice .

Jeff got up and grab a hold on Ann's hand before he speaks . "Sweetheart! how about you let me make the announcement alright!" He looks at her straight in her eyes saying 'I got this ok!' Ann was going to say 'let me!' but changes her mind and let Jeff do the talking .

"The first announcement we want you to know is that we are here tonight not only to discuss our wedding but also to inform all of you the truth about us . "

Jeff continues, "Four years ago Ann and I had met in Las Vegas, and we fell in love and got married . "

"Wait, wait, wait just a minute!" Olivia is now dumbfounded .

"You're telling us that you're already married, but we're here to discuss your wedding . It's absurd, why are we wasting our time here? There's nothing to discuss since you already tie the knot . " Olivia then stands up ready to leave .

Everyone was talking at the same time, arguing about the announcement .

Ann said something . "Stop! all of you, let me finish what I was announcing earlier . "

"What else are you going to announce? I already guessed it . "

"Mother!!!" Jeff and Ethan said in unison .