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Chapter 184
Ann looks around to see if there are other people besides the two that kidnapped them .

Lucky it's only two of them, she needed to find a way to escape . But if she does survive, what about the other girl . Think! Think! Think of something before other's arrives . Ann told herself .

The Gangster did not tie her or put a blindfold; she was free to move around without being detected . She searched her hospital robe to see if her cell phone was inside . Exploring little by little, then . . . she felt something; it's her cell phone .

Good, now she just needed to figure out the numbers, she can't pull it out for the gangster might find out she's already awakened . She slowly pressed the numbers; luckily she has her phone in silence where there's no sound coming out . *Dut, dut, dut . * that should be it, she thought .

Suddenly, Ann realizes that if Jeff pick-up the phone, the gangster might hear the voice . She hurried up and pressed to hang up the phone .


Hospital surveillance room:

Jeff's phone started buzzing inside his suit jacket that's currently hanging at one of the chairs . He's busy checking the surveillance footage and missed the call .

Ethan was helping Ronald calm Lea who's now crying her heart out . Suddenly remembered that he's on the way to Don-Don's room . He went to where Jeff was, busy looking at the footage . "Brother, I have something I need to do first, it would be just for a moment . If by chance you find something, call me alright!"

Ethan was about to leave when he saw something on the screen . "Wait! Go back to the last footage . " He looked carefully to see if his eyes were deceiving him . What he saw was Eva going into the elevator with Ann . It occurred to him that Ann was not the target, it was Eva all along .

"Brother! I think I know who kidnapped sister-in-law . You see that girl right there . " He pointed into the screen .

"What about that girl! If she has anything to do with this, she's going to die by my hand . " Jeff said it full of anger .

"No! No! And Yes! Ah!!! I don't know how to say this, but she does, and she doesn't have anything to do with sister-in-law getting kidnapped . " Ethan was trying to explain .

"Ethan! You better make it clear what you're trying to say, I do not understand a word you're saying . " Jeff is now yelling for everyone to hear .

"Brother, It's a long story, and we don't have time for that right now . What's important right now is for us to rescue them before they get hurt .

Jeff grabs Ethan collar . "You're telling me that it's not my wife they are after but that girl?"

Ethan nodded with a worried look on his face .

Jeff dragged him, still holding onto his collar walking out the surveillance room . " Do you know where they might have taken them? You better be, if anything happens to my wife and child . . . God only knows . "

"Brother!!! Can you please, let go of my collar! We can get there faster if you let go of me, you know!" Ethan was yelling at Jeff in return .

Ronald and Lea were following the two brothers along with Jeff's elite bodyguards . "Did I heard it right? It was not Ann they wanted but the other girl . " Lea asked Ronald

"It seems that way, we better hurry and catches up with them" Ronald grabbed hold of Lea's hand and started running after Jeff and Ethan .

Once they arrived at the parking lot, Jeff ordered Lea and Ronald to take a different car . Lea would not have it; she wanted to ride with the two brothers .

"Lea, it's dangerous . It's better if we follow alright!"

"No!, I want to ride with them, what if we lose them? I can't have that . " Lea argued yelling at the same time .

"Boss! Can we please ride with you?" Ronald pleaded with Jeff while looking at Lea who's hysterically crying .

Jeff looks at Lea then to Ronald . "Alright! But make sure she's not in a way, I don't want any obstruction with this mission . You got it?"

"Yes, Sir!" Ronald replied happily .


Eva finally awakened, she couldn't see anything, but she can hear voices .

She heard the gangster talking about the other girl that got kidnapped with her, and she started feeling bad . It's because of her that the other girl is in trouble she needed to something .

"Hello! Guys, can you please! take out my blindfold and let's talk . " Eva yelled at the gangster .

"Sorry! Miss Eva, no can do! Boss said to keep you blindfolded until he gets here . " One of the gangsters replied .

"Come on! Guy's I want to talk, and it's hard when I can't see who I'm talking too . " She yelled back .

The two gangsters just ignored her and started to pissed Eva off . "Look you guy's; you know your boss likes me right? It's the reason why I'm here right now . If you don't do as I say and someday I become your Boss woman, I could get you all killed . " Eva threatened the two gangsters .

"You know it could happen; she could become the boss woman . What do you think, should we remove the blindfold or not?"

"Up to you! It's your Ass that would be on a line, not mine . "

Ann was listening to the conversation the whole time . 'So, she was kidnapped not for ransom but because the boss has hots on her . It's absurd; I'm here laying in a cold ass hard ground because the boss of this gangster likes her . '

Ann was contemplating if she should let them know that she's awake or keep on acting asleep . She was still debating when she heard a loud bang . The door was busted wide open; someone came in . She couldn't see who entered; her eyes were shut pretending she's asleep .

A footstep was coming in her direction . . .