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Chapter 164

Claudia, apprehended for attempted murder charges . Jeff was the one alerted officer Garcia of her arrival and Asia .

They know she would come and create a scene at the party . Therefore they arrange to apprehend Claudia during that time, and it's a success . She's now history .

It's like nothing happened, the celebration continued . The guest from all over the world doesn't' care who is the true heiress of Tan Corporation, what matters to them is who Jeff chooses to be his partner . For what the spectators saw, Joanna Tan is the right one just from her look alone .

After the big commotion, Albert Tan, Grandma Tan, and Sophia excused themselves . They needed to go to the Police station to speak with Officer Garcia and to find out what's going on . She's still a family member in the eye of the onlooker; they cannot abandon her like that .

Ann and Jeff had to stay with Grandfather Go along with Ethan and of course Olivia Wright . Now that Sophia is gone, the limelight is all hers . It's show time!

"Well, I guess it's now official . The whole world knows that you are the true fiancee as Chairman Go announced . " She walked towards Ann and gave her a once over . "Enjoy it while you can . " She follows through almost a whisper .

"This gown your wearing, tell me who the designer is? If it can clean you up to look like a million dollar, who knows what it would look like on me . " Olivia asks Ann with a sneer .

Ann didn't know who the designer of her gown, therefore, she can only honestly answer her mother-in-law . " To tell you the truth, I have no idea . Jeff had this gown made for me, and I only saw it tonight . "

Jeff who's standing by Ann about to say something to his mother was interrupted by Lea who's running excitedly over something .

"Ann! Ann, ANN!!!" Lea was calling her with a voice loud enough for everyone to hear .

Lea was out of breathing by the time she reaches Ann side . Hah, hah, hah- Lea trying to catch her breath still . "Oh! My gosh, Ann you don't know who just came .

"Lea! What is it? You need to come down; there are too many eyes here . " Ann whisper . "Dignity, poise, elegant . Where did it all go?"

"I'm sorry! But I can't calm my self at the moment . " Lea is holding Ann's hand shaking with excitement . "It's tremendous, wait till you see what I'm mean . "

Ronald who finally cathed-up with Lea apologizing to everyone . "I'm sorry! Chairman, CEO, everyone . " He then tries to pull Lea back to let them continue their conversation .

"Insolent! How dare you butt in when we are in the middle of the conversation . Who do you think you are?" Olivia's eyes were burning with anger toward Lea and Ronald .

"Mother! Stop it, please! Don't make a scene, it's embarrassing . " Ethan pleaded once again .

Ann turns her attention back to Lea who's still hyperventilating from running and excitement . "What's going on? Why are you all excited?" She repeated once again .

Before Lea can reply, guest started talking among themselves about the famous person that attended .

"Oh! My, my! Is that who it is? My eyes are not deceiving me?"

" I think so! I attended one of his fashion show, and it's him for sure . "

The guest is all in a buzz seeing the only # 1 famous designer from Asia, Mr . C . walking towards the Go family with an air stating I'm the king of fashion .

"He must be here to give his greetings to the old man . "

"Why else, would he be here if not for the celebration . "

Once Mr . C . reaches where the Go family, he greeted the old man with respect . Then turned around to look at his creation being worn by Ann . "I knew it, a beauty like yours can only wear this gown . " M . C . told Ann while holding her hand and going around circle checking her out .

After carefully looking over Ann, he then turns to Jeff and nods . "You're right Jeff; she's a beauty beyond this earth . If I didn't see it with my own eyes tonight, I would think you were only bragging because she's your future wife . hahaha!"

Mr . C then turns his attention back to Ann . "Let me see . . . You are the only one, for sure! no one else . " He mumbles .

Olivia is speechless; she cannot find a word to say at all . 'This dress is created by non-other than Mr . C . himself?'

"Excuse me! My name is Olivia Wr . . " She was cut-off before she could finish introducing herself .

"And?" Mr . C . was looking at her up and down with straight face .

"I'm the mother of . . . " Olivia was talking to thin air, Mr . C . had given his full attention to Ann .

"Follow me!" Mr . C . told Ann who started going in the direction of the podium .

Ann who's dumbfounded finding out that this famous person creates the gown she's now wearing . The most sought out fashion designer in Asia it made her speechless .

She followed him walking like the model she is, toward the podium . Jeff stayed rooted and watched from the sideline like a male God statue, watching over his Goddess descend to earth .

"Attention! Ladies and gentleman, assuming I don't need to introduce myself . " Mr . C . loudly announces over the microphone .

"Mr . C . "

"Mr . C . "

"Mr . C . "

The crowd yells and cheers his name .

"Thank you! For knowing who I am . " He smiles then bows to give respect . "I want to invite all of you to my next fashion show . Now that I found my muse, I have a creation in mind that will blow your mind away . " Mr . C then took Ann's hand and guided her to come to the front .

"This Goddess who descended in earth is currently wearing my one of a kind creation called "The True Heiress . " What do you all think?" Mr . C . Pointed to Ann's gown proudly .