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Chapter 18

This is it . . the last of the Flashback I promised!


The two best friend was full of anticipation and excitement, they meet up and discuss all the questions they will ask, so on and so forth .

The day of the meeting finally came, they arrived early at Mega international agency's building . The place is grand and bustling with people coming and going . Lea was more excited than Ann, she keeps talking none stop, pointing here and there, each time she saw the familiar face of some famous personality, she would nudge Ann and whisper . "Heavennnn . I'm in heaven . I died and went to heaven . . " . Lea singing . . " yah! You'll be dead alright!! by my hand if you don't stop" Ann told Lea "The only problem is I'm not sure if you will going to heaven" hahaha!

The coordinator was waiting for them by the front entrance, as soon as she saw Ann, she smiled and greeted her right away . They took them to the 20th floor where the big bosses offices are . As soon as the Director saw Ann, he wonders what her relationship with the CEO to personally contacted him and ordering him to sign her up: "Doesn't matter what her relationship with his boss, she's a VIP, if he needed to kiss butt, he would do so wholeheartedly . "

The contract was signed by both party, it was a very lucrative offer, they will work around with her schedules . The deal came with a condominium, car, stylish when she needs them, personal shopper and a Tour Manager, which (of course) none other than " Lea . " On top of that she will be trained not just as a singer, but everything and anything she wants to be . Since she's great modeling is one, acting if she's interested, dancing and of course singing . The Director informed her all these perks .

Ann felt like she's in dreamland and she doesn't want to wake up anytime soon . "Ann!!! ANN!!!!" Leah said out loud . " . . . ?" Ann's reaction, still spacing out . The Director just smiled and told them that if she has no more question, he has a lunch reservation in a nearby restaurant, to please joint them for celebration .

For Lea to be available at all time, the company paid for her to transfer to Ann's school . Her grade was kind enough to be able to move quickly . . . . . Their journey to stardom began .

. . . . .

Lea graduated ahead of Ann, she only studied core subject, took a lot of online class and studied why Ann was training and studying at the same time .

Ann kept a shallow profile at school, she focuses on her studying and practices . She did some magazine endorsement, some events and variety shows, a couple of cameo in movies, but nothing major . However, people starting to notice her, especially in Asia .

Ann's mother is a very famous singer and actress in Asia . When she saw an article about Ann, she just smirked a little and thought to herself, " Blood is thicker than water, and she has my blood, she will be famous someday!" Then sadly wipe small tears that fell from her eyes .

By the door, a pretty young girl is standing just looking at her step-mother beautiful face . Thinking to herself, "she will be famous like her someday! she did not beg his Father to marry this woman for nothing . " . . .