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Chapter 180
The boy backed-up a little, looking at Ethan for help . "Sir!!!" Looking at Ethan helplessly .

"Eva, Eva . . . -give the little boy a chance to tell us ok!" Ethan stops Eva from shaking the little boy who's now showing terror on his innocent face .

"I'm sorry! Come, come . . . sit down . Do you want something to eat or drink?" Eva was bombarding the little boy with a question all anxious .

The boy shyly complied and sat down on the empty chair next to Ethan, he moved the chair away from Eva .

Ethan thought it was cute for the little boy to look for him for protection . "Hehe! It's ok! She won't bite . " He ruffles the boy's hair playfully .

"So, tell me . . . what do you know about Don-don and Bentong's whereabouts?" Ethan asked the young boy talking almost a whisper not to scare him .

"The . . . the . . . they took them . . . " The boy started stammering .

"Who are you talking about? " Eva anxiously asked the boy .

He looks towards Ethan and then replied:" The gang members took them, I know where they are hiding them . " The boy proudly announces still looking at Ethan .

"Ok! That's good, would you be able to take us there? Not right now, you eat first, and when you finish, we can go . " He told him in a mild tone of voice .

"Ok! After I eat, I will show you where . " The boy excitedly replies .

Eva sat there quietly as to not to scare the little boy . Deep inside her, couldn't wait to go, but she needed to be patient, or the boy might renege and changes his mind .

After the little boy ate until his full, he finally got up and motioned to them to follow him .

"Are you sure you know where they took them?" Eva asks him barely audible almost in tears .

The little boy saw the sadness on her face and nodded vigorously . "Yes! Mam, I'm telling you the truth . I know exactly where it is, you'll see when we get there . "

"Ok! ok, I trust you . Thank you! Thank you!" Tears flowing on her beautiful face .

'God, please! Keep them safe, I know Don-don would not agree to be their drug runner, and I'm afraid they might hurt him . ' She praying in his mind .

"Eva, don't worry alright, Don-don is a smart young boy . He will do everything in his power to protect himself and Bentong I'm sure of that .

They were in a rush to go that they forgot their own safety . Ethan realizes that they are un-armed and his with a woman and a little boy, what could they do once they get there . He needs to get some help .

"Evan, little boy! Can you wait for a minute? I need to make a phone call very quickly .

He dialed Jeff's number . " Hello! Brother, do you have a minute?"

Jeff looks at his sleeping wife, got up slowly and spoke very very soft . " Speak, make it fast before my 'wife' realizes that I'm not there next to her in bed . " He emphasized the word 'Wife!' and 'bed!' for Ethan to hear .

Ethan couldn't care less . What matter to him right now was to save the two boys from the clutch of the gang members .

"I need a backup, where about to go and save my two little friends from Gangster, and I wouldn't be able to handle it by myself . " His voice sounded anxious and afraid .

"What? Wait, wait . What are you talking about rescuing a friend? You have only been in the Country less than a week, and you already found some friends, and it seems they are troublemakers . You need to stay away from these people!" Jeff ordering Ethan sternly .

"Brother, I'm not asking your permission whether I could befriend them or what, I'm asking for you to give me back-up with this rescue mission . I know you have elite bodyguards, can you lend me a couple of them please!"

Jeff thought for a moment and contemplating if he should indulge his younger brother or what . "O give me your location, and I will send my elite team of bodyguard to help you . However, you don't need to do it yourself, stay out of it and only instructed them from afar . "

"Alright! I would let you know once I know the location . We would not do anything, we're only checking the surrounding area . " Ethan assured his brother before hanging up with a relief showing on his face .

Eva heard the conversation between the brothers and was not happy about it, but the safety of the two boys and themselves are essential . She just let it go and acted she didn't hear anything at all .

After going through many little alleys, they arrived at the location where the two boys being kept a prisoner .