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Chapter 192
Ethan was at lost; he looks at the two who screamed at the same time to stop Bentong for talking any further .

"What's going on? What's the big secret?" He asks jokingly with a smile pasted on his face .

"It a secret!" Bentong replied smiling sheepishly .

"Oh! It's a secret, and you can't tell me, is that it?"


Ethan looks at the Eva and Don-Don who's quietly sitting and acting like they didn't just scream .

"Alright! I understand I don't have the privilege yet . When the time comes, you will tell me right?" He's asking Bentong and not the other two .

"Yup!" That was all the answer Ethan received from Bentong .

Ethan let it go if she doesn't trust him enough yet, then he would wait and be patient . But he would not wait that long . He promised himself that he would not lose this girl this time .


In the meantime at Jeff mansion, Ann was taking a nap while Jeff was catching up on his work in his study . He needed to be a little away from his wife, or he would not be to do any kind of work .

A call came in from Korea regarding the new vessel being built . One ship is complete, and they are now at the stage of naming the ship . The manager wanted to know what name should they use .

Jeff gave it thought only for a second . "Name it M/V "ANN" when would it completely finish . I want to give it to my wife as a Christmas present . "

"It's finished CEO, we would just to paint the name and will do it today . We can have the christening tomorrow if it's not too early .

"That's fine, arrange everything and will be there . " Jeff finished the conversation quickly . He then proceeds to complete the pending work that had built up since Ann arrived in Asia a couple months back .

Jeff was starting to get a headache . He had been slacking off since his wife came and now it all filed up . He needed to clear everything before their wedding so they can go on a real honeymoon .

Jeff was still working late when Ann woke up from her nap . She realizes that she has not had dinner yet, and Jeff was nowhere to be found .

Ann got up and put a robe on before going downstairs straight to Jeff's study . She was tip-toe-ing making sure that Jeff could not hear her coming .

Once she arrived at the door of the study, what she saw made her smile and sad at the same time .

Jeff's hair was all over the place, his eyebrow almost crossed to each other, and he keeps on sighing .

He keeps on rubbing the back of his neck, she could tell his tired and sore .

Ann went towards Jeff without making a noise, she went straight to his back and started massaging his neck .

Jeff was startled at first, but once Ann started massaging the sore part, he feels like his in heaven . "Oh! Sweetheart, you're a lifesaver . That's it, right there . . . ahhh! that feels so good . "

Ann continued on massaging Jeff and glancing at the document he's working on at the same time .

Ann's eyes suddenly widen . "Jeff, can I have a look at that one!" She's pointing to the one his currently reading .

"You want this?" Jeff raised the document to hand to his wife .

"Yes! Do you mind if I take a look at it? "

"Sure! Any help is much appreciated . " He jokingly told Ann .

Ann took the document and about to go the sofa to start reading when Jeff pulled her to sit on his lap instead .

"Where do you think you're going? "He started kissing the back of her neck, and it tickled Ann . "Hahaha! Stop it! How can I read if you going to keep doing that? Hahaha! Stop, please!" Ann was trying to wiggle out of Jeff's embrace .

"No way! Jose, I had been slaving away all afternoon while you're napping . I need a reward, hmmm . . . " Jeff continued kissing Ann's neck, earlobe, and it's making her unable to concentrate reading .

She needed to compromise to be able to read the document she has on hand . "How about this, you let me read this first and when I'm done . . . " Ann didn't finish what she's about to say; instead, she gave him a sounding kiss on his lips .

"You promise?" Jeff asks playfully .

"Ummm! Do I have to make a promise? What if I don't want too?" Ann banter to Jeff's playfulness .

Jeff's raised his two hands, " Alright! You win, I will patiently wait for you to finish reading . But once you're done, your mine!"

The document that Ann wanted to read is an acquisition of Wen corporation . It seems that Edward Wen had been gambling away their fortune in Las Vegas and is now in a verge of bankruptcy .

Ann continued reading, she was so immersed in her reading . She wanted to know what's going on . This is the time that she's been waiting for her whole life . To get back what belongs to them .

Jeff was busy playing with her hair and keeps on caressing her arms and legs . Once in a while he would kiss her ears, and brush her belly .

"Honey! What are you planning to do with this company?

"Ummm! Why? You want it?" Jeff's whispering to her ears .

"The truth, yes! I want this company . Would you get if for me?" Ann asking Jeff with determination on her eyes .

"If you want it, It's yours . During the acquisition do you want to be present? I can arrange that too . " Jeff smiling sweetly to his wife .

'There's nothing in this world that he wouldn't give to her if he can . If she asked him to give up his life, he's willing to comply for the woman he loves more than his life . ' Jeff thought while looking at his wife lovingly .