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Chapter 178
Once everyone left Jeff hurriedly contacted the Gynecologist to come to the room . They need to know the result of Ann's last test .

True to her word, the doctor came as soon as possible . *Knock, knock* She opened the door slightly and popped her head . "How the mother and the babies doing? And how's the father doing?"

"Please! Come-in doctor . "

She first checked Ann's pulse, then sat down on a stool by Ann's bed . "Let's see," she flips through the paper on the clipboard she has with her . "Hmmm! Your test result was all excellent except for your hemoglobin in which causes you to collapse frequently . "

She handed over a sheet of paper to the couple to look over . "You see, there!" She pointed a section where it indicates Ann's hemoglobin result .

"Normal woman should have at least level 8~13, but yours was in a low five which is not good . Especially at your condition right now . Yours considered a high-risk pregnancy . " The doctor explains to the couple .

"High-risk pregnancy! What do you mean by that doctor?" Jeff tone of voice is a little higher than usual .

"Don't be alarmed CEO Go; it's not hard to get her level to go up . She needs to eat food that could increase her level .

"Transfusion? You know her blood is rare right? If she does indeed need to have a blood transfusion, you need to let me know now so we can find a donor . " Jeff is now agitated and anxious, and it shows on his face .

"It's alright CEO Go, we are not in that stage yet, and I'm sure you would do everything in your power to ensure she gets the proper nutrition she needed to help her level up right!" Smiling sweetly to Ann to ensure she's not worrying herself .

"For the mother, don't worry about anything . Follow the instructions I'm giving to you, and you and the babies should be fine . If there's nothing else, I still have other patients to see . " The doctor got up and left smiling to herself secretly .

Once the doctor left, Jeff embraces his wife who's quietly digesting every word the doctor said . "You heard the doctor right? From now on I'm in charge of your diet, no if or but's . Understood!" Jeff cupped Ann's face then give her a lingering kiss .

She put her head on his shoulder, closed her eyes and went to the dreamland with her twin and the most adorable daddy and husband in the whole world .


Ethan couldn't stop thinking of Eva ever since he met her . Especially after seeing how lovey-dovey his older brother to the woman he once considered his first love .

From the hospital, he decided to once again go for a walk where he met the two little boys the last time .

Ethan arrives at the same place where he last met them . He looked around, but he didn't see either one of the boys . He saw some other children begging on the street; he decided to go and asks them .

"Excuse me! Have any of you guys seen Don-don and Bentong?" He asked one that's about their age .

"If you give me a dollar, I could tell you if I saw them or not . " The kid replied without hesitation .

"Sir, I could tell you for fifty cents . " Another one butt-in .

"I tell you what; I will give both of you two dollar each if you can take me where they live . Is that a deal?" Ethan offer is tempting, but the boys have loyalty .

"Nah! Thank's, but we can take you to them, we don't know you, and you could be a bad guy trying to hurt them .

Ethan tried to higher up the ante, but still no go . Therefore, he has no choice but to look around once again in case they showed up while he was talking to the two boys .

Ethan was in deep thought when someone started tugging to his shirt . "Sir! Sir, if you want to know where Don-don and Bentong, you can go to the park . They have fireworks tonight, and they planned on watching .

Ethan thanked the boy by giving him some money . Once the other boys saw that he gave the boy money, everyone want's to point him where the park is

"It's alright; I think I can find my way there . However, " Ethan pulled out some more money and started handing out left and right .

Once he finished, he went on towards the direction of the park . He was almost at the park when he saw a person that been haunting his dream and thought days and nights: Eva, the boys older sister .

Ethan stared at her for a while; he's contemplating how he was going to approaches her without alarming in return . As he was watching Eva from afar, he realizes that she seems to be looking for something or someone . 'Could it be, she's looking for the two boys as well?'

For Ethan to find out the reason she looks anxious, he walks toward Eva silently . Sure enough, "Don-don! Bentong! " Eva yelled tears were flowing on her beautiful eyes .

"Eva, is something wrong? Why are you crying and why are you calling the boys name? " Ethan asked with concern in his voice .

Eva looks at him with her sad eyes, then started sob more as she tries to speak . "Sob! Sob, sob! Don-don and Bentong . . . 'Sob! Sob, hiccup . ' They are missing .

"I have a feeling that the gang had kidnapped them . "

"Kidnapped them! For what? Not for ransom, you don't have any money as it is . So, what could be the reason . " He asked with concern .

"I think it's not for ransom; rather they want to use them as a runner . "

"Runner? I don't get it, why would they need to kidnap the boys if it's only for running?"

Eva looks at Ethan tears still streaming down . "Will you help me?"

Ethan looks at Eva's face . "Tell me what to do . "