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Chapter 176
The nurse contemplated for a minute if she should inform all of them or just the father . She looks around on everyone faces and saw all concerns and anxiety . She decided to go ahead and tells all of them .

" The patient already awake and we are currently monitoring her condition . Her Gynecologist is on the way as we speak to give you all the details . I just wanted to inform all of you that the mother and the babies are all safe . At the moment only the husband is allowed to see her, the rest will have to wait when we transfer her to a regular room . Thank you!" After making her speech, the nurse turns to Jeff . "Please, follow me . "

Jeff who's looking like a ghost as pale as Ann when she was brought in to the emergency room, runs like a madman towards the emergency room like a devil was chasing him .

What he saw devastated him, Ann has many contraptions all over her . The one that concerns him the most was the mask that helps her breathe .

Ann saw Jeff and tears started flowing down her face . She couldn't say anything due to the mask on her face; she looks at him with teary eyes .

"Sweetheart! Oh! Don't cry; everything is fine the nurse informs everyone that you and the babies are fine . " Jeff's slowly wipes that tears on his wife's face with his fingers .

Ann couldn't stand it any longer; she took out the mask that was helping her to breathe . "I'm sorry! That I gave you a scare like that . I don't know why I'm I kept on collapsing like that? Did they tell you yet?" Ann's couldn't contain herself from asking back to back .

Jeff turns his head and looks around the room . He spotted the doctor, " Doctor, please! tell my wife what the nurse just told everyone outside . She needed to hear it from a professional, and so do I . "

The doctor gives them a smile before answering . "There nothing to worry, both mother and the babies are fine . Do you all want to hear the heartbeat?"

Jeff looks at Ann for approval; she didn't say anything and smiles . His face lit up, "Alright! We want to hear the heartbeat if you don't mind . "

"CEO Go, please move to the other side so you can also see the monitor . " 'Wait till you see the two dots and you will be jumping for joy . ' The doctor thought to himself .

Suddenly the doctor stops and scratches his head . "I'm sorry, but for me to do the ultrasound, I will need to expose her belly . " He's looking at Jeff for approval .

Jeff heard what the doctor said and his features changes in a heartbeat . He now has a frown on his face and not sure if he should agree or not .

The doctor still waiting for Jeff to agree when the door opens, and Ann's Gynecologists came in . "Whew! save by the bell . " The attending doctor mumbles .

"Doctor! It's good that you're here, the parents wanted to hear the babies heartbeat, and I'm about to show them . How about you take over from here . " He hurried up and hand over the task to the Gynecologist, left as fast as he can .

"Whew! Thank God! She arrived on time if looks could kill I would have been dead . CEO Go is not someone to mess with if it comes to his woman" The attending doctor was mumbling as he walks out of the emergency unit .

Everyone heard what he had just mumbles and started laughing .

Grandpa Go couldn't stop commenting on what he just heard . "Jeff sure is possessive; he wouldn't even let a male doctor see his wife's body . Hahaha!"

Everyone started laughing, except for Olivia who's still sulking because no one speaks to her the whole time .

"Alright! Let see, what's going on with the mother and the babies . " The doctor exposed part of Ann's belly; she then put some jelly . " This is going to be cold, just like the last time . " Once jelly was spread all over Ann's belly, the doctor started scanning . *thud, thud, thud . * then *thud, thud, thud, thud, thud,* much faster this time .

Jeff's was speechless for what he's hearing . He cannot explain the feeling, it's . . . It's . . . " Wow! Unbelievable, is that the babies heartbeat?" The excitement was showing on his handsome face .

"Yes! As you had heard, there are two heartbeats it means that you have a twin . " The doctor did the same thing as she did with Ann, pointed the cursor where the two dots in the monitor was visible . "You see that two dots there! That's your babies, one . . . two dots . " Ann was looking at Jeff's facial expression the whole time with tears in her eyes .

"Honey, why aren't you surprised? Do you already know we have a twin?" Ann asks almost a whisper .

Jeff still trying to absorb all that he's seeing and hearing, just nodded to his wife while eyes still glued to the monitor . "Yeah!" He replied .

Ann didn't say a word after that, she just looked at how happy and glowing Jeff's face at the moment, and she's satisfied with what she's seeing . 'He's happy that we have a twin, hahaha!'

"Doctor, can I get a picture of that two dots?" Jeff was pointing at the monitor like a child asking for sweet treats .

"Of course! How many copies would you like? It seems the grandparents are outside and you will probably announce this to them as a Christmas present?" The doctor jokingly suggested to the couple .

"Yes! Yes, we will announce it to them today, and yes please! make enough copies for everyone . "

For precaution, Ann needed to stay overnight . They transferred her to the VIP room .


Ann nudges Jeff to make the announcement . "Everyone! Listen, we have a wonderful news that we want to share with everyone today . "

The room suddenly turns quiet . " We are going to have a twin! Merry Christmas!"