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Chapter 171
To lighten the atmosphere, Don-don invited Ethan to join them for dinner . When Eva heard the offer, she turned around and gave Ethan a look with a frown on her face and waited for his reply .

"Thank you for the invitation; however I have other engagement tonight, maybe next time . " Ethan quickly answer .

When Eva heard his answer, she was satisfied . She went back to cooking and let it go just like that .

"Well! Nice to meet all of you . If I want to see you again, where can I find you beside coming over here?" Ethan was asking Don-don but looking at Eva in the makeshift kitchen .

Don-don saw how Ethan kept on looking at Eva's direction . Even though he's only seven years old, he pretty smart at his age . He figured out that Ethan is interested with his older sister Eva .

How about we give sister Eva's phone number . You can text her first before coming and will meet somewhere . " Don-don informs Ethan .

When Ethan heard what Don-don said, his eyes lit up light a light bulb being turned on . "Sure! Here's my cell phone, you can put it in . "

Don-don accepted Ethan's cell phone, input Eva's number then winks at him while handing the cell phone .

They walked Ethan back out of the slum area . No one bothered them the whole time . Ethan couldn't see much of the field as they passed through; however, the smell of the garbage around the surrounding making his stomach turns inside out .

He didn't want to let Don-don know that he has a weak stomach, Ethan tries his best holding his breathing while sweating bullets at the same time .

When they were about to reach the end of the alleyways, Ethan couldn't hold it anymore and started throwing up . He squatted at the side of the alley trying to hide it from Don-don .

"Sir, it's alright! You don't have to hold it in, puke it all out and you'll feel better afterward . " Don-don was patting his back with a concerned look on his eyes .

"Thank you! I'm fine now; it's just that . . . " Ethan with a face full of sweat looking pale tried his best to smile .

They separated once they enter an area where Ethan's became familiar, bid goodbye to each other and went on their separate way .

Ethan thought of an idea of how to help those children; he will need to speak with his grandfather first; once he gets the approval, the next step would be to talk to his older brother Jeff to implement his idea .

Grandfather Go was happy to hear Ethan's idea . " That's one hell of an idea you have there; I'm all for it . Go and make your proposal, present it to your brother and will go from there . " Grandpa Go patted Ethan on his back while grinning from ear to ear .

"So, you're going to be staying in the Country from now on? You're not going back to America after the wedding then?" Grandfather Go asks Ethan full of hope .

"It seems that way, at least . Why? You don't want me to stay?" Ethan worried that his grandfather doesn't want him around .

"You, rascal! What do you mean I don't want you to stay . You had just made this old man the happiest, hearing that you will be staying . Hahaha!"

Relief was showing on Ethan's face after hearing what his grandfather just said . He went to the old man and hugged him . " Thank you! Grandpa . "

Ethan started working on his project . If everything works out, those children would have a real home and have a brighter future ahead of them .


Jeff was in the bathroom taking a shower when his phone started buzzing . Ann saw the light and looked at the caller number . 'Hmmm? I wonder who it could be? " She looks at the time and saw it's past 8:00 p . m . After contemplating she decided to pick-up the call herself . Good thing Jeff does not have a password on his cell phone .

"Hello!" Ann answer with her sweet voice .

Ethan was speechless for a moment . He did not expect Ann to answer Jeff's phone . "Hello! Sister-in-law, it's Ethan, may I speak with bro Jeff please!" Ethan tries to make his voice sound cheerful .

"Oh! Ethan, how are you? He's taking a shower right now . Is there something I can help you?" Ann asks amicably .

Ethan thought for a moment before replying . 'Should I talk to her about my idea or should I wait for big bro?'

"I needed to speak to both of you about a proposal . I wanted to check if it's ok for me to stop by tonight?"

"Tonight? I will have to check with Jeff; unfortunately, we are getting ready to go to bed, but . . . " Ann didn't get to finished what she's about to say . Jeff came out of the bathroom looking like a 'male stripper' with only a towel covering his lower body still glistening with water droplets all over his body .

Jeff gave ann a questioning look . "Who?"

Ann put her hand to cover the sound of their conversation . "It's Ethan!" She whispered back .

As soon as Jeff heard Ethan's name he snatches the phone out fo Ann's hand like a thief . " What do you want?" He growls to Ethan who was so engrossed in listening to Ann's voice .

"Jeff Go! What was that? I would have hand it to you nicely, why do you have to snatch it like that . " Ann's was hurt the way Jeff had acted .

Jeff realizes what he just did; he forgot that Ethan was still on the other line . " I'm sorry! Sweetheart, you know how I am when it comes to you speaking with another male species . "

"But, that's your brother! I can't believe you are jealous even with your brother," Ann told Jeff with a high voice .

"Sweetheart, to be honest, I'm afraid that I might even get jealous with my son if we have one . Hehe!" Jeff said sheepishly .