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Chapter 177
Everyone was stunned for only a moment, once they got their senses back; They all started jumping for joy .

Olivia who's pouting and still sulking for being ignored was also stunned by what she heard . 'Twin! WTF! How am I supposed to break this couple if they now have a twin? Hmmm? It is not good, not good at all . ' She's engrossed in her deep thought and not realizing Ethan was watching her all this time .

Ethan went close to Olivia without her noticing . "Mother, whatever your plotting in your mind, you better stop now . If anything happens to their relationship, I'm the one you will be answering too . You got it!" He whispers the warning only for Olivia to hear .

Grandpa Go snatch the picture that Jeff's was handing out to everyone . " Let me see, let me see! All excited . " He put it right in front of his face, then eyebrow creased, unable to figure out what his supposed to be looking for, all he sees are two dots .

"Where is it? Where's my twin great-grandchildren?" Grandpa Go anxiously asking everyone .

Grandma Tan who finally found her voice, mumbles with tears flowing down her face . "Twin . . . It's the best present I had ever received in my whole life . " She went toward Ann and gave her the tightest hug her strength can provide . "Thank you! My beautiful granddaughter . "

Sophia and Albert waited until Grandma Tan finished her moments with Ann before doing the same thing .

The couple hugs their daughter awkwardness forgotten . Only joy, and happiness . No words require they know what each of them feeling at the moment .

Ann's the first to break; she looks at both of them full of emotion . After a moment of silence, "Mom, Dad thank you!" Hugs them back and started sobbing .

Jeff heard his wife sobbing and turns his attention towards the bed with concern . However, what he saw is not someone can explain in a word . He can feel the emotion they extruding at that moment .

Grandpa Go still going around asking everyone what he's supposed to be seeing? "Hello!!! Would someone, please!!! show me what I'm supposed to see?"

Lea couldn't control herself anymore and started laughing at Grandpa Go . "Hahaha! Grandpa, let me show you alright, see there! -that two little dots right there!" She pointed . "You see it? That's your two great-grandchildren . Hahaha!"

When grandpa Go saw what she pointed at, he grabbed grandma Tan and started dancing . "La, la, la, humming while twirling around with Grandma Tan . I'm going to have two great-grandchildren . Hahaha!"

"What do you mean you're having two? Excuse me! We're having two, not only you . " Grandma Tan escaped from his embrace . "You speaking like they are only your great-grandchildren . Hmpt!"

Ethan went to his big brother first, patted him then shakes his hand . "Congrats big brother, your something you know that . Not one but two at one time . I'm proud of you . " Jeff smiled to his younger brother as a reply in which he rarely does .

Ethan waited for Ann to finished bonding with her parents before making his way . "Congrats sister-in-law . Thank you for giving our family the best Christmas present ever . I wish you two the best . " He's afraid to hug her, in case Jeff drinks vinegar again .

"What are you waiting for, hug your sister-in-law . You have my permission just this once . " Jeff winks and happily approves Ethan to congratulates Ann with a hug in which he complies happily .

Ronald and Lea both went towards Ann and Jeff to congratulates them for the blessing they received .

"Both of you, thank you! We mean it . You both had played a part to this joyous occasion . Ann was looking at them shining brightly from happiness .

Lastly, Olivia who's feeling left out started thinking . 'Well, Jeff is not my only son, there's still Ethan . Why not join the fun, it sucks being ignored . ' She went towards the couple putting on her most fake smile, "Congratulation, a twin for the first try not bad; I'm happy for both of you, just don't expect me to babysit alright! . " She then hugged Ann then Jeff .

"Thank you! Don't worry we would never let our children get close to you at all . " Jeff replied sarcastically to his mother .

"Everyone, listen . . . now that we know it's a twin . Both families can choose the name for each child, how about we pick one now?" Grandpa Go excitedly informs everyone .

"Yes! it will be fun . " Grandma Tan agrees .

"Why not!" Everyone else agrees while looking at the couple who's busy being lovey-dovey .

"Alright will start with boy and girl first will pair up and pick for each genre . " Grandpa Go announces .

Jeff and Ann names for their children: Boy-Albert John [A . J . ] Girl-Arrianna Jean [A . J . ]

Sophia and Albert Tan: Boy-Altheo, Girl-Zhen-Hanna

Lea & Ronald: Boy-Loey, Girl-Gretel

Olivia and Ethan: Boy-Adam, Girl-Eva

Grandma Tan and Grandpa Go: Boy-Austin, Girl-Ellie

Once everyone has given their choices of names they all started laughing at each other .

"All the names sound nice, but what happens if they are both girls or boys? Like Lea's brother" Ann broke their bubbles and started laughing as well .

"You're a party pooper you know that!" Grandpa Go complained while pouting his lips acting hurt .

"Nevertheless, we will pick names again when the times come; we can pick from all the names we mentioned . If both girls or both boys don't matter . alright!" Jeff announced with authority on his voice .

"Well! We appreciate everyone for coming, but we need to have some peace and quiet for the mother and child to rest . Therefore, we would appreciate it if all you would go away now!" Jeff jokingly announced to everyone .

They bid their goodbyes to the couple and happily chatted while walking out the door including Olivia .

Ethan went to speak with Jeff before walking out . "Brother, I have a favor to ask you when you have time . "

"Sure! come by the house . " Jeff patted his brother's shoulder for approval .