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Chapter 160
The anticipated 65th birthday celebration of Grandfather Go finally arrived . The venue will be at the Mega Hotel and Resort of Asia . Guest that is coming from another Country will be staying at various Hotels owned by Mega World Intl . Group of Company .

Grandfather Go didn't want to make a big deal out of his birthday, but there's nothing he can do . Everyone who's anyone within the Country must be invited along with other well-known people from other Countries where they have business ties .

Well-known people around the Country were waiting anxiously to receive an invitation to the party . The party is to last for at least three days minimum . Depending on how many people will be attending .

The P . R . department of MWIGC are on their toes; they cannot make a mistake, or else the consequences are dire . "You! You, and you . Handle this matter, and you, you, you, take care of this one . " The director of P . R department is sweating bullets at the moment .

Sheet's of paper are handed which has the names of the guest to send invitations . Each name has a letter labeled on them from A to Z . A-list, is the cream of the crop, the priority one . The category of importance goes down depending on the association and relation with MWIGC .

Grandfather Go birthday event is only second to the Inauguration of the President of the Country .
To be associated with MWIGC is everyone who's anyone's dream come true .


Olivia Wright is no exception; she has to have the best of everything . She cannot let that woman 'Sophia Wen'outshine her no matter what is the cost .

Sophia Wen as the 'Diva' of the Country, of course, has all Fashion designer's fighting for her to wear their creation at the event . She's also thinking same as Olivia; she would choose the best and most famous and known designer to create her evening gown, and that designer is non-other than [1]M . C .

However, [1]M . C . has already been contacted by Jeff personally to design Ann's evening gown and wholeheartedly accepted . Therefore, Sophia has to choose the next one which is [2]R . L . who has many other celebrities wearing his creation in the red carpet .


The anticipated party begins, people from all over the world arrive in bulk . The Country International Airport is having an issue accommodating all the private Jet's that are coming . Many flights had diverted to another nearby airport, and it made a lot of passengers unhappy . One of them is Claudia Tan who had just returned .

The security of the whole Country was in an alert due to the event is more prominent than having a summit with all the dignitaries that had arrived .


Lea's so excited about the party she can't stop from talking non-stop, and it's driving Ann crazy . "Girlfriend, do you think when it's your wedding day, it will be as big as this? Gosh! I can imagine, me wearing the Made of Honor gown, being televised for the whole world to see . "

"Keep on dreaming; I might forget the whole thing . Where already married, this is just a show to let the whole world know . What's the big deal . " Ann is teasing Lea, popping the bubbles of her dream .

"By the way, tonight you will be escorted by your hunk of a man . Therefore, I'm not going to be a tag-along and will be accompanied by him . " Lea said nonchalantly .

"Him? Who are you talking about, you mean Ronald?" Ann is looking at Lea lost .

"Yes! Him, what is wrong by me calling him? I like calling him . . . -him! Hahaha! "Lea was teasing Ann to lighten the atmosphere .


Mega World International Group of Company has reached the capacity of people waiting to be seen by Jeff . All representatives from various companies came to visit .

Jeff's had enough of it; he needed to get away as fast as he can . "Ronald, make excuses to all of-of them, I need to get a breather . I'm going to have lunch with my wife . " He left through the private elevator to be inconspicuous .

On the way to Tan Corporation, Jeff called his wife ahead of time .
"Lea, I'm going out for lunch . Hold the port while I'm gone alright!" Ann grabbed her purse and walked out the door without waiting for Lea to reply .

"So! It's how it's going to be from now on; I'm holding the port while you're having lunch with your hunk, I don't think so . " Lea mumble to herself .

"Hello! What are you doing? Come and have lunch with me . " She decided to call Ronald .

"I'm sorry! I'm holding the port while big boss is out there having a breather . How about I come over tonight, oh! I forgot tonight is the start of the party celebration . " Ronald is trying to think of a way to soothe Lea .

"Forget it; I'm going to be busy as well . What time are you going to pick me up?" Lea changed the subject . " You are going to be my escort right?" She needed to make sure, or else someone will be in the doghouse .

"Yes! Yes, I am your escort, I should be downstairs waiting for my princess before she knows it . "

"You better be! You don't know who you're messing with here . " Lea bunter .

"Alright! take care; I'll see you later" Ronald finally able to breathe easy knowing she's not upset any longer .

Lea; "Hmmm?"


Jeff and Ann went to a nearby restaurant to have a quiet launch . Jeff was busy catering to his wife needs; Ann's doing the same thing . The couple is the envy of other nearby tables .

Ann saw a figure that's so familiar . However, the face look's like a young version of Sophia, and more similar to her's . She was staring at the person when Jeff followed suit to look .

The person saw them and walked towards them .

"Hello! I'm back!"

Jeff and Ann; "CLAUDIA!"

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