Published at 13th of November 2018 10:01:43 PM

Chapter 16

Almost finished with the flashback:


While they had agreed that they will file the annulment the next day, Jeff was making his plan on making sure that they cannot annul their marriage .

As soon as they finished eating, Ann took a shower, while Jeff volunteered to do the dishes . When she ends and came out of the shower, she was shocked to see Jeff in the bathroom brushing his teeth . She hurriedly covered herself with the towel and shyly walked from behind Jeff when he suddenly grabs her and kissed her, she was startled at first and tried to push him, but Jeff was too active for her .

While they were still kissing, they slowly make their way to the bed . Jeff laid her down, took the towel and toss it aside, he then started taking his shirt off and pants, Ann couldn't stop admiring his abs . . six no maybe eight pack, his so beautiful .

Jeff is doing the same thing, admiring Ann young and beautiful body, skin so smooth that driving him wild, he started kissing her from head to toe and stopping in the middle, which made Ann cried out with pleasure . He made sure that Ann was ready and wet before he enters her, as soon as his whole thing was in, Ann cried in pain, and that stopped him from continuing . He stayed there fully erected inside of her, waiting for the pain to subside before continuing . After it was over, Ann was sore and tired, while Jeff is so happy and satisfied .

The next morning, Ann was sore all over her body when she woke up . There was no Jeff next to her, "was it just a dream? " but she's so sore down there, so it really did happen, they really did it . Now they need to talk, they cannot annul the marriage now, they will need to file for divorce instead .

Unfortunately, there's no Jeff around, she thought that maybe he just went out and will be right back .

She didn't know that he really left for good, after waiting for a while she started to worry, she got up and looked around the apartment if Jeff left any note at all . When she did not find any, she went to the bathroom to clean herself up, and that's where she so a sticky note in the mirror .

" Take care of yourself, be a good wife and don't even think about it!" That's all it said, " WTF!" He took my virginity first to ensure that our marriage is consummated, then run off . "WTFFFF!" and what was that" don't think about it?" what does he mean by that . Ann was fuming mad, she was so stunned that she stayed staring at the note for a long time, then started crying .

Once she calms down, she got dressed and started cleaning . She thought about the saying "don't cry over spilled milk, what's done is done and get on with our lives . " and that's what she will do .

As she was cleaning her bed, she found an envelope under the pillow that Jeff used that night . When she opened the envelope, she discovered that there's a lot of cash in it . " Is this a payment?" Ann thought to herself . After counting how much money was inside the envelope, she started laughing with tears in her eyes . "ha ha ha, well, at least I did not just give away my virginity for free, I even got paid handsomely" Ann told herself trying to make herself feel better .