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Chapter 172
Ann was surprised with what Jeff said; he will be jealous of his son . "How can you be insecure with your son if we have one . I can't believe you! She pushed Jeff away from her .

Ethan heard every word the two was discussing . 'Wow! Big brother sure is possessive with his wife . Good thing he doesn't know about our history or he might put a bounty on my head . '

Ethan hang-up before Jeff realizes that he heard every word of their conversation .

Ethan was right; Jeff realizes that his brother might still be on the other line listening on their conversation .

He hurriedly checks if the line was still on . 'Whew! Thank God! His smart enough to hang up or else I would make sure his life is a living hell . ' Jeff was smiling secretly for his wicked thought .

"Why are you grinning? It looks like you just thought of something naughty? " Ann asks curiously .

"Hmmm, nothing! I was only thinking of how I'm going to compete with my babies when the time comes . "

"Babies?" Ann asks stunned with eyes wide open looking straight at her husband . "Kindly repeat what you just said, please!"

"What? What did I just said? I only said I was thinking . . . Oh! Nothing, I was mumbling . " Jeff realized his mistake and went to the dressing room to put some clothes on to avoid his wife's question .

"Jeffrey Go, you better come back here and clarify what you just said or else . . . "

"Uh-uh . . . I might end up in the doghouse if I don't fessed-up, I better come clean . "

"Sweetheart, I did not say anything . I made a mistake in adding 's' at the end that's all . I don't have any other meaning by that . " He's giving her sorry looks to make her feel terrible .

"Jeff Go! You better not be lying to me! You would know the consequences if you did lie . " Ann threatened Jeff .

Jeff had a scared look on his face after hearing what Ann just said . "Sweetheart! My love, my one, and only love . I would never lie to you . You know that!"

"Oh? Are you sure about that? You swear on your babies name?" Ann mentioned the 's' intentionally to see Jeff's reaction .

Unfortunately, Jeff is an outstanding poker player and a title holder . 'King of the poker face . ' Therefore, there's no way Ann can tell if he's lying or not .

Jeff crosses his finger before making his promise . "I swear in the name of my unborn 'babies . ' That I'm not lying . "

Ann throws a pillow at Jeff . "See! You are lying with a straight face and probably has your finger cross at your back . Put your hands out where I can see it, then make the oath . " 'Let see if you can do that!' Ann thought .

Jeff knew he lost, the only thing he can do is try to play pitiful and hope she forgives him .

Jeff picked-up the pillow Ann thrown at him then saunter toward her with a puppy eye . "Sweetheart! What do you want me to do so you will not be mad at me any longer?" He asks as sweet as he can while holding on to the pillow as protection .

Ann thought for a while what she should make Jeff do to make herself feel better . " Can you dance?"

Jeff stops, he's almost into the bed . "Dance? Of course, I can dance . What kind of dance do you want me to do?" He asks proudly .

"You will dance for me if I ask you too? No question ask Is that right?" Ann wanted to see if he will do it for her .

"Yes! I will dance for you!" Jef proudly replied .

"Any music?"

"Yes! My love, any music . "

Ann took out her cell phone, look through her music bank, then started playing a piece of music . The music is sexy dance music that most male stripper dance too . "Go for it!" She ordered Jeff .

Jeff smiles a little sleazy, before starting to dance like a stripper . He slowly moves his body to the rhythm of the music while starting to lift his shirt off .

Ann's mouth was wide open in shocks . 'What the heck! Is he dancing like a Gigolo for me? Hahaha!' She was laughing inside while salivating for her husband .

Jeff continued dancing, as he was lifting his shirt off, his Eight pack started showing . Once he had his shirt off, he slowly began to loosen the string of his pajamas .

'My God! don't do that; I'm might jump you!' Ann was telling herself while holding the laughter that wanted to come out badly .

Jeff was so into his dancing that he did not realize Ann was covering her mouth, trying to stop herself from laughing . "Hahaha! Hahaha!" She couldn't hold any longer and laughed out loud .

Jeff stopped while his pajamas were already halfway to his knees . Looks at his wife with a creased between his brows then asks; " What so funny?" Looking upset .

"I'm sorry! Hahaha! Forgive me; I can't help myself not to laugh . I just never thought that you would dance like that for me . " Ann replied apologetically .

'Hmph!" Jeff pulls up his pajamas grabs his shirts from where he had tossed it a while back . Then storm out of their bedroom without a word .

"Oh! Shit, what did I do! " Ann got up quickly to follow Jeff downstairs . Firs place she went to was the study, but no Jeff . She then went to the kitchen, still no Jeff .

Ann is getting irritated, but she has no option but to find her missing husband . It was her fault for laughing, and she knows that she's wrong .

After going around the whole house, she finally thought about the garden . That's the only place she has not checked yet .

Sure enough Jeff's seating by the fountain where he had proposed to her .

He looks so sad staring far away in the sky, where there's no stars or moon to see .