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Chapter 173
Ann finally found Jeff in the garden by the fountain . She stops for a moment to see what he's doing .
What she saw broke her heart . Jeff's looking so far away to the sky when there's no star or moon to see .

The way he keeps on sighing is an indication that he's thinking deeply . He started mumbling to himself . "I had done everything already, how low do I need to bend to make you appreciate my effort . 'Sigh . . . ' Other wives would have been thrilled, but you laughed at me instead of . . . "

'Was I that mean? I only laugh because I thought he was cute, I'm sorry! Honey if I had hurt your feeling, I didn't mean too . ' Ann thought to herself .

Ann slowly made her way to Jeff and back hugs him while tears are streaming on her face . "I'm sorry! I truly am, I didn't mean to laugh . Is just that . . . - You are the most desirable person I had ever laid my eyes . And everything came out the wrong way . "

Jeff was startled from his deep thought and mumbling . He turns around and faces his wife full of tears on her beautiful face . "Oh! Sweetheart, please! Don't cry; you're breaking my heart . It's nothing; I just needed fresh air, I'm not upset alright . "

Jeff wipes the tears on her face by kissing it gently .
" Don't make yourself upset, think of our babies alright . I didn't mean to storm out of the room like that . The truth is I was embarrassed when you laugh, and I didn't react very well . That's all, let's go back in it's too cold out here . "

Jeff lifted Ann and carried her like a princess . The whole household help who's spying on somewhere saw the entire episode .

"Oh! That's so sweet, thank God they made up . I was afraid they would have a misunderstanding . "

"I know right? I was worried when I heard young madam calling for young master all over the house earlier . I was sure they fought, but now all is good . I can go back to sleep peacefully . " The Butler was telling everyone .

The Butler clap his hand and ordered everyone . "Alright! The show's over, let's all go back to sleep tomorrow is another day . "

Jeff and Ann never knew that the whole household witnessed the entire scene . They went back to their room like nothing happened, again to being lovey-dovey .


Ethan in another side of the City, still thinking about what he had just heard . It seems that his older brother is under his wife's thumb .

'Is that how it is when a person falls in love? Wow! His brother the cold-hearted CEO he knew is an entirely different person at home . ' Ethan still couldn't believe it .

'I hope I don't become like him when I do get married, that's scary . ' He chuckles .

Olivia came into Ethan's room without knocking . She saw her son in deep thought and grinning from ear to ear . "What's so funny? Did I missed something?" She asks curiously with a frown on her face .

"Oh! It's nothing, I just thought of something . Do you need something?" He asks to change the subject .

"I'm thinking of flying back to America in a couple of days . I'm bored to death here, and every time I think of your brother marrying that woman, It's killing me . " Olivia said it with a stern voice .

"I think that's a good idea mom . The wedding is not until next month anyway; you will be bored to death by then . " Ethan happily coaxes his mother to leave .

"Why do I get the feeling that you're more than happy to get rid of me as well? I came to ask if you want to accompany me, but it seems that you plan on staying a while?"

Ethan got up and hugs his mother . " No mother, I'm not happy that you're going leave me . I do want to accompany you, but I have a project that will keep me busy for a while . Therefore, I will not be able to go with you this time . " He kissed Olivia in her forehead, and it's all she needed to calm down .

"What kind of project are you working? Are you going to enter the MWIGC? What's your position going to be? President? Vice President? What is it?" Olivia is excitedly asking .

"Whoa! Mother, slow down . I'm not going into the company yet . I have this project that will require funds from MWIGC charity program . I already discuss it with grandpa, and the only thing left is the big brother . " Ethan happily informs his mother .

Olivia saw how Ethan's face shining brightly full of happiness . "Well, if this is something that will make you happy, who am I to stop you; I'm only your mother" She's acting all hurt, but smiling secretly .

"Ethan, remember what we came here for alright! It's time for you to take what you deserve . I'm not saying for you to compete with your older brother, only your fair share . " Olivia walks out of the room after saying that .

Ethan, on the other hand, was wondering what she meant by fair share? He's not a Go any longer, what percentage could he have with the company . 'Mother is hallucinating if she thinks grandpa will let me enter the company without changing my last name back to Go . '

Meanwhile, Olivia was deep in her thought . She plans to go back to America, contact her Mafia Ex-husband and entice him with the wealth of Go family . One of the reasons her ex-husband had adopted Ethan was for this day when he comes back and takes what's rightfully his fifty percent of the whole empire .

'I need to make it as enticing as it can be, if not that greedy ex-husband of mine will not fall for it . See if you don't come back to me and leave that floozy that you replaced me . ' "Hahaha!" Olivia laughs .

Ethan heard his mom laughter, and it worries him .