Published at 30th of December 2018 03:29:25 PM
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Chapter 183
What they saw was a space at the basement parking lot . The car that has Ann and the girl had gotten away .

Jeff's was rooted in the ground speechless unable to utter a word . Ethan, slowly went to his older brother, trying to console him with words . "Bro . . . let's go back up and look at the surveillance once again maybe we can find a clue alright!"

Jeff's still rooted in the ground unmoving . Unsure of what had happened, he took out his phone and called Ronald . "Emergency, red alert! come to the hospital right now . "

Ronald who's with Lea carrying all the Christmas gifts she picked up from the shopping spree Grandfather Go gifted to them . "Lea I have to go, big boss said it's red alert! It means something happens to Ann . Do you want to go?"

Lea who's happily singing while arranging all the gifts drops whatever she's doing . "What are you waiting for, let's go!" She runs out of the condo ahead of Ronald .

"Hurry! We cannot waste time if it's something to do with Ann, it has something to do with the babies too . So, run Ronald run!" She's talking almost yelling at the same time .


Ronald arrived at the hospital as fast as he can . The hospital was still in an emergency alert and locked down . They had to enter the hospital from the back entrance .

The two arrived at Ann's VIP room in a flash, but there's no one there . Concern and worries were showing on Lea's face with tears flowing down . "What happened? Where's could they be?" Lea's in a panic mode and emotionally out of balance .

"Let's go to the nurse station and find out alright! Stop crying, is not helping in any way . "

The nurse station is in chaos as well, once they found out that one of the patients from the VIP room got kidnap, they all went crazy trying to find out who, where and why?

Ronald and Lea went towards the surveillance room where Jeff and Ethan were waiting for them to arrive .

"Stop! Go! Stop! Go!" Is what they heard Jeff saying when they arrived . He looked haggard, the neat appearance he always carries is now long gone .

"There! There!" Jeff's pointing at the screen where they last saw Ann speaking with a girl who got kidnapped with her .

Ethan saw Ronald and Lea came in and walked toward them to update them of the situation .

Once Lea heard what had happened, she started having problem breathing and suddenly collapsed .


Ann woke up from a strange smell; it smells stale and moldy when she opened her eyes what she saw worries her .

They are in what it looks like an abandoned warehouse . The girl that was kidnapped with her is currently tied up in a chair and has a blindfold on her eyes . She looks like she's still out and has not come through yet .

Ann surveys the place without alarming them that she had wakened up . She saw two men talking by the door, based on what she's hearing they are talking about either her or the girl .

"What should we do about the other girl? She could be someone important based on her appearance . She looks like one of those celebrities . "

"I don't know? Will have to wait for the big boss; the other girl could be someone we can ransom for big money . Hehe!"

"I know right? This could be a big payoff for us; my family sure could use it . " Ann heard all that and took a note for bargaining chips if needed .