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Chapter 190
Ethan paid for the food then contacted Ronald and asked to have someone pick up the food and deliver it to the hospital . Once arrangement was made, he proceeded home to take his mother to the airport .

Olivia was still sulking from the embarrassment she had received at the Mega World Intl . Mall . The household help was all scared and hiding when Ethan arrived home .

"Mother! What's wrong now? You're supposed to be ready a long time ago, while are you still seating there huffing and pupping?" Ethan gives his mother a light kiss on her cheek .

"You see this! Look! Read it, see what it said . I was humiliated, those people embarrassed me in front of a lot of people . I want you to contact your brother or your grandfather and have all of them fired . You hear me!"

"Mother, calm down, calm down alright! It's not good for health . Don't worry, as soon as I finished dropping you off the airport; I will head out to see brother and grandfather alright . " Ethan was doing his best to soothe his mother's anger .

"Don't worry about this stuff, after a couple of days; This whole thing would be blown away in a matter of a day, and you would never see it again . So, hurry up and let's go before you missed your flight . " 'I also needed you to be out of here before the morning . ' He thought .

Olivia finally calms down after hearing that Ethan would take care of the situation . She knows that Jeff would listen to him and if not Grandfather Go would . With that thinking, Olivia got up and prepare to leave .

"Phew! I hope she doesn't change her mind . If not it will be a big problem if she met them . " Ethan mumbles to himself .

Olivia's hearing was not bad; she heard a part of what Ethan had just mumbles . "What problem are you talking about?"

"Nothing! Mother, nothing!" Ethan ushered her to move along so they can go already .


Back in the hospital, Eva was in deep thought about their current situation . She knows that Ethan has an ulterior motive for helping them . In her experience, men do things to get her attention . Many times they used the two boys in many ways to get her attention .

The last one was just recently when the Gang leader kidnapped the two boys and then her and accidentally taking that lady who happened to be the wife of one of the most powerful men in the Country .

Something came to her mind . When they were rescued, Ethan was with that lady's husband . How did that happen? What's their relationship?'

She was engrossed in her thought and did not realize that Bentong was talking to her .

"Sister Eva, are you still going to visit us at brother Ethan's home when we move there? Sister Eva!!!"

"Huh! Oh! Did you say something?" She turns her attention to Bentong who's looking at her seriously waiting for her to answer .

"What was your question again?" She asks apologetically .

"I asked if you're still going to visit us when we move to brother Ethan's home?"

"Ah . . . That's your question . Well, it depends if I can sneak out, as you know the only reason I'm able to visit you right now it's because they're out of town . "

"Unfortunately, they would be back after the new year, and It would be hard for me to get away as I do now . But I would do my best alright!" Eva was trying to console Bentong . It's visible on his face the sadness, knowing she would not be able to visit them often .

Eva's father Edward Wen is currently out of the Country gambling away their fortune in Las Vegas . It's sad that her mother passed away when she was born, she had lived a life of solitude . That's why she was happy when she accidentally met the two boys in one of her escapades . She had found a friend and a family in them .

Eva wishes that she has at least one female cousin that's not spoiled rotten, about the same age as her and one that she can confine with when she has a female issue .

She remembers her grandfather Peter Wen telling her that she has a relative in America . Grandfather Wen's only sister moved there with her daughter Sophia a long time ago .

About four or five years ago, grandfather Wen went to America to bring back her second cousin . Eva was only 16 years old then . She was excited to know that a female cousin would be joining them .

However, when grandpa Wen arrived, she was nowhere to be found . He had tried to find her cousin since then but to no avail . She disappeared out of thin air .