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Chapter 175
Ronald heard Jeff's voice full of concern for his wife and child . But he cannot take a chance on speeding and get them into an accident in return .

He stepped on it as Jeff ordered, but he's cautious while driving . He kept on looking on the review mirror to see if Ann's wakened up yet, but she's still unconscious, and he started to worry as well .

They arrived in the emergency room of the hospital in a flash . A stretcher was brought out waiting for their arrival . Jeff carried his wife and lay her down in the cot . Once Ann was secured, the nurses and doctor rushed her to the emergency care unit, Jeff along with them not letting go of his wives head the whole time .

"Ann, sweetheart, wake-up . . . " Jeff keeps on trying to wake her up . He knows she is breathing just fine, but it's shallow and can barely feel her pulse . He's getting scared for not having control of the whole situation . "Doctor, please! I beg you to do something, why is she not awake yet? It has been more than fifteen minutes?"

"CEO Go, please! step aside for a moment so we can check the patient . " The doctor told Jeff who hasn't left Ann's side . "You don't have to leave; you just need to let us check her up to find out what's going on . " The doctor politely explained to Jeff .

Jeff had lost all rationality due to his concern for Ann and the babies . He realizes that he's hindering the process, and made way to the doctor to be able to properly connect all the contraptions needed to check Ann and the babies properly .

"Doctor, please accept my apology . I will step outside and let you do your job . I don't want to be in the way of the progress . Only one thing I'm asking . . . Please! take care of my wife and child . " Jeff then walked out of the emergency care unit .

Sophia, Albert, Grandma Tan, Grandpa Go, Ethan along with Lea and Ronald are all outside the Emergency care unit waiting area . The only one that's not present was Olivia who's celebrating the news of Ann's passing out and still not awakened .

As soon as Jeff stepped out of the emergency care unit, everyone rushes to him to bombarded him with questions .

"How is she?" Albert Tan is the first to speak .

"Is she awake yet?" Sophia asks with concern showing on her beautiful face .

"Is the baby alright?" Both Grandma Tan and Grandpa Go ask in unison .

Ronald, Lea, and Ethan who stands at the side just listening to the conversation were the exception .

Jeff looks all worn out in such a short time . His face showing like his carrying the whole world on his shoulder .

"She's not awake yet when I left; the doctor needed to check her thoroughly, so I stepped out . I don't want to be in a way . " Jeff explained to everyone before finding a chair to sit and wait .

Jeff was about to sit-down when he realized that his mother is not around anywhere . " Ethan, did you tell mother about the situation?"

"I did inform her, and she told me she would follow . When would that be, I don't know, and I don't care?" Ethan informs his older brother who looks like he's going to pass out as well .

"Who cares if she comes or not, It's better if she doesn't . That woman is nothing but trouble . " The old man interjects .

Sophia who's listening to the whole time, smirks and put in her two cents as well . "Grandpa Go is right; It's better she didn't show up, she would create more trouble rather than help the situation . "

Speaking of the devil, Oliva coming in looking like she's going to a party with glitters and all on her clothing . "Hello, Everyone! " Olivia greeted .

No one paid attention to her . When she realized that no one spoke back to her, she looks at her two sons who's eyes was glue unto the door of the emergency care unit .

"Hello!!! In case you two did not realize, I'm here . " She tries to attract Jeff and Ethan's attention . [Nothing!] The two continued looking at the door with blank faces .

Soon enough a nurse from the ECU came out of the room . "Who's the immediate family of the patients?"

"I am!"

"I am!"

"I am!"

"We are!"

Almost everyone said it in unison . It made the nurse confused and had to clarify the question . " Actually when we asked for family, we are asking for a Husband . "

"Oh! How about us! We are the parents and grandparents of the patients; we want to hear the result as well . " Albert Tan spoke on behalf of everyone else .

The nurse looks at everyone contemplating . " The patients . . .