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Chapter 174
Ethan heard Olivia laughing with malice on her voice, and it worries him that his mother is plotting something . Her last parting word alone made him worried . 'What does she meant by remembering to take what belongs to me, and what is that? Sure by blood I'm part of the Go family, but I no longer carry the last name Go, I'm Ethan Wright by law . So, what is she talking about?' He shakes his head unsure of what's his mother plotting this time .

Olivia is happily preparing to go back to America in a couple of days . However, before leaving the Country, she's planning on visiting that daughter-in-law and give her a piece of her mind .

'Enjoy while you can, when I come back from America; The real daughter-in-law will be with me, Megan Wright and you will be kicked out to the curb . ' "Hahaha! Hahaha!"

Megan Wright is a beauty in her own right, her mother is Italian, and her father is Italian-Irish-American . The combination created an alluring vision with long blond hair . Curvy petite body, 5'8" tall, and with the help of the best surgeon in Hollywood she has double C-cup breast, and beautiful kissable lips . She's perfect in all aspect except for her princess syndrome .

Olivia loves her like her daughter, she planned on making it official by marrying her to Jeff since she cannot marry her step-brother Ethan .

Unfortunately, Olivia's one step behind, and Jeff is now married and a child on the way . However, she could still find a way to make them get divorced as soon as the child is born . With that thought in mind, she happily continued her packing .


Jeff and Ann have no idea that Olivia's planning on sabotaging their marriage by bringing in another party in the picture . They are quietly embracing each other while they sleep without a care in the world .

The next day, Jeff and Ann both received an email from the Gynochologist regarding the test result .

Lea informs Ann of the message as soon as she arrives in the office . "What time would you like me to make the appointment?" Looking at Ann concern on her eyes .

Ann thought for a minute if she should contact Jeff and ask him to go with her this time when her phone started buzzing . She took a look at the number, "Speaking of the devil . " She mumbles for Lea to hear .

"Who's the devil?" Then took a peak to see the number on the screen . "Oh! Big boss, he's probably received the same message as you . " Lea guessed .

"Hi, Honey! You missed me already?" She jokes to ease the anxiety she's feeling .

"Did you received an email from the doctor?"

"Yes! I did, how about you?"

"That's what I'm calling you about, besides missing you . hehe!" Jeff is trying to lighten the conversation . He can sense that Ann is worried about something from the sound of her voice .

"So! Do you want to go together or are you busy?" She asks hoping that he's not .

"Sweetheart, unless I'm in a deathbed and can't get up there's no way I will miss this for the world," Jeff assured her that his coming one way or the other .

"Ok! What time do you want to go so that Lea can make the appointment?" She asks sound casually while going through the stack of documents in front of her .

"It's alright sweetheart, Ronald had made the appointment already and will be there in five minutes to pick you guys up . "

Ann stops what she's doing and seriously asks Jeff, " Honey! What do we do if there's a problem with my pregnancy, I'm scared?"

"Sweetheart, nothing is wrong with you and our babies, they will be fine and so are you . " Trying to console his wife .

Ann heard how he word it, 'our babies' he already know they have a twin . However, it's not the time to discuss this matter . "Will be down in a minute, I'll talk to you then . Bye!" She hangs up without waiting for his reply .

Jeff's concern for the way Ann hangs up the phone . 'I hope she's not feeling bad again . ' Sadness envelopes his face while in thought .

Ann and Lea were already waiting at the door when they arrived . Ronald came out of the car to open the doors for the ladies . "Good morning!" He greeted them with a warm smile plastered on his face .

"Good morning!" The two answers in unison .

Jeff got out of the car to help his wife into the car . But as he was about to usher her in, Ann suddenly collapsed without warning .

"Ann! Ann, are you ok!" Lea was screaming .

Jeff readily picked-up his wife and went inside the car while yelling at Ronald to rush to the hospital .

"Ronald! What are you waiting for, step on it!" Jeff's in a panic; he doesn't know what he will do if something happens to his wife and child .

Lea was in shocked that she was speechless, only staring at Jeff while embracing his wife and wiping the sweat on Ann's now very pale looking face .

"Lea contact Mr . and Mrs . Tan and inform them of Ann's situation . Tell them to meet us at the hospital . " After giving his order to Lea, he put all his attention back to his wife who's still hasn't wakened up .

"Sweetheart, Ann . . . come on sweety, don't scare like this ok! Come on wake up and tell your fine . Please! baby, wake up . . . " Jeff's voice is cracking, and he sounds like he's about to cry .

"Hello! CEO Tan, this is Lea, CEO Wen assistant . I'm calling on behalf of CEO Go asking me to inform you that we are on the way to the hospital . "

"Hospital! What happen? Is Ann alright? Tell me what's going on?" Albert Tan is anxiously bombarding Lea with the question .

"Sir, the only thing I can tell you right now" Lea didn't get to finish what she's about to say .