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Chapter 189
The two boys were stunned by what Ethan had announced . Don-Don was staring at Eva for an answer, but he did not get any .

Don-Don decided to ask Ethan instead . "Are we moving in with you? Why? Is it because of what happened to us just now?"

Ethan smush Don-Don hair first before replying to his question . "Yes! It's due to what had happened to both of you; It's not safe to go back to your home for now . Since my house is the safest place, I'm inviting you all to stay with me until such time . "

"We are really! Hahaha! It's great; I'm going to be living in a beautiful house . " Bentong jumps on Ethan's lap and hugs him very tight .

"Bentong! Get off him!" Eva ordered, looking embarrassed for the way Bentong reacted .

"It's fine; there's no harm done . I don't mind at all . " Ethan holds on to Bentong who's still hugging him tightly .

"It's alright! You don't need to get off . If you want to sit on my lap, It's fine with me too . Alright" He assured Bentong with care .

When Don-Don finally got his senses back from what he had heard . He also got up and went over to Ethan and stand in front of him with an extended hand . "Sir, thank you! Rest assured that we would not be a burden to you . We will do our share, and pay for however long we stay . "

"All right! It's a deal; you will pay me for staying at my home . " Ethan chuckles after agreeing to Don-Don's term .

Eva was watching her two siblings getting close to Ethan . She's afraid when the time comes for them to leave that they wouldn't want to do so .

'Let's live day by day, whatever happens, happens . 'sigh!'' She was in deep thought not realizing that Ethan had been watching her all this time as well .

"So! what do you all want to eat, I know you both didn't eat the lousy food this hospital provides to their patients do you?" Ethan lifted Bentong from his lap and seated him to the sofa before getting up .

"How about I get us some chicken joy and spaghetti? And for dessert, some ice cream, and cake?" Ethan wanted to see how delighted the boy would be from his offer .

Ethan didn't make a mistake, Bentong was thrilled that he started tumbling around the room . Don-Don and Eva were watching from the sideline how elated Bentong from hearing that they will have chicken joy and spaghetti .

Being orphaned and destitute for as long as they could remember, they were only able to eat at that place once in their lifetime . Since then, they would always stop at the front of that fast food chain whenever they passed by and looks at the people eating that delicious food that they cannot afford .

Ethan got up and prepares to leave, Eva got up as well waiting for him to ask her to accompany him . She was disappointed when Ethan didn't say a word and went without even looking at her direction .

What Eva doesn't know was Ethan did it in purpose and not asked her, he's testing the water to see how she would react if he ignores her in the process . He would soon find out when he comes back .

Ethan was in deep thought on the way to the parking lot; he needed to find a way to be close to her .
He already learned his lesson from the prior experience, and he would not let it repeat this time . He would adequately plan and execute without delay .

'First, get the two boys on my side . Second, asks big brother for advice . Third . . . , what's the third one? What the heck! Why couldn't I think of the third one? Oh! Third, treat her like a princess like how brother does sister-in-law, and lastly, ensure that no one come between us . ' Ethan happily drove to the direction of the restaurant .

Once Ethan arrives at the fast food chain, he saw the long line at the counter and hesitated . Even though he grew up in America where there's a fast food restaurant on every corner; He had never had to stand at the line to get his food . He's always been catered since young .

After ten minutes standing at the line, Ethan finally arrives at the counter . The young sales clerk was love struck as soon as she set her eyes on Ethan . She put on her brightest and sweetest smile before asking for his order . "Welcome to ' . . . . . ' how may I help you?" Trying to flirt at the same .

Ethan was busy looking at the board behind her and did not notice how the young clerk was trying her best to attract him . "What's good here?" He asks while still trying to read the menu .

"Everything here is delicious sir, depending on what would like to eat . " The girl realizes that there's no chance in hell that he would even glance at her . Therefore, she put on her professional demeanor and continued waiting for Ethan to place an order .

Ethan finally gives up on choosing, "How's this, why don't you give me that, that, that, and that . Oh! and that!" Pointing to almost everything they have on the menu .

"How many order of each sir?"

"I don't know? How about you give me two orders of each . " Ethan replied looking lost .

"Yes, sir! However, it would take a while since you ordered almost everything on the menu, is that alright with you?"

"That's fine, I'll pay first, and someone will come and collect later," Ethan replied nonchalantly .

The people behind Ethan started whispering among each other . "Why not just's buy the whole place . " Someone said from behind .

Ethan turns around with the biggest smile he can procure, "I apologize for holding the line, my wife is pregnant, and craving for this food and I forgot which one exactly; That's why I ordered almost everything in the menu . "