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Chapter 165
Mr . C . Guided Ann to turn around and show to everyone the full feature of the gown . Long train at the back, with a heart shape and a see-through .
Fitted to the waist all the way up with also see-through sleeves . From afar, the transparent sleeve is unnoticeable . It gives the onlooker an idea that she's wearing a sleeveless gown .

Mr . C . Asks Ann to turn around for the people to see the full view of the front . With her long legs that look like a million dollar, men are salivating, while the woman is envious .

"For my next collection, this young lady is my muse . Therefore, I want to ask her in front of everyone if she will do me the honor of endorsing my creation and be my model for the fashion show . What do you say?" Mr . C . Plastered a smile on his face waiting for her reply .




"Please, say yes! You are the true heiress . " The crowd was yelling to Ann who's still unable to believe the word she heard . 'This person is the #1 sought out Fashion designer in Asia . People from all over the world would die to be his Muse and Model if she's dreaming, she doesn't want to wake up . ' Ann was thinking to herself .

Before giving her answer, Ann looks at Jeff, then Lea . After seeing an agreement from both them, she then proudly replied .

"Mr . C . Thank you! It's my pleasure to accept your invitation . " Ann replied proudly .

"You all heard that right? She accepted my request and offered; it's official we now have a verbal contract . You better not change your mind on me or I can sue you . " Mr . C . Jokingly told Ann over the microphone .

"Here it is people, my Muse, and Model for my new collection the future Mrs . CEO Jeff Go," Mr . C . Announces once more .

"Oh! One more thing, I almost forgot . " Mr . C . Took Ann's hand and looked into her eyes before asking . " My muse, and model- will you give me the honor of creating your wedding gown? I have one in mind that's entirely you! Will you?" He asks once again .

"Oh my, oh my, will you make me one too, I'm getting married soon . " One of the guests yells .

"How can you be getting married when you don't even have a boyfriend, hahaha!"

"If Mr . C . is willing to create a wedding gown for me, I will marry the first person that comes to that door . " She yells to the crowd .

The father of the person that had been speaking all this time got up and spoke . "You all hear that my daughter said she would marry the first person that walks to that door . Let see!"

All the attention went to the father and daughter . Ann and Mr . C took the opportunity to get down from the podium, they bid each other goodbye and agreed to meet on certain days to finalize the deal .

Jeff is concern that Ann started to look pale again, she must be worn out with all this walking around . He needs to get her out of there before anything happens .

"Grandfather, Mother, Ethan, we will go first . You know Ann's health, I'm afraid she's exhausted by the look on her face . " Jeff informs them of his plan before Ann got close to them .

Grandfather Go understood and nodded with an agreement . Ethan wasn't paying attention to Jeff; all his focus was to the woman coming to their direction . His sister-in-law .

Jeff saw this and blocked Ethan view of his wife as she comes into their direction . "Sweetheart!" Jeff said it loud enough for Ethan to hear while reaching out to Ann .

Ann looking exhausted, went straight to Jeff's embrace and rested her head onto his shoulder . "Honey! Do you think we can have an early night? I don't think I can hold on much longer . My feet are aching; my head is splitting, what else, oh! I'm hungry . "

Jeff turns his head to Ronald and Lea and orders them to get the car ready .

Lea who's still in the dreamland, finally woke up after Ronald nudges her couple of time . "Let's go! We need to get the card ready, were leaving . "

"Alright! Give me a second, she then turned around and looked at Olivia straight face . "To answer your question as to who's the designer of Ann's gown, as you saw it with your own two eyes, is none other than the #1 Famous designer of Asia Mr . C .

"Do you still think that he will create a gown for an old hug like you?" After saying it out loud for everyone to hear, Lea turns around and left as fast as she can laughing at her deed . Lea knows she can get in trouble for what she did . However, she doesn't care as long as she can get even with the bitch .

Lea was still laughing from what she did when she reaches Ann and Jeff getting ready to board the car . "What are you so happy about that I can hear your laughter all the way here?" Ann curiously asks Lea .

"Oh! It's nothing, I only thought of something funny on the way here, that all . "

Ann knows deep in her heart; her friend did something to defend her again . For many years, whenever someone tries to bully her, Lea's always to the rescue . 'She needed to do something for her in return . ' Ann thought .

"Jeff, are you sure it's alright for me to be his muse and model?" Ann asks Jeff who's busy massaging and stroking the back of her neck .

"If that's what you want to do, and it will make you happy; It's fine with me . My only concern is your health; I think it's best if you get prenatal check-up asap . What do you think?"

"Lea, please make an appointment for me to see a Gynecologist asap . " She asks with a tired looking face .