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Chapter 188
The household help including the Butler was gossiping when the two went downstairs to eat .
As usual, they all hidden behind a pillar and watch their couple being lovey-dovey with each other .

The chef proudly served the dinuguan like it's his specialties . "Bon appetit" Bows to the couple then retreated to his domain .

Jeff was brightly smiling while taking out the skin of the 'balut' for his wife . They have vinegar and salt ready for garnish . Ann was eating it with gusto; she's on her third balut already and second helpings of dinuguan .

"Ummm! So delicious, I can't believe that your 3-star Michelin chef can cook dinuguan . Hahaha!" Ann was beaming with delight .

The truths to the matter were, the one that cooked the 'dinuguan' was the laundry girl . The chef has no idea how to prepare such delicacies . Therefore he asked around and was in luck . He has the laundry girl to thank for, their master was satisfied, and they might even get an additional bonus for that .

Once Ann ate her fill, she finally realizes that she's the only one eating and her husband was slaving away, taking the skin off, putting salt and vinegar and handing the 'balut' for her to eat . She started to feel bad, and it showed on her face .

"What's wrong sweetheart? " Jeff asked concern was visible in his eyes .

"I had been eating like a pig the whole time, while here you are slaving away . What kind of wife am I?" She pouted her mouth while looking downcast .

" It's alright sweetheart, as long as you and the babies are happy, so am I . " Jeff proudly told his wife, while wiping some leftover dinuguan on her face .

"Did you have your fill, is it enough or do you want some more?" Asking with a voice filled with joy seeing how his wife eat .

Jeff suddenly remembers that she no longer had to go to work, he needed to let her know about the deal he made with CEO Tan .

"Sweetheart, I have a question? How much do you enjoy being the CEO of Tan Corp?" Jeff was testing the water .

"Hmmm? Is not bad, but at my current condition I rather stay home and relax until the babies are born . Why do you ask?"

"Well, I saw how tired you been lately due to you're pregnant, and I thought that you might want to take a break until the babies are born . So, I asked CEO Tan to take the reign back and let you off; Is that alright with you?" Jeff's a little afraid she will be upset .

"Honey you're so thoughtful . ; Thank you! I was thinking of asking 'him' if it's possible for me to step down . You just beat me to it, that's fine with me . "

Jeff felt relief that she's not bitter about it . "What do you think about us going abroad for New Year?"

"Abroad? You mean America or another Country?"

"Wherever you want to go, just say the word and were on our way," Jeff replied while helping Ann get up from the chair .

Ann stayed put for a minute, started thinking . "I got it! How about we go to New York and watch the ball drop?" She said excitedly .

"Hmmm? That's not a bad Idea . Let me check my schedule first; we can even stop by and visit Lea's parents on the way and take them with us . What do you think?"

Ann looks at her husband lovingly . "Honey! Why me?"

"Why you, what?" Jeff's a little confuse with the questions .

"Why didn't you file for divorce back then and why did you pick me?" Tears started forming in Ann's beautiful green eyes . "You have women chasing after you left and right, why did you wait for me all these years?"

When Jeff looks at his wife's beautiful face and saw tears forming, he thought about the babies . It's not good for the mother to get too emotional, the babies can feel what she's feeling .

He decided to make a light joke to ease the atmosphere . "Because you took my virginity and you have to take responsibility . That's why . " Jeff laughed out loud after that . Ann joined in and wiped away the tears that were about to flow down on her face .

"That's it; you should be laughing not crying . " He then lifted his wife and carried her upstairs to their bedroom .


Ronald informed Lea of the plan to fly to Las Vegas then to New York for New Year . Lea was excited she couldn't contain herself from jumping for joy .

"Hahaha!" 'We're going home for New Year! She's laughing out loud after hearing the good news .

Ronald could still hear her laughter even after he hangs up the phone . He smiles to himself just thinking about it .

On the way to the CEO office, Ronald remembers that he hasn't introduced Lea to his parent properly . He needed to figure out the right time and place possibly before they leave for Las Vegas so he can adequately ask for Lea's hand in marriage .

He pulled out his cell phone and texted .

Ronald: [ Lea, what do you think about having dinner with my parents?]

Lea: [Why?]

Ronald: [ What do you mean why? So you could meet them in person, that's why!]

Lea: [ Oh! Okay, then! When?]

That was easy enough Ronald thought . [I'll ask my parents, and I let you know . ]

Lea: [Ok! Bye! Tsup, Tusp!]

Ronald contacted his father Ron, as soon as he finished texting with Lea .

The dinner is at their home; his parent would be in for a shock when he introduces to them his future wife .


Ethan and Eva were back in the Hospital . They did not inform the children about what had happened . For precaution, they kept it to themselves as to not to alarm the two boys .

"So! Are you guys ready to move in with me?" Ethan announced to the boys .