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Chapter 186
Jeff somehow knew that his younger brother has a history with his wife . He had sensed it back then when they first met at their home . However, if his wife wasn't ready to divulge their secret, he was willing to wait . But now that she had mentioned it first, it's time to find out the truth .

"Sweetheart! when was it that Ethan courted you? Was it anytime in the last four years?" 'He better not! Jeff thought . ' "Since you just mentioned that he had courted you back then . "

"Hahaha! You're so funny you know that! Like I told you, I know the looks that he's giving that girl, it means he's over me already! Why are you still eating vinegar?" Ann was teasing Jeff knowing his a possessive freak when it comes to her .

Instead of going back to the hospital, Jeff told Ronald to take them home . There's no way in hell that he would let Ann go back to the hospital unless it's an emergency . From now on, the doctor would come to his wife, not his wife going to see the doctor .

Ann was acting all happy and cheerful, but in reality, she was afraid and shaking to the core of her being, especially when she thought that someone was going to hurt her back there in the warehouse .

The elders were already waiting for them at their home . Once they found out that Ann got taken, they all went crazy . Grandfather Go was ready to call the reinforcement if she wasn't rescued right away .

Good thing Ann wasn't the real target, Jeff would have annihilated whoever had the guts to messed with his family .

Once the car enters the gate of their mansion, Mr . Butler announced it to the elders and they all rush outside to meet them .

The first one that came running was Sophia with Albert right behind her . Sophia couldn't wait for the door to be opened by Ronald, she went and opened it herself . " Oh! My babies, are you alright? She couldn't wait for Ann to get out of the car .

"Mother, please! don't make yourself sick, we are fine . The babies and I are doing great . " She did her best to sound cheerful for everyone to hear .

"Are you sure? Let me see!" Sophia helped her out of the car carefully . Once she saw that Ann was in fact in one piece, she finally let out a breath of relief .

Albert's has a misty eye when he saw his daughter safe and sound . "I couldn't believe when we heard from Ronald that someone had kidnapped you . We thought . . . " He didn't finish his sentence, afraid what others would think .

Next to come around was Grandfather Go and Grandmother Tan, strolling towards them . Once they reached them and saw that she was safe and sound, they also let a breath of relief .

Grandmother Tan has tears flowing down her face . "My dearest granddaughter, thank you for coming back safely . " She embraced Ann tightly, "I thought I would die when I heard, you know . "

"Grandma, I'm safe and so as your great-grandbabies, so relax and take a breather . " She hugs her grandma in return to ease the tension .

"Why don't all of us go in, it's too cold out here, and it's not healthy for the mother and babies," Jeff told everyone while preparing to carry his wife in front of everyone .

"Honey! I can walk, it's too embarrassing alright . " She doesn't want the family to think that Jeff's spoiling her too much .

The butler was smart enough to have prepared for some snack; it was dinner time when they heard the news of Ann's kidnapping . No one was able to take a bite due to that .

Everyone happily chatted and ate some snack . After seeming to be an eternity, all finally decided to leave the couple to get some much-needed rest .

Albert and Sophia were about to walk out the door when Jeff stopped them .

"CEO Tan, may I speak with you for a moment?" With serious looks showing on his face .

"Why are you calling me CEO Tan, when you supposed to be calling me Father-in-law . Hahaha!" Albert jokingly said trying to lighten the atmosphere .

They went to Jeff's study leaving the rest of the group by the door ready to depart .

Grandfather Go was the first to leave, followed by Grandmother Tan whose exhausted from the ordeal .

Sophia holds Ann's hands and spoke with her with motherly concern . "In the future, be very careful, okay! You don't want anything to happen with your babies, right?"

Ann looks at her mother before replying wholeheartedly . "Don't worry, everything was excellent, as per the family doctor said earlier remember?" She squeezed her mother's hand to assure her .

"Alright! I'll take your word, but if you feel any discomfort, don't hesitate on contacting the Go's or the Tan's family doctor alright . " Sophia's face was full of concern .

"By the way, how's Claudia doing?" Ann changed the subject .

"Well, she's fortunate to be born a Tan, your father still helped her lower her sentence, the lawyer pleaded 'temporary insanity" so right now she's in one of the best mental institutions,"

"Only two things could happen while she's three . She would regret what she did and become a better person, or she could go crazy like the rest of the people around her . I'm hoping that it's the latter . " Sophia said it with sarcasm on her voice .

In the meantime inside the study, "I asked to speak with you in regards to the CEO position at Tan's Corp . I think since you had recuperated well and now able to move around . It would be best if you take back the reign, and let Ann take it slow while she's pregnant . What do you think?"

Jeff followed with, "we need to be careful I don't want to take the risk of her overworking . "

Albert agreed without question, tomorrow onward I'm taking over .