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Chapter 195
Her father Edward Wen just arrived from his recent escapade in Las Vegas . He has an unreadable look on his face, and he looks so haggard and unkempt .

Eva guesses that he lost again, 'I hope not like the last time . If he continued gambling the company funds, sooner or later they would get him for embezzlement . ' She thought as she was trying to be inconspicuous .

She was tip-toe-ing toward the back door by the kitchen . With luck, her father would not find out she went out at all .

She opened the door slowly and quietly; she put her head first to see if anyone inside the kitchen at all . The coast is clear; it seems they were all busy catering to her father who just arrived .

She made it inside the kitchen and still tip-toe-ing, she almost made it to her room when "young lady! Where have you been? " The color drained out of Eva's face . She's speechless at first, and terror was showing on her eyes as she looks at her father standing tall in front of her .

"Hi! Dad, how was your business trip? You look tired, why don't you go and rest first and we can chat later . " She's smiling, but fear crosses her face .

"Don't you dare changes the subject, I asked you where you been?" A line appeared between Edward's brows, eyes burned with anger .

"Dad, I was not changing the subject, more like not wanting to answer . " Eva's tone of voice was barely audible to hear .

"I heard what you said Eva, I'm might be old, but I could accurately hear you," His lips drew back in a snarl then glared at her .

"Dad . . . ! Come on, you just came back from a very long tiring flight; Why don't you freshen up first, and in the meantime, I'll prepare something delicious for you to eat . " She plastered a half-smile on her face while her lower lip quivered .

Edward looks at his beautiful young daughter when it suddenly hit him . It should solve his problem in regards to his debt to Mr . Wright, the Mafia boss in Las Vegas .

Edward heard that he likes young beautiful Asian girl . News around the strip was he's recently divorced from his old ex-wife, and he's now looking for a new young one to replace the old one . "Hahaha!" He was excited about his idea; he couldn't wait to make a deal with Mr . Wright .

He can make a deal with him regarding the money he owed . That's right, and he can use his beautiful young daughter as a bargaining chip .

Edward forgot what he was asking Eva, he hurriedly turned around and went to his study to make a call to Las Vegas .

Eva breathes a sigh of relief when her father turned around and left . She rushed to go inside the sanctuary of her room where she can feel safe from her father's wrath .

Once inside, she locked the door and put a chair to block anyone from entering . She's afraid that her father would start drinking and once he gets drank, she would the target like in the past .

Eva sat on the top of her bed still shaking to the core of her being . The way her father was looking at her just now, scares her . The looks he had given her was mischievous; it could only mean one thing . He's out to no good, and she's the target .

She remembers the address Ethan had given her a while ago . 'I could sneak out and run away . I could ask Ethan if I can temporarily stay with them . I know he has a feeling for me, I can see it in his eye . '

Eva started packing some necessary thing she would need for her journey to freedom . Unfortunately, she could only take what would fit in her backpack which is not much .

She suddenly remembers the dress, how is she going to be able to take it with her?

'That's right! I could go ahead and wear it, then put other clothes on top of the evening dress . ' Good thing that the dress would not wrinkle so she could put another clothed on top of it .

Eva put on the evening dress then picked another dress to put on top of it, luckily the dress she chose was about knee length . She has a dress that could cover the evening dress .

She chose a matching shoe from her collection, put it inside the backpack along with make-up and other toiletries .

Eva was ready and about to open her window to escape when she remembers her passport and money, which is the most important of all .

She hurriedly went and dug it out from the bottom drawer of her computer desk, shoves it to her backpack . Eva looks around if she had forgotten anything else, nothing .

Verified and confirmed that she has everything she needed, she walked towards the window and unlocked it very, very, very slowly as not to make any noise .

Once unlocked, she pushed the window sill to open wide, and it creaked a little enough to scare her that someone might hear the sound . *Thud, thud, thud . * She can listen to her heartbeat going fast by the minute .

Fist foot out, she then lifted herself to the edge of the opening . She slowly ducked her head going out . Once her feet touched the ground, she brought out the rest of her body out .

Finally, she made it out of her room after much struggle . She dusted off the dirt of her dress and turned to leave when, "where do you think you're going?" Edward Wen was standing right in front of Eva glaring .

"I'm leaving, and you can't stop me!" Eva replied voice cracking, mouth quivering and tears were forming in her eyes .

"I don't think so, honey!" Edward grabbed Eva and started to drag her back to the house .

Eva started kicking and punching her father, "Let me go! Help! Help!"