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Chapter 185
Ann's heartbeat was going haywire; a footstep was on it's way to her . What should she do? Should she open her eyes to let the person know she's awake or continue acting asleep?

Ann decided to continue her acting and stayed still . When suddenly she was put in an embrace so tight she couldn't breathe . Then she heard a voice . "Sweetheart, please! be alright . "

Jeff was hugging his wife so tight that he did not realize that she's awake and okay . "Honey, let me breathe, hon, hon, Jeff!!! let me breathe alright!" Ann screamed so loud for everyone to hear .

Jeff finally realized what he was doing and released his wife enough to be able to breathe . "I'm sorry, I thought . . . I saw you getting knocked out by that idiot and I was afraid that you were still out . " He's mumbling while kissing his wife all over her face .

"I'm fine, and the babies are fine too . They did not hurt me, you see! They didn't even tie me up or put a blindfold . " She showed her hand to assure Jeff .

"I don't care; they messed with the wrong person . I will make sure they pay for what they did to you and our babies . " Jeff said it while lifting Ann to carry her out of the stinking place .

Before Jeff walks out, he stopped where the two gangsters were tied up and on their knees . He stood up right in front of them, while still carrying Ann . He gives each one a flying kick .

"Your both lucky that I'm carrying my wife and child or you both would be dead by my hand . " He told them full of anger showing on his handsome face .

Ethan was untying Eva before he took out her blindfold . It was a mistake because as soon as Eva was released, she took advantage of the situation . Without looking at who the person was, she did karate self-defense and kicked Ethan to the curve .

"Eva!!! What the heck! Is this what I get for rescuing you? A kick in my butt?" Ethan was startled and stunned how good Eva when it comes to self-defense .

Eva realizes her mistake and runs to help Ethan up from the ground . "I'm sorry! I didn't know; I thought you were one of the gangsters . You didn't say a word, and I couldn't see you with my blindfold . " She explains feeling embarrassed .

"Let's get out of here before the big boss shows up . The police are on the way to take this two idiots . " Ethan also walks towards the two gangster who's still on the ground from being kicked by Jeff . He copied his older brother, stands right in front of them; He helped them up in a standing position, then hit each of them in the face and stomach .

He was not satisfied yet, he twirled around and gave them a flying kick as well . The two gangsters were knocked down the second time around . "That's for messing with my sister-in-law! He was about to turn around and leave when he heard .

*Pow! Pow! Pak! Pak!*- "That's for messing with me!" Eva told the two gangsters before turning around and followed Ethan out of the warehouse .

Lea was in tears when she saw Jeff carrying Ann out of the warehouse . She runs towards them crying and yelling at the same time . "Ann!!! Thank God! Your safe, how are you feeling? How're the babies? Are you in pain anywhere?" She kept on asking without taking a breather .

"Lea, hold your horses! I'm fine; the babies are fine, we are all fine . Hahaha!" Ann replied while laughing .

"That's good, if not I'm going in there and beat the shit out of those two gangsters . " Lea proudly announced .

"You don't need too; we already took care of them . " Ethan proudly announced to everyone loud enough for Eva to hear .

"Let's all get out of here," Jeff ordered everyone .

Ronald who's standing by quietly gave Ethan a thumbs up then secretly smiled before going inside and seating in the driver seat of Jeff's car .

"Will see you back at the hospital," Ethan told them while waiving with one hand and holding Eva's grip on the other one .

Ann and Jeff saw all that . "What do you think the status of their relationship?" Ann asks Jeff with mischief showing on her eyes .

"Sweetheart! You just went through a very traumatic situation; I think you read things too far . " Jeff was trying to convince himself rather than his wife .

"Whatever! What I saw is not an imagination, I know you're brother likes her for sure . "

"What made you so sure?"

"It's because of how he looks; it's same back then when he was courting me?" Ann replied nonchalantly .

"What! What did you say? Ethannnnn!"