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Chapter 167

Ann and Leah were about to leave the hospital when the nurse called Ann . Excuse Me, Miss Wen we need to see you back at the doctor's office it's urgent .

Lea looks at Ann with concern on her eyes . "Why do you think they want you back, and she said it's urgent?"

'You're asking me? How should I know? When I left everything was fine, she told me they would let me know when the result is out . You think it's out already? " Ann with a concerned look on her face .

They turned around and followed the nurse that stopped them from leaving . When they arrived the doctor was sitting in front of the computer looking at something on her monitor, please sit down I'll be just a moment . After clicking on the mouse couple of times and studying something on the computer finally, the doctor stopped .

She picked up the paper in front of her placed it in front of Ann then started explaining . "I'm sorry to alarm you the nurse told you it's urgent, but it's not . "

After hearing the doctor words, that's nothing to worry about, Ann finally able to breathe comfortably .

"We got the results back from one of your blood tests, and I need to do an ultrasound to confirm my diagnosis . If you don't mind, please change back into the hospital gown . So we can start the ultrasound asap . "

Ann was ushered into an examination room . There's a gown on top of the examination table ready for the patient to change into . She hurried up and took off her clothes and change into the hospital gown . "I will be right there with you after you change, just lay down and relax alright!"

Ann laid down and waited anxiously after she finished changing . A minute passed, ten more minutes passed and still no doctor . Ann is getting impatient; she was about to get up to see what's going on when the door finally opened .

"I apologize I suddenly got called to check on a patient . I have one that's currently in labor and about to have the baby anytime soon .

The doctor sat down on the stool next to the examination table . Right in front of her on the top of the table holding the Monitor, there's a tube of gel, she picked it up and squeeze some on Ann's stomach .

"This is going to be a little cold, please! bare with me . The doctor put the ultrasound scanner onto to the top of her stomach she moves it slowly from side to side suddenly a beeping sound was heard from the monitor .

*Thud, thud, thud* sound of the heartbeat slower at first then it becomes louder and louder *Thud, thud, thud* . Ann was curious, "Doctor, is that a heartbeat I'm hearing?"

"Yes as you can see there!" The Doctor pointed onto the monitor for Ann to see . "Also, you heard it yourself the heartbeat it's not just one there's two, and I wanted to make sure before I say anything unless I made a mistake . "

The doctor moves the scanner once again side to side; you heard it right? There's not just one, but there are two heartbeats .

It's pretty hard to tell right now since you're in your first trimester, but based on the pulse it seems you're going to have a twin .

"Twin? How could that be?" Ann was dumbfounded .

"Does twin runs in your family or the father side?"

"I don't think so, as far as I know, we don't have any twin in our family . About the father side, I could find out and let you know later .

"But are you sure that we're having twins?" Ann asks the doctor making sure she told her the truth .

"After seeing it with my own eyes and hearing the babies heartbeat, yes! you're carrying twin babies . "

The doctor printed the little pictures of the baby inside of Ann's tummy . It's still small, about two centimeters .

Ann has tears of joy on her eyes as she looks at the small print-out that the doctor gave her . She couldn't believe it they are going to have twins hahaha!"

"Doctor may I ask you a favor . I wanted to make this a surprise Christmas present to the father, will you help me conceal it for now, please!" Ann pleaded to the doctor

"I don't want to make an empty promise, as long he doesn't ask me if your having twins, I will not say anything . However, If he does ask me, I will not lie to the father; Clear!"

"Clear!" The doctor left afterward . Ann quickly changes back to her clothing so they can go home .

Ann was excited, she wanted to show it to Lea, but then she changes her mind and keeps it to herself . The father should be the first to see after the mother . " She also wanted to give it to Jeff as Christmas present .

They were about to leave the hospital when Jeff and Ronald arrives, and the first thing that he did was embrace his wife . "Your finish already? How's everything? How's your health?" Jeff bombarded Ann with questions face full of concern for his wife and child .

"I'm doing fine everything was okay they are doing a lot of testing, and once the result comes out, they would let us know at once . " She told him with a poker face .

"Right now I don't have anything to report yet . " Ann was secretly smiling to herself .

That's good, "did you eat anything yet?" Jeff asked worriedly, the contour of his face finally relaxes .

"I was in a hurry this morning that I only had a bite to eat, I could use some nourishment right now . Do you want to get something to eat?" Ann's eyes were beaming with happiness .

Lea remembers something . 'You two go ahead, I still need to get the prenatal medicine for Ann . Ronald, will you come with me?"

"Go ahead Ronald" Jeff agrees while smiling .