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Chapter 159
Ann looks around to see if they will listen to her . When she thought that no one would listen to her, she raised her voice for everyone to hear . "Listen! I'm only going to say this once if you don't want to listen to it fine, but I assure you all that you will regret it if you don't listen . "

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Everyone focus the attention on Ann .

Grandfather Go started chuckling . 'Let see what she got to say, to wake all these idiots up from their sleeping senses . '

"Mother-in-law, your right! I'm pregnant . What I'm about to say before you interrupted me is that . . . If you all don't stop your bickering with one another . I'll make sure that you never get to see it in the future . "

"Furthermore, like my husband said we are married already whether you agree or not, we are only having another wedding for the world to see, nothing more . So, think about it and think hard . Do you want to be a part of my child's life in the future or not?"

Grandfather Go started clapping his hand . "Bravo! Bravo, that's how you do it . Now that's all settled, how about we all sit back down and enjoy the meal, and we can discuss the wedding afterward . "

"Congratulation! Sister-in-law . " Ethan said somewhat in between sad and happy .

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Jeff whispered to his wife, "Good job sweetheart, that's how you shut them up . "

Ann finally breathes after that word, then sat down proudly .

Albert, Sophia, and grandmother Tan went to Ann and Jeff and congratulated them with hugs .

Olivia, on the other hand, was speechless, she needed to think . Before acting, it's not okay to do anything now, she will wait for the right time . It doesn't matter if they are already married, they can still get divorced in the future .

The dinner went well after that . Grandma Tan was over the moon and so as grandfather Go . Their longtime dream had finally come true . What more they could ask for in this lifetime .

After dinner, everyone moves to the living room to discuss the wedding venue . Olivia and Sophia started arguing again . They cannot agree on anything . Everyone just ignores them and continued on making the plan .

Ethan went towards the bar and pour himself a drink . He stayed as far away as he can from the couple . He knows that Jeff's eyes are always watching his every move .

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What's supposed be a reunion for the two brothers is now a thing of the past . Instead of them getting closer, they are now a far distance due to the love they feel for the same person .

Ann, on the other hand, decided to accept the fact that Ethan is now her brother-in-law whether she likes it or not .

Ann is now very tired from all the bickering of Sophia and Olivia . She decided to have an early night . "Honey! Can we leave a little early, please! I'm already tired . " She asks Jeff with tiredness written all over her feature .

Jeff didn't reply; instead, he got up, help her up first then informed everyone that they were leaving . Before he lifted her and carried her like a baby right in front of everyone .

"Hahaha! Oh! How I want to be young and healthy again . " Grandpa Go jokingly told everyone .

"Mom, I think we should leave as well, I'm still jet lag and would like to have an early night," Ethan told Olivia who's still bickering with Sophia about the theme of the venue .

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In another Country:

Claudia realized what Sophia had done to her, sending her in a third world Country to recuperated instead of America where she supposed to be right now . At first, she was acting high and mighty when she learned .

However, she realizes that it will not do her any good acting a spoilt child that she is; She changed her tactic and was able to bribe someone into helping her make a phone call to Asia . She contacted her manager and requested to send her load of cash from her private account in which her manager complied .

Claudia made use of her money, the same person that help her made that phone call to her manager; Set her up with a plastic surgeon to fixed her ruined face from the accident . Now she's just waiting for the day when she heals and takes out the bandages . When that day comes, she will return to Asia and get her revenge .

'Sophia Wen, wait for me I'm coming back to get even with you . You think you can get rid of me this quick . You got another thing coming . ' Claudia mumbling to herself .

Claudia asks her manager to get everything ready for her return . She told her everything that Sophia did to her, not knowing the full truth . The Manager felt that Claudia should get whatever belongs to her, she feeds all the information to Claudia on a daily basis .

The manager would gather all the news about the Tan family . One of the stories she came across was the impending marriage of Ann and Jeff in the coming months .

This made Claudia much more determined to go ahead with her revenge to Sophia .

Ann Wen, Sophia's love child, took what's belong to her . Her beloved grandmother, Father and everything that belongs to Tan Clan should all be hers, she's was born the heiress .

The day of the bandage removal cannot be soon enough if everything turns out the way she had it done . Claudia should be as pretty as Sophia if not much more .


The investigation of Claudia's accident is now complete . Officer Garcia provided the police report for Albert to read . He was shocked to find out that it's all Claudia's scheme that causes her injury . There was no one to blame but herself .

Albert spoke with his mother about telling the truth to Claudia about her parentage . It's time to clean the air their breathing and get rid of the rotten smell .