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Chapter 163
"Ladies and Gentleman, a word from our celebrant . " The announcer informs everyone .

Grandpa Go stood up and went to the podium to make the announcement .

"Thank you! I'm thrilled to see that I am not forgotten yet . " He said jokingly . " I will not make this announcement very long, but first I want to tell a little story . Hope you all endure for a short while . " Grandpa Go trying to lighten the atmosphere by making small talk .

"The story I want to share with all of you is about my first love . Hahaha! Don't worry I'm not announcing that we will be tying the knot . " He told them with a wide grin on his face .

"I want to give you all a background before making the real announcement . Bare with me a little . "

Grandfather Go gave detail of his love story with Grandmother Tan . All guest was astonished to hear how sweet it is that they met again after so many years of separation .

"To sum it up, after we met again and realized that our feeling for each other became less than what it was . And after marrying other people and fell in love with our partners in return . We are now a good friend instead of lovers . " Grandpa Go looks at Grandma Tan for approval to continue .

Grandma Tan nodded and shyly smiles to the onlookers .

"We agreed with our family to connect the dots with our descendant . That is how this announcement I'm about to make comes to light . "

"Both our children were married to other people already at the time when we met . Therefore we decided to match our grand-children instead . Hahaha!" Grandfather-Go laugh at loud for everyone to hear .

"Jeff, Ann will you both come to the podium . "

Jeff stand up proudly, took Ann's hand and hook it to his arms . Slowly made their way to the podium .

"Oh! I'm so jealous; I wish I can be on her shoes right now," One of the elite daughters spoke with envy .

"Be jealous all you want, but even if you're on her shoes right now, if you don't have her look . You can forget about it . Hahaha!" Another banter .

"I think so too, that's why he did not choose the half-sister and pick this one . I would too if I'm on his shoes . " One of the young men at the table interject .

" Here is my grandson CEO Jeff go and my soon to be grand-daughter-in-law CEO, Joanna Tan . "

"I'm officially announcing their engagement in front of everyone here tonight . The wedding will commence in a month . It will give you all ample time to prepare the gifts . Hahaha!"

"STOP!" Everyone turned to look where the voice came . What they saw astonished them, she looks almost identical to Ann, but that's all . Her demeanor way out of line, her body, and height doesn't even come close . One look, they already knew who she is . . . 'Claudia' the half-sister .

Sophia and Albert's couldn't believe what they saw . "Claudia! what have you done?" Both said in unison .

"What? What did I do wrong? Are you talking about my face? It's my face; I can do whatever I want . " She loudly informs her parents .

She walks toward the podium . Once she's right in front of Grandfather Go . " Grandpa, It's me Claudia I'm back . You don't have to use her as my substitute; I'm here now . " She was smiling as sweet as she can .

Grandfather Go looks at her straight in her eyes then told her straight up . "Who are you? You must have lost a few screws from the accident to think that I'm using her as your substitute . "

"No! No, no, I'm the true heiress of Tan Corporation, she's not even a Tan, how can she be the fiancee from birth . " Claudia argued with Grandpa Go .

Jeff motioned to the Police who were on standby waiting for Claudia to appear . They all started walking toward Claudia .

Grandfather Go saw this and signal to stop for a minute . They followed the order and standby waiting for a signal .

"Young lady, I think you are delusional to think that I will let my grandson marry a person like you even if you're the last descendant of the Tan . Since you are here already, how about, we let everyone know who you are . " Grandpa Go sternly told Claudia .

"Grandma Tan, CEO Tan, Mrs . Tan . Please, excuse this old man for airing this for the whole world to know . "

"Ladies and Gentleman, as to not put any doubt on your mind of the legitimacy of this union . Let me clear everything right now . This young lady who's claiming to be the heiress of Tan Corp . is Miss Claudia Tan" He then turns his attention to Ann who's quietly standing next to her husband .

"This here is Miss Joanna Wen-Tan first daughter of CEO Albert Tan with Mrs . Sophia Tan . Therefore, as per agreement with Grandmother Tan, the first granddaughter will be my grandson Jeff's fiancee . "

"The news indicating Joanna stole what's belong to her half-sister is untrue . She's the rightful fiancee of my grandson from the beginning . Is that clear!"

Claudia started panicking, and about to grab Ann when . " Miss Claudia Tan, will you, please come with us . " Officer Garcia with some backup .

"Why do I have to come with you? No! Do you know who I am? You better get your hands off me . " Claudia was trying to get free .

Officer Garcia has no choice but to put handcuffs on Claudia . "You are under arrest for attempted murder of CEO Tan and hiring assassins to kill other family members . You have the right to remain silent . . . "

"Dad! Grandmother! Help me, please!" Claudia pleading and screaming while two woman officer holding both her arms and dragging her out of the ballroom . Followed by Officer Garcia reading her rights .

Guest are all stunned only for a moment . Once they all got back to their senses, congratulations begin .

The celebration continues as nothing happen .