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Chapter 193
Ann put her to hand at her husband's neck, while face to face she looks him in his eyes then, "Thank you!" She kissed him hard and sweet then hurriedly got up from seating on his lap .

She's started feeling something is bulging below and if she's not quick enough to run away . Jeff might take her right there and then . That would not be a pleasant sight for any of the households help to see if they happen to walk in .

"Sweetheart! . . Where are you going?" Jeff's a little embarrassed after seeing the bulge under his pants . He scratches his head while smiling provocatively .

Ann had to get out of there fast . "Hahaha!" She's laughing while escaping from her monster of a husband . " I need to stay away from you! You're a monster when you get a hard-on!" Ann yells at Jeff on the way out .

The Butler heard what Ann just said and turned scarlet from embarrassment . 'Oh! My, my! This youngster is making this old man blush . ' He thought .


Meanwhile, at the villa, Ethan received a call from his grandfather about the Christmas dinner at his mansion .

He thought about the boys and asked Grandpa Go if he could bring a friend . "Sure! Sure, bring any friend you have . I prefer a young girl, but guy accepted too . " Grandpa Go laughed after what he had said then hang-up the phone .

After hearing his grandfather's approval, Ethan was happy and rushed up to go to the hospital to pick the boys . He had the guest room prepared already; a bunk bed was brought in for the boys to use while staying with him .

He chose Spiderman and Superman for a bed cover and ordered lots of toys for them to play . Next, he would take them shopping for clothes; they need to be presentable when he introduces them to his grandfather .

Ethan was so excited that he forget the most important thing, Eva . He was devastated when he arrived at the hospital, Eva was nowhere in sight .

"When did she leave?" He asks the two boys .

"Oh! A long time ago!" Bentong excitedly replied .

'It seems that I'm not going get a good answer from this kid . ' He thought .

He turned his attention to Don-Don . "Do you know if she's coming back?" Disappointment is visible on his face while asking .

Don-Don who was busy fidgeting while seated on top of the hospital bed looks at him with sadness on his eyes . "I don't think she will be coming back for a while . "

"What made you say that?" He's curious now . The kids know something, but they are not talking .

"Why don't we get out of here first and we can talk when we get home . " He likes the sound of that 'home . '

When the boys heard the word home, they looked at each other . They talked to each other without a word, then they both run to Ethan and gives him a hug tears flowing on their young faces .


While Ethan and the boys were shopping, someone suddenly showed up that made the gloomy Ethan smile from ear to ear .

Eva had come back to the hospital to find out that Ethan had already picked up the boys . She was disappointed at first, but when the attending nurse informed her that they were going shopping, she knows where to find them .

"Hey, guys!" She greeted them with a beautiful smile showing straight perfect white teeth .

"Hey! to you too!" Ethan banter . "How did you know where here?" He asked curiously, but happy that she's right in front of him .

"I have my way, and knowing this two right here . " She's pinched the boy's cheek "This is where they would be . " She replied shyly, avoiding Ethan's stare .

Eva couldn't look Ethan straight into his eyes; she's afraid that she would be found out . The real reason she went looking for them is not only the boys, but it's also because of him .

When did she start having a crush on him? Her heart is beating so fast it's like ten horses were running *Thud, thud, thud, thud!*

Oh! Shit, this is not good, not good at all . She diverted her attention to the boys that were currently having fun picking clothes . "What you got here?" She asks Bentong . "You want to try it on? Let's go over there into the fitting room . " She took Bentong hand and excused herself .

Ethan thought she's so cute, the way she blushes just from his stare made him aware that she is also interested in him . It won't be long; she will be his for the taking . "Hahaha!" He laughs out loud .

"Eva, what are you doing tonight?" Ethan asks hoping she doesn't have any plan at all .

Eva looks at Ethan . "Why?"