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Chapter 166
Ann was exhausted, she laid her head on Jeff's shoulder the whole way home . By the time they arrived back home, Ann was already knocked out .

"Shhh!" Jeff put his finger on his lips, motioning to Lea to be quiet . He then slowly move to make space and position his wife in a princess style to carry inside the Mansion .

Good thing the long train of Ann's dress was detachable . Jeff was able to remove it before getting out of the car, or he will have a heck of a hard time carrying her up to their bedroom .

Once they were out of the car, Lea and Ronald took off in a heartbeat to their little world to make little Ronald or little Lea .

Ann must have tire herself out; she didn't even realize when Jeff undress her . After Jeff took off her gown, he has no idea how he's going to remove her make up without waking her up . It's a dilemma, should or should he not? Jeff decided to forget it .

He did not think of putting any clothes on her; he just covered her with sheets wearing only her lace t-back underwear and nothing else .

Once Jeff finished putting a sheets cover to his wife body, he finally took a breather . His libido was going haywire the whole time he's undressing her . But he cannot take advantage of his tired wife .

His only option, cold shower! What else a man could do when a beautiful woman, 'his woman' laying there butt naked for him to feast but can't . Take a cold shower or say hello to his left or right hand .

Jeff decided on the first option, take a very very very cold shower .

He was still in the shower when Ann felt a little chilly . Jeff covered her with only a satin sheet and the air-conditioning was on full blast .

She realizes that she doesn't have any clothes on, she smiles a little then got up . 'Jeff must have undressed me . ' She thought . 'But where is he?' She heard water running in the bathroom . Sound like Jeff's is taking a shower . Ann got up with a mischievous look on her face .

She slowly opens the bathroom door to peek first . Jeff was busy cooling himself off through the cold water running through his body . Ann slowly made her way, once she's almost to the shower door, she removed her lace underwear and went into the shower .

Jeff almost has a heart attack when Ann back hug him and grabs his buddy straight up . "What are you doing up?" He took Ann's hand away from his buddy and turned around to face her .

"I don't know, someone took off all my clothes then turned the air-conditioning on full blast . I was freezing and needed someone to warm me . So here I am, needed some warming . " Ann was touching Jeff's abs the whole time .

"Sweetheart! Slow down, please! have mercy on me alright! I can only hold it for so long . If we cannot do it, please!!! don't do this to me . " Jeff was pleading to his wife not to touch his abs so erotically .

"Honey! What's wrong with you? Why are you making yourself suffer for no reason?" Ann still touching him the same way .

"Well, I read somewhere that during your first trimester, we cannot do it . It's dangerous for the fetus . Am I wrong?" Jeff wants confirmation .

"To be honest, I don't know . However, one thing I know for sure . . . " Ann rolled it out of her tongue .

"If we cannot do it that way, we can always do it another way . So! Why suffer taking a cold shower when you can have a scorching one with me . Hahaha!"

That's all Jeff needed to hear . Since the day they found out that they are pregnant, he read up on everything he can find about sex and pregnancy . He forgot to check on an alternative . Therefore, he lost out and had suffered for no apparent reason .

Jeff is one happy camper hearing they can do the deed using the alternative method . [no-detail snu-snu]


The next day, Ann had an appointment with a gynecologist . Once she arrives, the Doctor can see how pale looking she is and started to have a concern .

The Doctor ordered a series of blood work to make sure Ann and the baby are excellent . Ann agrees for the safety of their unborn child .

"We will inform you as soon as we get the result from the Lab . You may go home first and will surely contact you right away . " The Doctor informs Ann

They were on the way out of the hospital when she was called back by a nurse .

Miss Wen, we need you back at the Doctor's office it's urgent .