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Chapter 187
It's all decided, starting the next day Ann will no longer be the Acting CEO of Tan Corp . An agreement that was made between Albert and Jeff without Ann knowing .

Ann was exhausted after the ordeal her whole body aching and badly needed a massage from head to toe . On top of that, the twin is not cooperating; she started craving for something to eat .

Jeff had the maid prepared a hot bath for them to take, he knows Ann must be sore all over and needed to loosen up . He was at the bathroom checking the temperature of the water; making sure it right when he heard his wife calls him .

"Hon! Hon! Can you hear me?" Ann yelled from the outer room .

Jeff rushed out of the bathroom to see what she wants . He went toward her side of the bed, sat and started stroking her hair before asking what she wants .

"I'm hungry!" Ann pouted her mouth and acted like a child .

"What do you want to eat? I'll have the chef prepares it while we're taking our bath, that way it would not get cold by the time we finish . "

Ann scooted and raised herself from laying position to a seating position . Jeff helped by putting a pillow behind her back to make her comfortable .

He's still stroking her hair and face; he can't get enough of her smooth skin . It feels like a soft bun, her hair so silky and smooth, her face looking pale but beautiful as ever . 'This is my wife and soon to be a mother of my children . I must have done something great in my past life, and I'm blessed to be with her in this lifetime .

"I want to eat some [1] 'balut and dinuguan' do you think the chef could make dinuguan and someone can buy balut?" Ann was looking at Jeff with sorrowful looks in her eyes .

"For you and my babies, I will cook the dinuguan myself if needed and go to the market to get you balut . How's that?"

Ann smiled happily, kissed her husband then got up to get ready to take her hot bath .

As soon as Ann went into the bathroom, Jeff called the Butler to give the order for what Ann wanted to eat .

Mr . Butler turned full eye once he heard what Ann wanted to eat . 'Oh! no, if that's what she been craving, the twin will be hairy and polka-dots when they come out of this world . ' He thought only to himself .

After giving the order, Jeff went to the bathroom to join his wife . The scene in the bathroom was steamier than the hot boiling water .

Ann was laying in the steaming hot tub . As soon as Jeff saw his wife's naked body, his hormones shoot up to the max . His little buddy with his mind started to rise like a flagpole .

He walks towards Ann, stands up right in front of the tub rotted to the ground . His flagpole erected ready for action .

Ann who had her eyes shut heard his footstep coming towards her, slowly opened her eyes . What she saw made her giggles and embarrassed to herself . "Honey! What's that?" Pointing on his little buddy fully erected .

Jeff was embarrassed as well, scratches his head before replying . "What can I say . . . " Is all Jeff can utter, before going inside the hot tub to join his wife .

Once he's inside the hot tub, he pulled his wife to his embrace and started kissing her hard like there's no more time left, and it's the end of the world . Ann kissed him back as hard as he was giving her . It was a give and take situation .

"Sweetheart, I know it's dangerous while you're in your first trimester . but is it alright now?" Jeff's voice sounded coarse with heavy breathing while showering Ann with hot kisses .

Ann didn't answer Jeff; instead, she grabbed hold of his buddy and pointed it in the right direction .

That's all the answer Jeff needed, he slowly pushes it in, then slowly pull it out, making sure that it's touching the right places . Ann was consumed with the heat her body's emitting . She was in the height of ecstasy when Jeff pushed it in; it hit the core . The right spot and she wanted a release badly .

What Ann's feeling was just minor considering the lava that wanted to erupt from Jeff's volcano . However, he needed to be gentle and patients . His wife's lava hasn't yet flowed like a stream; he can wait until it erupts before he will unleash his in return .

Ann straddled and sat on top of Jeff . She started riding and grinding her lower part; She needed to be in control . Jeff's too gentle and the lava inside her lower abdomen wanted to burst already .

Jeff moan, Ann moan, they joined together as one . Ann was riding Jeff like B-54 fighter Jet with a scud missile fully loaded ready to fire in one push . Jeff missile fired first, and it burst like fireworks inside her, that's all she needed, and the lava flowed like a stream so hot and bursting fire . Ann collapsed on top of her husband after that unable to move still shaking from ecstasy .

The Butler had been knocking on their door to let them know that the dinuguan and balut were ready . But to no avail, the young master and young missus did not hear him calling .

Finally, they were sated, Jeff was helping Ann drying herself when he heard the Butler knocking .

"Young master, Young missus, the food is ready!" He yelled from the other side of the door .

Jeff pulled a towel and wrapped himself before opening the door to acknowledge the message .

Jeff did not realize that even though they are sated, his flagpole still fully erected and it was visible even with a towel covering .

The Butler saw it and was secretly smiling when he turned around and left .