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Chapter 168

Lea and Ronald were ordered to sneak into the doctor's office and obtain Ann's ultrasound . Jeff was getting Intel from Lea the whole time Ann was in the examination room . He ordered Lea to get a copy of the result, in case Ann withhold the result and Jeff was right .

The doctor was not in the office when they arrive, good thing that the nurse that had called them back earlier remembers Lea .

"I apologize if I'm bothering you, but my sister forgot to get a copy of the ultrasound report . She asked me to come and get it . Is it possible? I'm sorry if we are bothering you . " She gave her sweetest smile to not look suspicious .

"Let me check, the doctor just went to check on another patient, but I can check the record if it's in the file . " The nurse was not suspicious since Lea was with Ann earlier, she happily went to get the result they needed .

'Yes!' Lea thinking to herself, then winked at Ronald .

" Are you sure, this is going to work? what if we get caught?" Ronald sweating bullets .

"Have faith in me for once alright! I study acting too you know . " Bragging to Ronald who's about to pee on his pants .

The nurse went to the doctor office, and when she came back, she has with her Ann's ultrasound result in a sealed envelope .

"I'm sorry! I do have to put it in a sealed envelope for privacy . " The nurse explains to Ronald and Lea .

"It's okay! Our tasks are to get a copy, that's all . " Ronald replied quickly and took the envelope before the nurse changes her mind .

Once they had the document needed, the two left as fast as they can to report back to the big boss .


In the car on the way back to the office, Lea can's sit still . She's fidgeting and itching to open the envelope on her hand . 'If I peek, they would not know right?' She's telling herself .

"Don't even think about it!" Ronald growl with looks that could kill .

Lea sheepishly smiles from being caught in the act . "I wasn't okay!"

" I know that look, and what your thinking . If you don't want to live any longer, then go ahead . " . Ronald warned her .

"You're a party poop-er you know that! You supposed to be in my side, but it seems that I don't hold a candle with that man . " . Lea pouted, then sulked the whole way through .

The envelope made it safe into Jeff's hand without being tampered .


Jeff couldn't wait to open and read what it said . He slowly rips off the seal and took out the sheet of paper with trembling hand . He read it word for word to make sure he doesn't miss anything important .

What he learned made him teary, and he looks so out of it, he doesn't know if he should laugh or cry . 'Oh, my God! we're going to have a twin? How could it be possible . ' Jeff's wondering .

Ronald is wondering why his boss suddenly becomes emotional; if only he's a mind reader .

Jeff's finally came to his sense and realizes that Ronald had been staring at him the whole time . He felt a little embarrassed for the way he acted, he needs to remedy the entire situation . He needs to play it cool, show him who's the boss .

"What are you still doing here? Is there something you want to know then ask . "

"Sorry, boss! If you don't mind me asking, I also wanted to know what the result was that made you all smiling by yourself . I only wanted to share your happiness . " Ronald replies shyly looking down at the ground .

"I'm sorry, but you will have to wait until my wife tells me herself before I can share it with you . Just know that it's a piece of good news alright!" Jeff then put the document into his drawer and locked it for precaution .

The day went smoothly; Jeff couldn't wait for it to end . As soon as his schedules clear up, he rushes to leave so he can pick up his wife and take her out to dinner to celebrate .


Ethan decided to pay a visit to Ann . After the birthday celebration, he has not seen or heard from anything about her . The last time he saw her, she looks pale, and he's worried .

'I'm only worried for my sister-in-law, he keeps telling himself . ' Hoping that if he keeps on repeating and calling her sister-in-law, sister-in-law . His heart will listen and accept the fact that she now belongs to another man, his older brother .

"CEO Go personally picked-up CEO Wen couple minutes ago . " Ethan was too late his brother beat him again as usual . He left with sadness in his eyes .