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Chapter 169
Ethan has no choice but to turn around and go home looking like a lost puppy . He decided to walk around the city to clear his mind; maybe some fresh air could help ease the pain he feels .

As he was walking around the boulevard, he started feeling much better . He sat down at one of the benches and watched people around . Street vendors selling barbeque on the stick, 'It sure smell good' He thought while rubbing his stomach .

Ethan got up and walk toward the vendor that selling the delicious smelling barbeque on the stick . He checks out the BBQ first to see if it's as appealing as the smell . "Hmmm! It looks tasty . " He mumbles to himself .

He has never eaten street food from Asia before, this will be an experience for Ethan . "Excuse me! I want to buy a couple of stick, please! " He told the vendor who's busy telling a couple of children standing by to move and shoo-ing them away at the same time .

Ethan was shocked how the vendor was treating the young children . They are no more than eight years old from their built and looks . He couldn't understand the attitude of the vendor towards them . Ethan walked toward the two children and lowered himself to their height level by squatting down .

"Are you guys hungry? Do you want some BBQ?" He asks, looking at them sorrowfully .

The two children backed up a little and stared straight into his face before answering . "What if we are? Are you going to buy us food?- Right!" The child does not trust him .

The two children backed up a little and stared straight into his face before answering . "What if we are? Are you going to buy us food? Right!" The child does not trust him .

"Let say I am, do you want to join me? How about this I had just ordered some, it will be ready in a couple of minutes . Come, come sit with me . " Ethan coaxing the two kids to follow his lead to a table and chair nearby .

At first, the two were hesitant, but their hunger was much more than their fear . In the end, the two followed Ethan like a little lamb with a smile on their faces for the thought of being able to eat BBQ on the stick .

"Vendor! give me all you have that's already cooked . " Ethan yells at the man .

The vendor looks at Ethan, eyeing him up and down, unsure if he should comply to his request . 'Hmmm! The man looks like he can afford it, It shouldn't be a problem getting paid . '

"He looks like one of those celebrities if nothing else he could be Gigolo and as good looking like him I'm sure he makes tons of money . ' Still contemplating, but don't want to offend Ethan .

"Sir, I'm sorry! But if you want to order all the cooked one now, I can only request payment first if that's possible . " The vendor informing Ethan afraid of offending him .

Ethan looks at the vendor straight face void of any emotion . "How much?" Without butting and eye .

The vendor mentioned an amount that for ordinary people in the Country might be a little too much . But for Ethan, that would not even put a dent on his pocket .

He pulled out a wad of cash and handed the vendor the amount he mentioned . No more no less .

In America, he would generally leave a large tip, but due to his attitude and lousy customer service . Ethan paid him only what's required and what he deserved .

The two children were already seated at the nearby chair waiting for the BBQ stick . From the smell alone, they were already salivating . To be able to eat this costly BBQ stick, they feel like they died and gone to heaven .

"Bro! don't you think we should take it home with us?" The younger one asks his Bro .

"We can but if we take the BBQ home . . . it would not be enough to share with everyone else . " The older one replied .

"But, bro if we eat it here, would you be able to swallow it knowing the others at home might be hungry as well?"

The older one thought about it, and as the oldest, he made the decision . "How about we would only eat half of the BBQ from one of the stick . The remaining will take it back with us to share with everyone . " He happily informs the younger one with a sweet smile on his face .

Ethan heard every bit of their conversation, and it's tearing his heart apart from every word that came out of the two young kids mouth . 'What kind of life do they have? "

Ethan decided to investigate the two and see what he can do to help them and their family . It's Christmas; he needed to make it feels like that at their home .

Ethan took one of the chairs and sat with the two boys . " What's your name?" He asks to the one that looks to be the youngest .

" My name is Bentong, and I'm six years old!" He proudly replied .

"How about you?" He asks the other one with a friendly smile plastered on his face .

The older seized him up first before replying . " Since your buying us some BBQ stick, I will tell you . I'm Don-don . You can call me Don-don!" He said it proudly .

Ethan thought he's kind of cute . "And how old are you?"

"I'm seven years old, but will be eight soon . " He raised his hand and started counting his fingers without making a sound . "I will be eight in six days . " He sheepishly replied while looking at the vendor coming to their direction with a plate full of BBQ stick salivating .

When the vendor put down in front of him the plate full of BBQ stick, their eyes widened from shock .

"Go ahead, dig in!" Ethan was not eating any as he initially plans .