Published at 13th of November 2018 10:01:26 PM

Chapter 19

" The jerk! Why . Is he here?' . For four very long years . . . She was so shocked that she didn't know what to say . She just stared at him, and Jeff did the same . Ronald didn't know what to do either and just stared at both of them simultaneously when suddenly Lea shows up as well . She needed to go to ladies room when she saw Ann talking to some guy, then in a flash, someone passed by, and now all three of them having a starring competition . "What's going on?"

She rushed to Ann side and whisper " who's this guy? Do you know them? Ann softly told Lea, " the jerk!" . " who?" . " THE!!! JERK!!!", "ah, that jerk . " . Jeff couldn't believe what she just called him . " JERK!" When did he ever change his name? " . . . . "

Ronald : (????) . " . . . "

Jeff: ( #%$@**) his steaming pissed off, she has not seen him in the last four years, and this is the kind of reception he would get . "WTFFF!!!"

" Ann, I'll give you credit, I would have dropped my underwear in a heartbeat too, and more if that's the guy! Hehehe" Lea jokingly told Ann . However, Ann didn't find it funny at all and said " let's go! I have nothing to say to this ( JERK!) she then turned around and left .

Jeff followed them back into the VIP room, as soon as they all enter he told Ronald and Lea to leave them alone . Lea looked at Ann who didn't say a word, she took it that she's agreeing, grab Ronald hand and went closing the door behind them .

There are so many questions that needed to be answered, but neither of them speaks a word . Ann continued looking at the glass in her hand, swirling it around back and forth and taking a sip once in a while .

Jeff just stared at her blankly, his face is void of any emotion . He's contemplating what to say or do . A minute pass . . . An hour passes . . still, no one said a word, just continued sipping their drinks . They must have drunk a lot more than expected, Ann's face is now red while Jeff is just the same " blank!"

Suddenly, Ann had enough and got up . She must have gotten up to quick that all the blood rushed to her head and almost trip and fall . Luckily Jeff was so ready to react that he catches her just in time .

The closeness is too much for Ann to bare, as reflex she automatically put her hand on Jeff's chest to prevent him from taking advantage of the situation . Jeff loves every minute of it, how he dreamed of this moment for four years .

He couldn't hold it anymore, is like all the emotions inside of him that's been hidden for many years is ready too burst . He put his two hands in Ann's beautiful face, full it towards him, then kissed her hard and sweet . It felt so good that he wants to eat her up right there at that moment . Ann tried to fight him at first, but when Jeff swirls his tongues inside her mouth, sucking it like sweet candy, she was done for, she just let Jeff do what he wants and enjoy the ride . . .

They were in the height of passion and about ready to get down to business when . . . " ahem!!!!, ahem!!!!, AHEM!!!!" Lea and Ronald both have a wide grin on their face . " I think we all better get out of her before we get in trouble for indecent behavior " ha ha ha . Lea told them .