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Chapter 170
Don-don nudges Bentong to get up from the chair as he did . "Sir, thank you for this . " Waiving the BBQ stick in front of Ethan .

"We will take our leave now, Merry Christmas . " Don-don motioned to Bentong to follow his lead . Bentong did the same thing and shyly smiled afterward .

"Wait, wait! Where are you two going?" Ethan started panicking he still wanted to know about them .

The two boys look at each other, then slowly put back one of the BBQ stick onto the plate . "We apologize, we just thought that it's ok, to take a couple each since there's so many of them . hehe!" Bentong informs Ethan while scratching his head embarrassed of their actions .

Ethan was stunned and realizes that his action had caused them to think that his upset that they are taking more than one stick each . "Hahaha!"

"No! No, you don't need to put it back, I got all those for you guys . If that's not enough let me know we can get more . " Ethan felt relief after telling them, and they seem to believe him .

"Really! All this are for us; you didn't want any? But, aren't you hungry too?" Bentong is now curious with eyes brightly shining looking at all the BBQ stick they will be taking home .

"It's alright, I'm not hungry, I was just going to try what the taste was like, I can always just get more another time," Ethan assures them .

"Well . . . -If you say it's for us, can we take it all then?" Don-don was asking with no emotion showing on his face but anticipating Ethan's reply all the same .

"Sure! Let me get the vendor to wrap all this up . " Ethan called for the Vendor to do so . "If you have more that's already cooked, add it as well, alright . " He secretly told the vendor .

Once all the BBQ sticks were wrapped up, the two thanked Ethan once again and about ready to go . When "This looks a little heavy . how about I help you guys carry it home, what do you think?" Ethan offered .

The two kids look at each other confused . In the long run, they agreed for Ethan to walk them home . Their journey home begins in silence .

Bentong and Don-don live nearby it's an area where no one dares to visit, or they might get mugged or even killed . They took Ethan in some small back alley by the boulevard . The Ghetto [slum] area of the City .

While they were making their way, the two assured Ethan that nothing would happen to him . He's under their protection .

Ethan thought their funny . 'How can they protect him, two little half-wits, looking all malnourished is his protector . Hahaha!'

After it seems to be an eternity going through the little alleyway, Ethan, Don-don, and Bentong finally arrived at their destination .

The place is nothing but a small shack, with no furnishings . Ethan's eyes widen from surprise then asks . "Is this your home?" Ethan was trying to act kindly .

"Yes! It's where we live, and I guess you can call it home . " Don-don spoke with a crisp manner .

"Sorry! Doesn't mean to offend you!" Ethan hurriedly apologizes to the children .

"Sir! How can you offend us? I might not be an adult yet, but I'm not that stupid sir! You're the one should be offended for seeing all this . " Don-don said it almost in tears from embarrassment .

"It's alright! It just came out wrong from my mouth . " Ethan explained to Don-don .

"Where are your parents? Earlier you mentioned others, are you talking about your parents or other siblings .

Bentong looks at Don-don before replying . "We are orphans, we don't know who our parents are and the others we are talking about are other children that we live with together . "

"They're not here right now, probably out begging on the street . . "

Ethan was shocked by what he heard . He was speechless, unable to form any word to come out of his mouth . Finally, he found his sense again and about to say something .

"Sister Eva, your back? Look what we have, this sir here bought it for us . " Bentong showed the plastic bag full of BBQ stick to Eva while his mouth pursed pointing towards Ethan .

"Hello! Ethan Wright . " He introduces himself to the newcomer . When he extended his hand waiting for the girl to accept, Ethan was stunned how beautiful the young girl in front of him .

She has the darkest black pupil he has ever seen, shining while staring at him without blinking .

Eva did not accept the hand and just continued staring at Ethan void of any emotion . "What do you want? We didn't need your fake charity if you're one of the drug lords and needed a runner for your drugs on the street you got the wrong kids . " She told him straight up .

Ethan was mesmerized listening to Eva's voice while was speaking; It's soothing to the core of his being .

"Sir! Sir, Sir!!!" Bentong nudging and pulling Ethan's hand who's enchanted by Eva's beauty . "My sister is pretty isn't she? That's why she will be famous someday . " Bentong proudly announces grinning from ear to ear .

"Bentong! What did I teach you before? " Never give personal information to a stranger, right?" Eva was glaring at Bentong acting all mad .

Eva then turned around to face Ethan once again . "Sir, thank you for you're a kind donation and we do appreciate it . We wish you a Merry Christmas . " She then lifts the little curtain that was considered a door to indicates for Ethan to leave,

Ethan was surprised to see how proudly she's telling him to go and leave their shack . Any other time, Ethan would never have set his foot in this type of environment .

'Here is a young girl, telling him to get out without hesitation . Hahaha! If she only knew who I am . ' Ethan thought to himself while contemplating if he should leave or stay .

"Eva, right? Nice to meet you! I will be leaving for now as you wish, but I would appreciate it if you would let me come back again?" Ethan is asking with hopes showing on his eyes .

"Sir! I can see from the brand of your clothing that you're not used to this type of environment, why would you want to come back? And what is your motive?" Eva is not a person to play around with words,

"What if I say I don't have any motive . I like your brothers, and I want to get to know them . 'I also want to know more about you' He thought,- I want to help them . Is that alright?"

Eva once again looks at him with her beautiful round eyes, expressionless . " This is a free Country; you may come as you wish . If you want to help them, fine! As long as you don't expect anything in return . " She then turns around and starts preparing to cook .

"Sister Eva, the fish soup that you're making with this BBQ stick will be a feast for everyone tonight . " Don-don who's been silent the whole time finally spoke to lighten the atmosphere .

"Sir! Would you like to stay for dinner?"