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Chapter 181
"There! That's where they are keeping them . " The little boy pointed .

Ethan looks at where the little boy was pointing . It's an abandoned warehouse; it seems like it used to be a warehouse or something . However, it's now a hideout for the gang members .

From the outside, it doesn't look like there's anyone inside, but in the inside, it's full of children from various ages that the gang uses to run their drugs all over town .

Ethan peeked through a hole and saw the two boys inside along with many other children kept as a prisoner . He scanned the whole place counting how many gang members in total .

One person was guarding the door; three were sitting around makeshift table playing cards and another one walking around back and forth with what seems to be a gun on his hand .

One of the children crying loudly and that pissed the man walking back and forth . "You better shut your mouth, or I will saw it shut, you hear me!" He yelled at the crying boy .

The boy cried louder after hearing what the man said . "I want to go home! *Waah! Waah! Waah!* Please, let me go home!" The boy was pleading while crying loudly which driving the man crazy .

The man was about to hit the crying boy when Don-don blocked the path and ended up getting a smack on the head with the barrel of a gun . *Pak!*

Ethan saw Don-don getting knocked out from the blow on his head and blood started dripping . He jolted from where he's peeking, ready to charge and kill the bastard .

However, Eva stopped him from what he plans on doing; she looked at him straight on his face telling him to calm down .

Ethan understood and stopped from charging . 'They need to take action quickly, Don-don could be in danger from getting hit on his head .

"Eva do you know this area? I need to provide it to my brother, I'm asking for back-up we need to take precaution or all of us can get hurt . " He explains .

Eva knew precisely where they at she had been around this area many times before . She also knew who the leader of this gang, the man is a cruel person; he doesn't care about no one but himself .

The gang leader once courted her, and that was an ordeal to deal with, he doesn't take no for an answer, and this could be part of his plot to lure her into coming .

Ethan contacted Jeff right away once he obtains the address from Eva .

"About how long before they get here?" He asked Jeff impatiently .

Jeff given him estimated time of arrival and ordered for him to stay put until the back-up arrives .

"No matter what happens, don't you dare get yourself killed or if you do, I will go there and personally kill you again . You understand!" Jeff warned and threatened him at the same time .

"Don't worry! I still have a purpose in this world; God will not let anything happen, please! hurry up and send the enforcement . " He hangs up after that .

Who arrived at the scene was not Jeff's elite bodyguard . Instead, it's the team of Crime Prevention Unit lead by none other than Officer Garcia .

He walked towards Ethan and Eva inconspicuous . Once he reaches the trio, he extended his hand and introduced himself .

"CEO Go contacted me to come to your rescue, please! stand aside and don't get into the way . " He asked them nicely .

"Thank you! Please, no matter what make sure that they are safe from any harm . " Eva pleaded to Officer Garcia .

"Don't worry young miss; we will do everything within our power to ensure their safety . " He assured Eva who's turning pale by the minute .

Officer Garcia gave a signal to the team of police officers . They surrounded the whole building to make sure there's no place to escape .

Once everyone in place, officer Garcia along with the expert kicked the door of the warehouse wide open . The gang member that were guarding the children were startled but unable to do anything . The rescue mission was swift and clean .

Bentong came running to Eva as soon as he saw her . " Sister Eva, sister . . . *Waa, waa, waa* I'm scared, please let's get out of here before they come back . "

Don-don, on the other hand, went straight to Ethan and hugged his legs without saying a word or making any noise .

Ethan understands him very well . He's acting tough for the other children to see, but deep inside he's terrified, and it's clearly showing on his face .

Ethan scooted down to Don-don level . "Are you alright? Let me see your head, does it hurt?" He then lifted the boy and carried him to the ambulance waiting outside without waiting for a reply .

He laid Don-don on the stretcher and helped the paramedic pushed him inside the ambulance .

Eva came out Bentong in tow headed toward them . Once they reach the ambulance, they went inside to accompany Ethan and Don-Don to the emergency room .

Don-Don ends up with 20 stitches on his head . But he still found a way to smile showing his white teeth to ease the trouble he's sensing from Eva . The doctor told them that they would keep the boy overnight for observation . Ethan and Eva agreed in unison .


"You cannot go back home for a while; you will need to stay in one of the safe houses temporarily . The gang leader has not been apprehended yet, and he might come looking for all of you . " Officer Garcia informs Eva while looking at Ethan for the answer .

"The can stay at my home for a while, that's if Eva agrees . "

Eva looks at the sibling and looks at Ethan before replying . "For the safety of the children and myself . Yes! we could stay with you for a while . " She responded with a concerned look on her face .

Ethan; " . . . " I'm glad you agree .