Published at 13th of November 2018 10:01:42 PM

Chapter 17

Almost . . . end of the flashback:


Ann thought of what recently transpired, she decided to let everything go . As the sayings go: the past is not the present, and the future is whatever you wanted it to be . Jeff is now in her past, in her presence is starting her college education to have a better future . She's a smart young lady, with a high IQ and she refused to let this drag her down . She will take it and just put it in her lesson file .

She started her preparation for college, she went to visit the school and got everything taken cared off . After getting her assigned dorm, picked all the classes she needed for the semester, she heads back to her apartment to packed everything, talked to her landlord about ending her lease and lastly went to see her friend Lea to give details of the recent event in her life .

Lea was excited and sad at the same time . She wanted to be in the same school as Ann, but she did not get a full scholarship and ended up getting into the next best school instead . Unfortunately, it's in the next city an hour away from each other, and that made her sad . On the other hand, she's excited to hear what had happened in Ann's life in the past week .

Ann went into all the details of the events, they never kept a secret with each other concerning the relationship, after finding out that Ann did the deed with Jeff, Lea teased her nonstop, which made Ann upset for a moment . After promising each other to visit at least once a month, they said their goodbye and went on separate way .

. . . . .

Ann was finally adjusting to her college life . She kept herself with a busy schedule, she found a part-time job off-campus working on the weekend, and during weekdays she has a full load too . From time to time she would accidentally think of a particular person, but she would shrug it off and continued heading towards her future .

A couple of months went by when Ann suddenly received a phone message . It's the coordinator of the talent (singing) competition . Ann was in a class when the call came in so she couldn't answer it . She checked it right away as soon as it ended . They wanted to meet with her to discuss a possible contract . ' is this for real?" She thought . . .

She called Lea and asked if she can accompany her to the meetup . Lea agreed in a heartbeat, she promised Ann that if she ever gets into entertainment industry that she will be her Manager, it seems the time had come . Lea was excited to hear what Ann just said . They discussed where and when they will go and planned to meet up first to make preparation .

. . . . .

On the other side of the world, Jeff was on the phone talking to Mega international agency's Branch Director of talents . " Schooling is her first priority, the rest is just secondary, you got that!" . " I understand, rest assured CEO Jeff, her public exposure will be minimal, only to pique people's curiosity ok! we will train and prepare her and get her ready for a full launching after she graduates from college . " Replied by the director of talents .

" Hmm . " Is all Jeff said then hang up the phone .