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Chapter 179
Eva looks at Ethan eyes full of tears streaming down her face . "I don't know what to do either; I'm afraid that they will hurt the boys if they don't follow their order . "

"Alright! Let's sit down for a moment and figure out what we're going to do . If we cannot come up with a solution, we can always ask my older brother for help . " Ethan was trying to soothe Eva with assurance .

"Your older brother? " Eva's wondering who his brother could be for Ethan to have such confidence .

"Yes! He has a connection around the City, or should I say more like around the Country . I think it would be best if we go and ask him for help . What do you think?"

"How about we try to find them first if we're unlucky and unable to locate them, we can go to the Police station and file a report for missing children," Eva replied but never mentioned his older brother in the process .

Ethan couldn't understand why would she decline to asks for help from Jeff when she doesn't even know who he is yet . "Eva, is there a reason why you don't want us to ask my older brother for help? For me to help you, I need to know?"

She looks at him with concern before replying . "I'll be honest with you, part of the reason is I don't trust outsider and influential people . Another thing, I don't think it's right to bother your older brother for this matter when he's probably a very busy person . Like a said we could go to the Police and file report, that's all we needed .

Ethan couldn't understand her reasoning but what can he do? The only thing that matters to him right now is to be able to help Eva and be able to spend some times with her .

"Whatever you decided to do let me know, and I'll follow your order alright!" He patted Eva's shoulder for comfort and in a friendly manner .

"Thank you! Let's go asks around, someone bound to know some information, we can go from there . "

The two started asking around if anyone heard or saw anything . Unfortunately, no one was able to provide Ethan and Eva with any valuable pieces of information .

When all the resource Eva has exhausted, she finally gave in and let Ethan drag her to the Police Station to file a Police report for missing children .

"How long has the two children been missing?" The officer inquires at them .

Ethan was unsure of the answer; he looked at Eva's direction motioning for her to reply .

"It's half a day when I last saw them, we were going to watch fireworks tonight, and we agreed that we would meet at the park . However, neither of them showed up, and I started to worry because of the Gang that been kidnapping children lately to use as a runner for their drugs activities . " Eva didn't withhold any information; if it would help them find Don-don and Bentong, she's more than happy to become their informant .

"I see! Unfortunately, we cannot yet file a missing child report until after 24 hours passed . Since it's only been 12 hours, we need to wait . " The officer informed them apologetically .

"I thought it's how it is, but I'm not sure that's why we came anyway . Understood! We will come back once 24 hours passed if we haven't found them yet . " Ethan voluntarily informed the officer of intention .

"If it would make you feel at ease, I will keep this on file and wait for the required time to pass, and I would post it asap when it's time . How's that?" He's now looking at Eva who's not saying a word, only showing concern on her face .

Eva gave him half of the smile then turn to Ethan . "Let's go! There's not much we can do right now, how about we get something to eat first and then continued asking around . That is if you still want to help me find them?"

"You don't need to ask; I want to find them to give me peace of mind . " They walked out of the Precint to go back searching and asking around .

After 8 hours of combing the whole city, they did get much information . They had not eaten anything yet, and it's very late in the evening already .

"How about we go and grab a bite, the way we're going we will pass out from hunger before we can find any information that could help us . " Ethan was asking with a sad looking feature so Eva would feel sorry and agrees .

"Where should we go and eat?" Ethan had to ask .

"Anywhere is fine with me, as long is not one of those fancy restaurants . "

Ethan smiled secretly of how Eva was emphasizing the word anywhere as long it's not one of the fancy restaurants . "I know a place, and it's not that far away from here . Let's go!"

Ethan took her into the BBQ stand where he had to meet the two boys . " What do you think of this place, is this ok with you? As you requested, not fancy at all . " He's grinning from ear to ear .

"Thank you! Appreciates that you listen to my request . " Eva was trying to make herself look at a little happier than how she feels .

They sat down and ate in silence . Eva took one bite of her BBQ stick and the rest she put it back onto the plate and fiddle with it while gazing at nothing and in deep thought .

Ethan was gazing at Eva feeling helpless, "Eat! You need your strength if you want to continue looking for them today, please!"

Someone was tagging on Ethan's sleeve . "Sir! Sir, I know where Don-don and Bentong . " The little boy told him .

Eva got up from her chair and rushed to the little boy side, " Where? Tell me? Tell me please!" She's shaking the little boy .