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Chapter 161
Both Jeff and Ann recognizes Claudia in a heartbeat . Even though the plastic surgery was a success, her demeanor did not change at all .

"Well, well, well! Who do we have here? My fiancee and my half-sister . " Claudia spoke with a loud voice for everyone to hear .

Jeff took Ann's hand and motioned her to get up . "Let's go, sweetheart, we don't need to deal with her . "

Ann was going to say something to Claudia, but after seeing that other table started to eavesdropping, she changed her mind and got up while Jeff was helping her .

"Where do you think you two going? Come back here; I'm not with you yet!" Claudia was yelling on the top of her lungs . She looks around to see if people were paying attention to her before continuing . "You two will not get away with this, cheater!"

Claudia then turned around and spoke with people who are watching the whole thing . "You all see that right! That man is my fiancee since birth, and that woman is my half-sister, take note of that . " She informs everyone who's interested .

The name of the man is CEO Go of Mega World Intl . Group of Company, while the woman is Joanna Wen, alias Ann Wen . You all got that?" She checks around the tables making sure they heard her .

"Wow! So she stole her half-sister's fiancee?"

"I know right! To think I was getting jealous of how sweet they are with each other, they are a couple of cheaters . "

"Let's post it the media so that everyone can know . "

"Yes! Yes, that's right post is in the media, and my name is Claudia Tan the heiress of Tan Corporation . Did you get that?" Claudia was coaxing the people around .

'Let see if you still have the face to show after this, hahaha!' Claudia was elated with the deed she had done .

Sure enough, Ann and Jeff was the top search in the web .

The headline reads: [No . 1 Bachelor of the Country cheated on his fiancee with the half-sister . The name of the two is . . . -]


"Ann! Ann, what's this? Why are you and Jeff being accused of cheating? What's going on?" Lea asks with concern for her friend .

"It's Claudia; she came back already . She saw us at the restaurant and created this mess . Oh! I'm getting a headache . " Ann slump down onto the sofa .

"Where's your hubby? Shouldn't he do something about this? Come on; we cannot taint your image especially now that your engagement and impending marriage will be announced tonight at the party .

"He went back to Mega, he said not to worry, he will take care of it and Claudia once and for all . "

"That's good! If not I will personally take care of the b . . . ch . I can't believe she has the guts to spread this lies . " Lea's face is all red from anger .

"Lea, what time is the appointment with the stylist? I want to have a little time to rest before tonight . I'm easily tired lately, due to the pregnancy I guess . " Ann is rubbing the back of her neck and sweating bullets .

"Ann, what's wrong? Are you nauseated again? Don't you dare pass out on me, I wouldn't know what to do? You hear me?" Lea's anxious now .

'I'll be fine, let me lay down for a while . If I don't, I might pass out on you . "

"Go, go, go-come let me help you . " Lea runs outside to Mrs . Lim once she got Ann to settle on the sofa . "Mrs . Lim, need your help, please! I need a cold compass a blanket and some hot water . "

"What's going on? Is everything alright with CEO Wen?" Mrs . Lim was asking while going in the direction of the storage room .

Lea following behind, "She's alright for now, but I'm afraid she might pass out, and I would not know what to do . " She replied not thinking of what she said .

"Why would she pass out? And how would you know that? Does she has some sickness I don't know about?" Mrs . Lim is now worried .

"Oh! It was nothing . She's anemic, and a lot of the times she would pass out due to lack of rest, that's all . " Lea recovers .

'I see!" Mrs . Lim accepted Lea's excuse, but she doubts that she's telling the truth .

"By the way, Miss Claudia came by while you are downstairs eating your lunch . She asks where CEO Wen and I informed her of the location . But I have a feeling that I made a mistake afterward . " Mrs . Lim was feeling downcast .

"It's alright, don't worry . You didn't do anything wrong . " Lea was trying to make Mrs . Lim better . 'So, that's how she found out where the two were . '

They found what they were looking . Lea went back to the CEO office .

"Ann, you alright?" Lea whispering to check, in case Ann already asleep .

"I'm awake, and I'm fine . I only need to rest a little, and I will be back to normal . "Ann give Lea a half a smile .

"Friend, is it that hard being pregnant? It seems like you became paler and paler ever since . If it's like this now, what would happen when you get bigger and bigger and bigger . Hahaha!" Lea was trying to ease Ann's concern which is visible on her face .

After resting a little, Ann and Lea went home to the Mansion . She asks Lea to come as well so she the stylist can do her makeup and clothing for the party . After the makeover, Lea looks like a million dollar woman .

"Miss Wen, can we please! continue dressing now," The stylist brought in the dress she will be wearing, a one of a kind creation of M . C . Asia # 1 famous designer .

The dress is a stunning green color, from the waist up is fitted, see true cleavage, covering only up to her breast, elegant hand stitch design, the sleeve is translucent, barely visible to the naked eye .