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Chapter 196
Eva did her best to get free from her father's hold of her, to no avail she was dragged back into that house without mercy . Once inside the house, she was pushed to sit down at the sofa .

"You listen to me! Whatever it is your planning to do, you might as well forget about it . From now on you will be locked up until I say so . " Edward growled at her with looks that you kill .

"Come on father! You went out half of the time without a care in the world what happen to me, now you come back and would ground and lock me up, for what?" She asks accusingly tears flowing down her face .

Edward felt terrible after hearing Eva's word, what she said were true . Ever since she was a child, he never paid much attention to her . If she had been a boy, he probably would have treated her differently .

"It doesn't matter what I had done and what I'm doing now . What matter is, I need to take care of my debt, and you're the one I'm using as a form of payment . Therefore, you cannot go anywhere . Understood!"

"What do you mean, a form of payment . What am I, a check?" Eva acting bravely in front of her father now and arguing .

However, deep inside of her, she's trembling and afraid for her own safety . She needed to find a way to escape, or she would be a goner .

Her father had lost it, he's even going to use her as a method of payment for his gambling debt . Whatever he meant by that, she doesn't want to find out .

Eva calculated in her mind the escape route . Her father is currently blocking the doorway so there's no way she could make a run for it .

However, if she could grab that small base and knock him out somehow . . . Eva was about to implement her plan when Edward's phone started ringing .

"Hello! Yes, Mr . Wright . . . " Edward turned to her while phone talking on the phone . He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards her room .

Eva started fighting off her father while screaming . Edward was balancing between the phone on his other and Eva on the other one . "Mr . Wright, can you hold on for a minute please . "

He put down his phone on top of the corner table by Eva's room . Then, *Bam, thud!* He hit her hard right on her stomach .

"Ugh!" Eva felt a gut-wrenching pain and slightly light-headed from the blow .

"You stay put, or I'll beat you to death!" He threw a kick towards her face, luckily Eva was quick to protect herself and able to cover her face with her two hands .

Eva still in crouching position from the blow, cried silently from the pain .

Edward picked the phone back up and continued his conversation with Mr . Wright .


6:30 pm Ethan was pacing back and forth in his living room . He keeps on checking his phone and the time . Eva supposed to be there at 5:00 pm and already late one and half hour;

He's worried that his past history would repeat again . 'What had I done to deserve this? The first girl I had ever liked, didn't show up on our first date . And when I finally met her after four years, she's already taken by my own brother . '

'Now I finally found another girl that I like, and she's now one and half hour late . What kind of luck is this?' Ethan was deep in thought, he had forgotten his phone in his room and did not saw the text Eva had sent .

[Help! Please, help me!] Eva had sent it when she was still at her room preparing to run away .

Bentong had finished getting ready a long time ago . He's so excited to show Ethan his new look .

He went to the room in search for Ethan, what he saw instead was Ethan phone with blinking light . [Sign of a text message]

Since he doesn't know how to read yet, he picked up the phone to bring to Ethan wherever he might be .

Bentong found Ethan by the window looking outside in deep thought . "Brother Ethan, look at me! Aren't I cute?" Holding the phone to give him .

Ethan did not hear a word Bentong said . He was still thinking deeply about his situation .

"Brother Ethan, Brother!!! Didn't you hear me? " Bentong tag on his shirt to get his attention . While trying to hand him the phone .

Ethan finally realizes that Bentong was trying to get his attention . "What is it? Are you hungry already?" He asked with a half smile while reaching for the phone .

"No! I'm not hungry, I only want to show you my new look, see!"