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Chapter 194
Eva looks at Ethan . "Why?"

The color drained out of Ethan's face when he heard how she asked .

The word that supposed to flow like a stream in the river couldn't find the way to come out of Ethan's mouth . He's acting like a love-struck teenager, why couldn't he just asks straight away without stammering .

"M-my grandfathers hosting dinner tonight and I'm taking the boys with me, I-I'm hoping you can accompany us . That's if you have no other plan tonight?" Ethan asks in a low tone of voice, barely audible .

"What did you just said? I'm sorry! I can't barely hear you?" Eva heard every word he said, she only wanted to listen to his soft melancholy voice .

Ethan repeated what he had said words for word with the same tone of voice that makes Eva's heart flutter .

She scrunched up her face before replying . "So! Basically, you're inviting me to come with you to this dinner party?"

Sadness clouded his features and fear crossed his face . " To sum it up, yes! That's what I meant . "

"Why didn't you say so! Sure! I would love to go, I don't have nothing better to do anyway . " 'There's no one at home to celebrate this happy occasion, my family never around . ' She unhappily thought while touching Bentong's hair for comfort .

Ethan's mouth curved into a smile, " that's settled then! There's a boutique here that has many beautiful evening dresses that you can choose from, want to check it out?" He chewed on his bottom lips while waiting for her to reply .

Eva's whole face lit up she then plastered a sweet smile on her face and gave Ethan a lopsided grin before answering . "Lead the way!"

When Bentong heard her answer, he dropped whatever he's doing and grabs Eva's hand then Ethan . He happily called for Don-Don so they can leave .

All four of them walked hand and hand toward the boutique like a small family .

The formation was quite enchanting for an onlooker to see . Don-Don at one end by Eva's right side, Bentong at the left side holding her hand as well, while holding Ethan's on his left hand .

People had to pave the way when they come across them, none would let go of each other's hand . A family of four was created, and it's a sight to see .

Eva bid them goodbye after picking up the dress she would be wearing to the dinner . She didn't want them to see which one she picked .

"Sister-Eva, why can't we see the dress you'll be wearing? " Bentong asks innocently .

"I know right! You didn't even let us see you tried on any of the dresses . It's not fair . " Ethan expression dulled

Eva gave Ethan a dirty look . " Stop coaxing them alright! It's a surprise, and It won't be anymore if you get to see me try it on alright!" She scowled Ethan playfully then winked at the boys .

"Since we're all done here, how about we eat lunch, I saw that fast food chain that you loved so much at the food court," Ethan announced excitedly .

He thought that the boys would be jumping for joy when they hear his announcement . However, he was in for a shock when they declined .

"Nah!" Bentong said too quickly .

" Brother Ethan, can't we go to a different fast food chain? I want to try the one that sells noodles, fried rice, and soup . " Don-Don interject .

"Whatever you guy want, that's where we would eat . Let's go!"'

"Guy's I'll have to pass, alright! There are things a woman need to do before the party you know?"

She was about to leave when Ethan stopped her from going . " You didn't give me your address yet, how are we supposed to pick you up?"

" Oh, yeah! How about you give me the address, and I will meet you all there?" Eva's avoiding having to give her home address . It's not good if someone from her household help sees him and the boys .

It's a hundred percent that it would be reported to her father or grandfather, and she would be grounded if that happens .

Ethan didn't have much of choice, he gave his home address to Eva . " We would wait for you, no matter what time you come . If anything happens and you cannot make it . . . " He couldn't finish the sentence . He doesn't want to consider that option .

"Anyway, call me for whatever reason!" Ethan said with a frowned on his face .

"Sure! No problem, I'm to contact you no matter what!" She playfully repeated his words . She waves them goodbye and proudly walked out of Ethan's sight .


Eva was happily humming as she enters the gate at her home . She's was daydreaming when suddenly a terror overtook her face from what she saw .