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Chapter 182
They agreed that Eva and Bentong would stay in the hospital for the night since Police Officer are guarding them .

Ethan had to take care off some issue at home, he bid his goodbye to the three and left like the devil is chasing him . He needed to ensure that Olivia's out of the way, he will make sure she's on the plane first thing in the morning .


Ann had woken up and realized that Jeff was not in the room . She pushed the buzzer to the nurse station for someone to come .

"You called mam?" The nurse asks as soon as she came in .

"I'm wondering if you know where CEO Go went?"

"I apologize, but I did not realize that he had stepped out . The last time I checked on you, he was sleeping next to you . " The nurse replies with a smile on her face .

"Could you please take out the needle . The ivy is empty, and I want to go for a little walk if that's possible?" The nurse can see from Ann's face that she's worried about something .

"Mam, please! don't concern yourself, if you want I could go look for CEO Go and inform him that you're awake . " The nurse offered sincerely .

Ann smiles at the nurse, "I'm fine really! I only want to get some fresh air . " She's hoping that the nurse would agree to her request .

The nurse complied to Ann's request and took out the needle . Once Ann was freed, she got up and grabs her robe, put it on and walks out of the room with no directions .

She was strolling toward the elevator when she bumps into a girl . "Excuse me!" The girl said and continued going inside the elevator . Ann went in as well with no direction in mind .

"What floor?" The girl asks with a smile plastered on her face .

"To tell you the truth, I don't know . I wanted to get some fresh air, and I don't know where to go . " Ann replied honestly .

"Oh! I'm the same way; I'm heading to the rooftop, would you like to go together?" The girl offered while staring at her curiously .

Ann looked at the girl and decided to agree . " Sure why not! It would be good to have company and someone to chat with . " She replied with her winning smile .

The stand there quietly waiting for the elevator to take them to the rooftop . *Ding!* The elevator door opened and two big burly men came in and grab the girl then Ann . They put their hand on their mouth so they cannot scream . Everything went dark after that; they were knocked out .


Jeff slowly opened the door of Ann's hospital room . He didn't want to make to much noise in case he wakes her up . Pokes his head first to see if she's still asleep . What he saw was an empty bed, Ann was nowhere in the room .

When he realizes that Ann was not on the bed, he went to the bathroom to check, but she's not there either . 'Hmmm? Where could she be?' He thought .

When he couldn't find his wife anywhere in the room, Jeff went to the nurse station and asked .

"Good evening CEO Go!" The nurse greeted .

"My wife is not in the room, do you know where she went?" Jeff asked with concern in his voice .

"Oh! She's your wife, well she was asking where you were, and I was not able to give her an answer . I'm thinking she might be looking for you . "

"Which direction did she go?"

"I'm sorry CEO Go, but I did not have the chance to see, I was busy when she left and didn't notice . " The nurse apologetically replied .

Jeff left to start looking for Ann after going around the whole VIP ward and still unable to find his wife . He decided to check the surveillance of the hospital to make it easier for him to Jfind her .

What Jeff saw enrage him like a dragon ready to spit out a fire, a big burly man was dragging his wife towards a black car . "What the hell!!!" That's all he needed to see; he runs to the direction of the basement where the vehicle was last seen followed by his bodyguard .

All the security personnel was alerted, the hospital was in locked-down .

Ethan who was coming back after making sure that his mother was set to leave the next day . , was happily whistling toward Don-Don VIP room . What he saw shocked him, his older brother running like the devil is chasing him .

While Jeff was running toward the scene of the crime, the bodyguard was calling all his teammate and giving them instructions . "Young missus had been kidnapped, alert all the team member and secure the whole hospital, do not let anyone get in or out unless it's emergency . "

'God! Please! Don't let anything happen to my family, I'm begging you! Let my family be safe . ' Jeff's praying .

"Whoever you are, you are dead! When I get to you, bastard!!! You will wish for your death when I get my hand on you . " Jeff's screaming while running to save his wife and child .

Ethan heard what the bodyguard said to his teammate over the headphone . Soon he also heard jeff's screaming, he runs after Jeff to see what's going on .

"Jeff, what's going on? Jeff!!!" Ethan was yelling at his older brother while they are running .

"Your sister-in-law had been kidnapped!" Jeff replied trying to catch his breath .

"WTF! How did that happen? Who would dare touch your woman? Do you have an enemy that you don't know off?"

"Stop asking a lot of question, I don't have the answer . All I know is a person is a dead man once I get a hold of him . " Jeff replied angrily .

They arrived at the basement parking lot . Unfortunately, they were too late already; they were not able to catch the bastard that kidnapped Ann .