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Chapter 191
Eva was disappointed when she found out that grandfather Wen did not succeed in bringing her cousin back from America . She was looking forward to bonding with her, knowing they're close in age and she's also in the same predicament as her .

She's still hoping that someday time would come that they will have a family reunion . 'That would be nice' She thought .

She was still daydreaming and in deep thought when someone knocked at the door . That brought her back to the present in a flash .

Eva got up and opened the door slowly; she knows that Police officer is guarding their door . But she doesn't know who could be knocking; she needed to be careful .

Eva slightly opens the door, enough for her to see the person on the other side . She saw a man dressed in a suit with a couple of other guys behind him . 'Wait! She saw this man with that other woman when they were rescued . What's he doing here?'

"Can I help you?" Eva asked cautiously .

"Hi! Remember me? I was with Ethan when you . . . " Ronald was not able to finish his sentence .

Eva hurriedly went out of the room, out of the hearing of the children inside . She then covers Ronald's mouth with her slender hand while motioning to stop . "Shsss! The children don't know what happened . I appreciate if you don't mention it at all . " She then ushered them inside the room .

"I was tasked by Ethan to pick up all this food . " Ronald was chuckling while pointing to the guys where to put the food they brought in with them .

Eva was standing by the door dumbstruck; she couldn't believe what she's seeing . The guys brought in a take-out bag after bag that could easily feed an army . "What's all this food? It's too much! As you can see there's only three of us here, how are we supposed to finish it all?" She asked looking horrified .

"Hahaha!" Ronald laughs out loud; he also thinks it's hilarious that Ethan had purchased almost everything on the menu of that fast food place . But then he can understand him very well; he knows what he's trying to accomplish . 'Good job Ethan!' He thought .

"I'm sorry! But I'm only a messenger . You know the saying, you cannot shoot the messenger . Hahaha!"

Once all the food was inside, the two guys left first . Ronald stayed behind chatting with Eva .

"Well Miss, my mission here is accomplished, I delivered to you all the food safe and sound .

Therefore, I'm out of here . " Ronald was about to leave when he realizes that he forgot to ask her name .

"Excuse me! We haven't been introduced yet . I'm Ronald, CEO Go's assistant, and you?" He extended his hand for a handshake .

'It should be alright! He seems to be trustworthy, why not . ' " I'm Eva Wen . Nice to meet you?" Eva accepted his handshakes .

Ronald was surprised when he heard her last name, what are the odds that she would have same last name as Ann . "Nice to meet you as well, Miss Wen . " He then turned around and left with a half smile on his face .

'Eva Wen, Ann Wen, Hmmm! Something fishy here, It would be funny if it turns out their related to each other . The Go brothers snared by the Wen's . ' "Hahaha!" Eva heard his laughter clearly and shook her head .

The two boys were already digging in when she turned around . In front of them were the mountain of chicken joy and Spaghetti . The joy on their faces was unimaginable; they were only children after all .

Eva decided to join the two and started digging in as well .
Ethan arrived just in time to see how happy the three eating . In front of them were now only a small hill of chicken joy and spaghetti . The three had demolished the food as fast they can .

The overwhelming emotion his feeling cannot be explained . All his life, he's been catered to whatever he wants . Seeing the happiness showing on the faces of the two boys, just from eating a portion of fast food . Made him think how privileged he is to be born from a wealthy family .

Ethan did not realize that they were speaking to him, he's immersed with his thought .

"Brother Ethan!" Bentong got up and rushed to Ethan's embrace . "Your back! Are you here to take us home?" The little asks with eyes shining brightly like a light bulb .

Oops! Ethan lifted Bentong to his embrace and sat down next to Eva and let Bentong sit on his lap . "So! How was it? Did you eat enough?" He asks Bentong while mushing his hair .

"Yes! I did! I had tons and tons, see how big my stomach . " Bentong lifted his t-shirt to show his bulgy stomach .

Ethan tickled the little boy, "Yes! You sure did . It looks like you ate it all . Hahaha!" His laughter sound so sweet in Eva's hearing .

Ethan acted cool, he just nodded to Eva, ignored her and continued playing with Bentong .

"Brother Ethan, are you sure it's ok! for us to stay with you?" Don-Don asked seriously looking straight at him .

"Of course! I told you there's no issue at all . The house belongs to my family, and I'm the only one living there . So, it's fine for all of you to move in . " Ethan proudly replied looking at Eva for reaction .

"That's good then, this way I'm not going to worry about the two boys if I can't come to visit them often," Eva mumbles to herself, loud enough for Ethan to hear .

Ethan turned his attention to Eva, "What do you mean visiting? Arent you moving with them?" He asked looking terrified .

"Brother Ethan sure is funny, how can she move in with us . " That's all Bentong said, but Ethan needs more information than that .

"Why not?" He's trying to coax Bentong to tell him .

Bentong: "Because . . . "

Ethan: "Because?"

Eva & Don-Don: "Bentong!!!"

Ethan: " . . . . ?"