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Published at 18th of January 2019 06:40:58 PM

Chapter 197
Ethan was about to put the phone on his pants pocket when he saw the blinking light .

He pushed the button and a message popped-out in the screen . [Help! Please, help me!]

"WTF!" He looked at the number and realized that it's Eva's number . He crouched down to Bentong's level, eye to eye .

"Bentong, do you know where Sister Eva live? Had you ever been to her house?" Trying to sound calm so he won't scare the little boy in return .

"Nope!" Bentong replied while shaking his head vigorously .

"Shit!" Ethan growled and scared Bentong half to death . He started to back out a little, away from him .

"Sorry! It's not you, alright . "

Ethan's half worried, half scared of what's happening to Eva .

"I know where sister Eva lives, do you want me to take you?" Don-Don interrupts their interrogation .

Ethan didn't hesitate, "let's go!" He told Don-Don and Bentong .

They went to the garage in search of a car to use for the rescue mission: something easy to access, and a convertible .

Don-Don saw a 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT Convertible, it's white and has the top down . It caught his full attention and in awe .

He pointed at it and asked Ethan . "What about that one!" With eyes full of admiration for the classic car .

Ethan looks at the one Don-Don pointed . It's his grandfathers favorite 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT Convertible; he could get in big trouble if he uses that one .

However, Eva's rescue mission is more critical than his butt at the moment . He decided, "Get in!" he ordered the boys .

The boys happily got in the car with a wide grin on their faces . They didn't know why they need a convertible jus to pick-up sister Eva . All that matters to them where being able to ride in a classic car .

Once they were seated, Ethan put their seatbelt on then went to the driver seat .

"He throws the phone to Don-Don, "do me a favor, I need for you to contact a person for me . He's my older brother, and his name is Jeff .

After instructing Don-Don, he drove off not knowing the direction they were heading .

Don-Don, on the other hand, can do multitasking while his calling Jeff and explaining what Ethan said . He was also giving Ethan the direction to Eva's home .

"That's it, turn there . . . once you get to the fourth street, turn right . " Don-Don has a photographic memory .

Even though he had only been to Eva's home once before, he can tell Ethan the direction quickly .

They arrived at their destination . This time Ethan is not about to wait for the back-up . He told the two kid to stay in the car; someone might steal it while he's on the rescue mission .

The gate on Eva's home was locked . There's no security guard on duty, which made his rescue effort easier .

He climbed at the brick fence and jumped over to the other side .

Once inside, he was careful not to be seen by others . He slowly made his way towards the house .

' Well, at least they seem to be in the upper class . ' He thought .

What he saw from the window outside the house made his blood boiled to 200-degree Celcius .

Eva was hit in her stomach and then kicked by the man .

Ethan's sanity flew away just like that; he's now raging mad and ready to kill .

He runs towards the house, kicked the door open . He went to the man who's talking on the phone then give him a flying kick .

Edward was kicked to the curved, knocked out in one shot .

He then bent down to pick-up Eva who's still crouching from the pain in her gut, carried her like a princess towards the waiting car .

The household help were all afraid of Edwards wrath that they didn't dare get involved when Eva was getting beat up .

They saw the man kicked Edward and they all cheered . One of them hurried up and picked-up Eva's backpack and followed along toward the car .

The backpack was handed over to Don-Don, " thank you! Yaya . "

Yaya looks at Ethan with tears of joy in her eyes . "Please, sir! No matter what, don't let them take her back . If you do, you might never see her ever . "

Ethan only nodded, then drove off to take Eva to his home .


An hour later, Ethan couldn't wait to see what Eva looks like all dressed up . She started feeling better as soon as they were out of sight, away from Edward .

When Eva walk out to the living room where the three was patiently waiting, the stunned looked on their faces is a sight to see .

Right in front of them is a beauty queen, much like Ann and Sophia .