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Chapter 162
The front of the gown is above the knee while the back has a long train . It highlights Ann beautiful long legs, with her height of 5' 11" it highlights the full view of the design . M . C . captured all Ann's assets and combined it with his imagination; the creation is out of the world .

Lea screamed when she saw what it looks likes once Ann wears the evening gown . "Oh! My God! Where in the world that dress came from I am dying with envy here . I swear whoever made that has a God-given talent . "

Ann couldn't help but smile at her friend . "You're overacting; you know that right?"

"What made you think I'm overacting, why don't you look at yourself in the mirror . See if you can still recognize yourself after seeing that creation on you . " Lea replied proudly .

Ann listened to what Lea said, she turned around and walked towards the full-length mirror in the dressing room . What she saw shocked her as well; She never knows she could look this beautiful after putting on the dress .

Ann was still busy admiring herself when the stylist inform her that her phone is buzzing and hand her the phone to answer . It's Jeff telling her that he's on the way home to pick her up .

"Honey! I know you're very busy . You can send the driver . First, we can meet at the venue . " Ann suggested .

However, Jeff is not having any of it . He wants to personally pick-up his wife, not some driver . " I'll be there in 30 minutes I'm not coming in, we don't have much time . "

"Alright! Then, see you!" Ann's a little worried how possessive her husband when it comes to her . She loves it, but she's afraid she might start feeling suffocated after a while . She prays that it never happens .

"Lea, Jeff's is on the way, is Ronald picking you up here or the condo?" Ann asks while donning some jewelry on her body not looking while asking the question .

Unfortunately, there's no Lea around . She took off without even saying goodbye .

The stylist helps Ann descend from upstairs . The long train of the dress is about 3 feet long; she needed someone to help her, or she might trip going down .

Jeff had just arrived and was in the bottom of the stair when he looks up and saw his beautiful wife on the way down . He was rooted to the ground with mouth wide open, unable to utter a word .
'How can I be so lucky to have such a goddess for a wife . I will be the envy of every man tonight for sure . ' Jeff's was thinking of his accomplishment . 'the best part of it all, she's pregnant with my child . hahaha!'


The party already has begun when the couple arrives — a section designed for all the invited reporters . Only the best reporters are present . Mostly the #1 Anchorman/woman was sent by their respective companies to do the honor of reporting this event to the whole world .

When they saw Jeff and Ann arrives, they started talking about the recent news .

"Is that Ann Wen the half-sister that took the fiancee, and ist the fiancee?"

"Well, between that loud mouth Claudia and that goddess, I will also cheat if I'm on CEO Go shoes . " Anchorman of the #1 TV station in the Country speaking .

"You're right though, look at her . She looks like the goddess of love . You will fall in love with her just by her look alone . "

The closer Ann and Jeff get to the reporters, the more they are going wild wanting to get a close up of the couple . Jeff stopped right in front of all the reporters and let them take all the picture they want . He smiles to everyone then spoke . " We will have a conference tomorrow at MWIGC if any of you interested in coming . " After giving the news to the reporters, he took Ann's hand and hooked his with her then walk straight to the Venue .

The couple went straight to the VIP room where a family member 'only' are allowed to enter . Ethan and Grandfather Go was in deep conversation when Ann and Jeff arrive . Grandfather Go was asking Ethan something, but his attention was elsewhere .

Ethan saw Ann from miles away, no matter how hard he tries to act cordial; He cannot help himself from salivating when he saw how she looks tonight .

"Happy birthday! Grandfather" Jeff greeted the old man .

"Happy birthday! Grandpa Go" Ann embrace the old man face all glowing from happiness .

"Ethan . . . " The two just gave him acknowledging glance .

"Ann . . . Jeff . . . " Ethan gave a half smile to the couple .

The atmosphere was too suffocating for Ethan, he got up and gave way to the couple to sit with the celebrant .

*Knock, knock* The P . R . Director pop his head at the door . "Excuse everyone, it's that time . Everyone is waiting, whenever you're ready!" He happily informs them .

Ethan helps grandfather Go, while Jeff and Ann follow towards the ballroom where everyone awaits .


"Ladies and Gentleman, please give a round of applause to our celebrant, the founding Chairman of Mega World Intl . Group of Company . Chairman Go . . . "

"Happy birthday! Chairman Go" The guest greeted Grandpa Go as they pass .

All attention was with the couple behind the celebrant . Jeff looking very dashing in a limited edition one of a kind Armani suit . Tall and proud with a straight looking face, with no trace of any emotion .

Ann is walking like a model she is next to her dashing husband, looking very elegant and proud . No trace of any emotion just like her husband .

"Wow! They are a match made in heaven; even their demeanor is identical . "

"Do you think that news about them is true?"

"What? About CEO Go actually, engage to the half-sister? Your guess is as good as mine . "

Guest are speculating left and right, no one knows that they will soon find out .